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The KRR chat is a really fun place to meet and talk with other Kirby fans, but before you join us there are a few things you should acknowledge.

If you are unfamiliar with our rules, please read them. If you have any questions connecting to the chat, please check out the Getting Started section. Actually, any questions or concerns could probably be answered by reading something here.

You can enter the chat through Java, or mIRC. For mIRC, the channel is #rainbowresort on esper.net.

Click here to enter the Java IRC chat!

Here's what you should know:

Be friendly, avoid potty-mouthing (seriously--this isn't the place for offensive language), and don't speak ill of other members in this chat! As with the forums, politeness is very much appreciated and it's best to keep in mind that chatters of all ages and levels of internet familiarity are apt to come into the chatroom. If one person is a jerk, it reflects on the community as a whole! No naughty no-nos. Surprisingly enough, you'll find that being excessively negative, swearing a lot, and trying to be tough really isn't what grownups do.

Observe chatroom etiquette. Swiping someone else's name and impersonating another chatter is quite rude. Spamming and being obnoxious is also quite rude -- and on that note, if nobody responds to your question or comment in a timely fashion, it's not because we're all ignoring you. Usually chatting is something that will go on in the background, and it's best to just hang out if nobody's active at the moment.

Only post all-ages-friendly content via links. Shock sites aren't funny anymore, and nobody wants to see your "private viewing material."

Try to make friends. You might not like someone at first, or you might not like how someone acts -- this is completely normal, and you'll find that if you PM someone and chat with them one-on-one, they're not such bad people. It's so much more fun when everyone is getting along. And, really, we're all part of the same community.

A note to our younger visitors: You should always check with your parents before entering any chat room, including the one here at KRR. You should never give out any personal information to any user, including KRR operators. No one in the chat, including the operators, should ever ask you for any personal information. If anyone does so, you should alert an OP in the chat, and if one is not available you should ignore them, or log off.

A note to parents and guardians:

Because the chatroom is hosted on a server outside of the site, we can not 100% ensure that the content of the chat is PG. The rules are much more lenient in the chat, and may not be suitable to your preferences.

The forums are a much more supervised, safer place for our visitors to chat.

Last Updated - March 10th, 2010