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MetaKnight's Ultimate Weapon

by OmegaMetaKnight 4000

MetaKnight dives into the water and retrives the scythe, it still glowed a ruby red, he rose to the surface and held it up high.
MetaKnight: I finally have it...the ultimate weapon, he who posses the weapon of Chaos the god of destruction shall gain his powers.  I will finally be able to take over popstar, but that is only the beginning...I will so take over the other planets, then I will be able to take over the galaxies and then the entire universe will be mine to mold...hehehheheheheh...BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!
As he laughs maniacally dark energy begins to charge into him, and then an dome of dark energy forms over him and launches out creating a giant explosion that gets from the point where he is and destroys many costal cities.
MetaKnight: And that is just a small taste of the power of Chaos' Scythe...this is the day I shall rule Popstar!
Kirby(starts to get up off the couch): Oh my God DEE DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THAT EXPLOSION?!?!?!
Waddle Dee: I told you it was something important...
Kirby: Ok let's go!!
    -Stan: Shut the hell up Cartman!
Kirby(Jumps back into the couch): After this episode!
Waddle Dee: C'mon Kirby! This isn't like you! LET'S GO!
Waddle Dee rips Kirby off the couch and drags him to the cliff edge.   Or at least where it was...
Kirby: Hey were is that one costal town that was right here? It's been wiped off the face of Popstar!
Waddle Dee: It must've been MetaKnight, he must have gotten something really powerful...
We find MetaKnight physically dragging the Halberd out of the water.
MetaKnight: YES! This scythe has given me so much power!
MetaKnight makes the ship levitate and uses dark energy to restore it.  And then uses more dark energy to make an indestrucable barrier to protect the ship from harm
MetaKnight: Now I will have to find a new least I still have know where my first mate lives...
Kirby(while watching MetaKnight reviving his ship) : Waddle Dee, were you ever part of MetaKnight's crew?
Waddle Dee: Yes...
Kirby: He's going to be lookin for us next...

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