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Kirby Egg Catcher
Kirby Egg Catcher
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Remember that mini-game from Kirby's Adventure where you ate the eggs Dedede threw at Kirby while dodging the bombs? Well... Kirby Egg Catcher is that game, but with much prettier graphics, and it's even customizable!

MouseKliks coulda went with sprites, what with being a mini-game that has already appeared in a real game and all, but nope! Smooth, vectory graphics that only Flash can produce with remarkably similar playability! Definitely worth your time to check-check out at least once.

Kirby Killer
Kirby Killer
Play In-Browser (471K)

Quite possibly the most violent game to be accepted to this site, use your crosshairs to "pop" the 8-bit Kirbies as they fly across the screen. Rather simplistic, but suprisingly entertaining. (This game really stretches the definition of fan game. :P)

Simple point-and-click interface. Tracks your stats like kills and accuracy percentage as you go.

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Last Updated - March 20th, 2016