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Kirby's Breakout Quest
Kirby's Breakout Quest
AuthorBlaster Boy
Web SiteKirby's Breakout World
Download (12.6M)

If you liked Blockball, you'll really enjoy Breakout Quest!

The backstory involves a creepy force called Dark Nova, who has turned Dreamland into an arcade-style blockball world. It features several levels packed into seven worlds with names like Chocolate Cave and Lollipop Lake. Each world has a boss encounter, and they range from Waddle Dee, Dynablade, Waddle Doo, and more -- including Dark Nova himself.

While Kirby's abilities have been neutralized, breaking blocks will drop stars for you to collect that allow Kirby to do some neat things to make his quest a little easier.

Executable size is huge, as is this thing's start-up time!

Kirby's Breakout Quest 2: Virtual Dilemma
Kirby's Breakout Quest 2: Virtual Dilemma
AuthorBlaster Boy
Web SiteKirby's Breakout World
Download (3M)

After getting through the breakout world of Dark Nova in Kirby: Breakout Quest, King Dedede decides to start trouble as he gets Kirby to try out his brand new break out game. As Kirby plays it, a virus traps him in the game! There must be some way to escape, and there must be something behind this...

Features new blocks and random effects, and four levels per world with a boss at the end of each. If you

liked the first one, you'll love the sequel!

Superficially similar to the first, but much smaller and much faster. Maybe just skip ahead to this one -- it's all blockball anyway, right?

Candy Cane Frenzy
Candy Cane Frenzy
AuthorMeta Warp
Web SiteRevasser
Download (720K)

My third game I have made to date. My other two were Mario games, but here is my first Kirby fan game! ^_^ I made it as a Christmas Gift to generally everyone. It is styled like an extra stage in an old Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Run through a forest, but don't hit the trees! Or Waddle Dees. Do hit candy.

Dream Land Dash
Dream Land Dash
Web SiteMad Goblin's Lair

Still a demo, technically, but far more advanced than some of the other stuff here!

Take control of Squeaky Bogg as he runs, jumps, and, um, falls through lots of levels filled with Dream Land foes. Watch out for cookies!... They're delicious!

Dreamland Races
Dreamland Races
Download (1.2M)

A unique game in which you guide a warpstar-riding Kirby through enemy-laden stages in order to collect enough coins to move on to the next stage. Despite the simplicity, it's remarkably enjoyable, and highly recommended.

I dunno what coins have to do with Kirby, exactly. This one is more about maneuverability than speed, although speedy maneuverability works best.

Invasion of King Dedede
Invasion of King Dedede
Download (1.28M)

A unique side-scrolling shooter game in which you must invade King Dedede's fortress, fight your way through numerous enemies and bosses, and save Dream Land once more!

It is a spaceship game with Kirby sprites. And only some Kirby sprites. What are those satellite dishes doing there?

Kirby and Meta-Knight's Sky Action
Kirby and Meta-Knight's Sky Action
Download (1.06M)

Kirby and Meta-Knight's Sky Action is a basic shooter game. However, it has some wonderful explosion and trail graphics, as well as the option for two people to play simultaneously. Multi-player fun is guaranteed!

This game certainly is fast-paced and crazy. Let no one say it is boring for a second!

Kirby Game Example for N00bs and Pros
Kirby Game Example for N00bs and Pros
AuthorYoyo Kirby
Web SiteYoyo Games Page
Download (595K)

First, the bad news: some of the animation is sparse. Everything else qualifies as the other sort of news and should put other game makers on notice: hand-made graphics, a jam-packed rogues gallery, and a heap of abilities with controls beyond the single press of a button (like Fire turning you into a Fireball when you hold a direction). Kirby even gets a scuba-mask water gun and can turn foes into kickable blocks of ice!

Despite only being a few scenes on loop, this is certainly an example of what one can do with Game Maker when they try. Certainly wish more people would.

Kirby the Fighters
Kirby the Fighters
Web SiteAuthor's YoYo Games Listing
Download (2.49M)

Thrash and beat your rivals down to the ground and Kirby characters to achieve a high score or save King Dedede from Dark Matter's wrath!

Fast-paced and hectic, this is a sizeable download even when zipped. I'd often get stuck standing on my opponent and then get slaughtered the second I moved off, but at least Meta-Knight is a boss instead of a good guy in this game.

Save Kirby
AuthorParasol Kirby
Download (597K)

Meta-Knight must save Kirby by catching them (yes, multiple) as they fall from above. Grab the candy and crystals while you're at it! Just watch out for Waddle.

You control Meta-Knight with simple left and right movement. Things are sparse at the start, but it picks up later. Too much, actually; so many 1-Ups fall later on that you'll be hard pressed to ever run out of lives!

Kirby's Star Shot
Kirby's Star Shot
AuthorApple Kid
Web SiteKirby's Rainbow Resort
Download (1.45MB)

After roughly two years in production, the premier Kirby fangames makes it's release!

A forward-progressing side-scrolling shooter. It still feels like a Kirby game, however, due to the intelligent way the enemy AI's were given to each of the Dream Land foes.

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