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Bump 'N' Battle Demo
Bump 'N' Battle Demo
Download (246K)

Bump N' Battle is a fun little twist on the usual "Bash the Blocks" type game. The difference? This one actually has an objective! Kirby is bashing his way through Dream Land using the almighty Dream Paddle to knock his enemies into goals and avoiding the perilous spikes at the end.

The fun variation comes in that instead of destroying random blocks repetitively, the aim is to bash your enemy into the goal, in order to progress to the next level.

A very interesting demo, but poorly executed. Too much relies on chance; sometimes, the enemy will start out moving right toward the goal, and your paddle has little effect on aiming your targets -- which is like trying to shoot a bullet with another bullet!

Kirby and Meta-Knight's Sky Action
Kirby and Meta-Knight's Sky Action
Download (1.06M)

Kirby and Meta-Knight's Sky Action is a basic shooter game. However, it has some wonderful explosion and trail graphics, as well as the option for two people to play simultaneously. Multi-player fun is guaranteed!

This game certainly is fast-paced and crazy. Let no one say it is boring for a second!

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Last Updated - March 20th, 2016