History of the FPC

This friendly fan competition began back in the November of 2003 and was curated by RR staffer _____. A while went by and then things got picked up by the web mistress herself, Kindar Spirit. Sorry for forgetting dates. After a number of spotty months and updates, Mad Goblin volunteered to perform this less-than-vital function, thus weaseling himself into the ranks of the staff. At that point, November 2005, two years after the creation of the FPC, it received seamless updates (largely since Mad Goblin was submitting entries monthly beforehand anywise).

With two more years passed, the Challenge was given a face-life by its new and seemingly permanent curator to make it more exciting and possibly scare up more than three outside participations each year. Actual challenges are issued each month to present a sense of reach goal with an entry submittal. Plus, a crummy trophy reward is given out to participants! ... Yeah, okay, it's not great. Sue me.

Previous Front Page Challenge Entries

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2009 Year of Dedede-Daimyo - Super Star Ultra Emaki
2010 Submissions now handled through the Fan Art Gallery

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Last Updated - April 30th, 2011