Rainbow Resort is full of all sorts of works that show the creative endevours undertaken by the fans of Kirby and this site. They show artistic talent, writing ability, and even fabric work. They're great, and a lot of cretaivity comes through with them. But, one question remains: If you could make a ...

Hey, kiddies, it's Uncle Gobbo here with a new kind of contest. The only talent on the line is creative reasoning. How's that? Simply put, the fans will be gauged on how well they could make additions to a Kirby game. That was suppose to be simple? Not really my forte, I'm afraid. But, yes, there will be monthly competitions where you get to say how you'd do things if you were HAL. New powers, different pets, exciting new bosses, even an entire game format. So put your most original ideas forward and be ready to rate the competition.

The prize? Oh, I... haven't thought of that yet. I dunno, a custom made figurine or a plush or some cookies, I guess? Pride? How about pride?

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Last Updated - November 28th, 2016