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Plazzmatazz (Plasma)

- Entry for Mini-Boss Making Mayhem

- From Hal L. Aboratory (Unregistered) on October 7th, 2008

A Chinese dragon made of Plasma Wisps. It has purple eyes and two arms and two legs. It has a very long tail. Electric bolts spark off it.

Plazzmatazz has 3 attacks. Plasma Breath: Plazzmatazz shoots a stream of plasma out of its mouth. Plasma Dash: Flies across the screen multiple times to do damage (like one of Rayquaza's attacks in the Subspace Emissary). Plasma Bite: Plazzmatazz grabs you in his mouth, chomps, and tosses you out.

The best way to defeat a Plazzmatazz is to use Jet or Burning to ram into it multiple times. Shooting-based abilities also work well.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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