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Tear (Bubble)

- Entry for Mini-Boss Making Mayhem

- From Theorizer (Unregistered) on November 10th, 2008

Tear is a water droplet. He has an all over blue body, with two Kirby-esque shining eyes, a dark blue area around the tip top of his water droplet body, an open smiling mouth, two orange oval feet, and two little tear shaped cheeks by his eyes. The most defining feature of Tear is his wig of see-through bubbles atop his head.

Tear has four attacks. First off, there's Bubble Twirl in which Tear will randomly do a flip, and start break dancing, spinning on his bubbly head, as he begins to slide across the arena trying to hit Kirby. Next there is Bubble Shake, in which Tear starts to shake his head forward, and a large amount of bubbles fly off Tears head, and blow forward, as Tear tries to hit Kirby with his bubbles. Next off is Tear's third attack Bubble Boom, in which Tear will rumble, and pillars of bubbles will rise from the ground around Tear. The safest spot when Tear does this attack is above Tear's head. Lastly, Tear can do an attack called Bubble Breath, in which Tear will burp out a small bubble that flies forward, slightly homing on Kirby. The bubble can be inhaled to spit back up at Tear to deal damage to him.

When Tear is moving, bubbles will occasionally shed off Tear's head. These tiny bubbles will hurt Kirby is he touches them, will give Kirby the bubble ability if swallowed, and can be spit back up at Tear to do minimal damage.

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Image by Theorizer. Check out the full artwork.

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