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Willo (Ghost)

- Entry for Mini-Boss Making Mayhem

- From Filler Episode (Unregistered) on November 21st, 2008

Willo is a small, flickering, blue flame, half Kirby's size, that is surrounded by five other blue flames, each a bit bigger than him. His eyes and mouth are black, looking like those of a jack-o-lanturn.

Spooklight: Willo fly upwards. Then he takes no further action. Instead, he sends one of his flames to attack you. The could be inhaled, but follow you if you choose not to.

Ghost Lanturn: Willo disappears. The only way to see him is by his outline (much like chameleo arm.) He'll try to ram you. If he misses, he drops a fireball. Inhale to use as ammo.

Possesion: He'll try to snare you in a shadowy arm he generates from his mouth. If it grabs you, you're controls get reversed for twenty seconds. This does no damage.

Will of Willo: All of his flames disappear. He grows double his size. Now the size of Kirby, he'll fly around and drop three orbs of shadow over the player. Inhale and fire away.

Willo is only able to be damaged when he loses at least one of his flames. Otherwise, the attacks dissolve. He doesn't get new flames either; at least, not until he loses all of them. When none of his flames are encircling him, attacks do double damage.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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