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IF Entry

Governor Bartholomew Burt

- From Miasmorosman on June 29th, 2017

While pop star is usually depicted as a lackadaisical, laid back and usually chill place, the skies above it despite being usually calm, are not so much. Governor Bartholomew Burt is as presidential and authoritative as it gets in Dream Land. Bartholomew Burt is the giant pink leader of the bronto burts that patrol pop stars skies. Bartholomew himself is a giant pink bronto burt with a big bushy beard made of clouds and eyebrows also made of clouds. These clouds have Kracko spikes and eyes that occasionally jut out from their white, soft surfaces. Bartholomew also sports some suave business shoes, a business jacket equipped with a collared undershirt and tie, and a yellow and red robe that he wears over his suit, spanning back to his royal families regal days. He also has four huge wings instead of the usual two on most Burts.

Bartholomew is an odd fellow, in that his family once ruled over the domain of bubbly clouds, but unlike his ancestors who simply ascended to the throne, Bartholomew Burt held an election to see who would rule over bubbly clouds (And won! Despite heavy controversy over rigging the election and voter fraud.) Unlike most Dream Land leaders, Bartholomew is very serious, stern and cold-hearted, but his political charisma and faux-charm override his dark demeanor. He's gone as far as to criticize King Dedede over his "authenticity" over being the true ruler of dream land, sent rigorous attack ads propping up Dedede as a hack and a tyrant, and has challenged Dedede to live debates (Which Dedede couldn't care less about.) He's also done more of the same to Kirby, calling him "a threat to national security" and "a ticking time-bomb" but Kirby doesn't have a TV and usually spends most of his time sleeping, so he too couldn't care less. It's also believed that Bartholomew has been doing under-the-table deals with the Haltmann Works Company, which he has vehemently denied, (but has supported at least 14 bills regarding Haltmann mechanization over Pop Star, making his track record extremely shady and troublesome.)

Bartholomew, using his political punditry powers, controls Bubbly Clouds with an iron but fair fist. His brash demagogue speeches have harmed more than helped, from banning warp stars altogether to putting severe taxes on non-flying residents of Bubbly Clouds. It's also believed he hates Koozer's and has subtly tried to write them out of bills and acts he's pushed onto his own people, but so far these anti-Koozer bills have been rejected. His Bronto Burt subjects can't stand him and thus try to spend as much time away from Bubbly Clouds, only half-heartedly following his orders.

While being a crooked, powerful politician does have its own perks, Governor Bartholomew Burt is no pushover when it comes to actual combat. Using his Kracko beard and Kracko eyebrows, Bartholomew can shoot powerful lightning strikes at whoever angers him. These clouds can shift over his face to form sunglasses, cool mustaches and can even extend to a giant hand to grab and throw kirby with, or throw balls of lightning too. Bartholomew can also attack on his own by swooping at Kirby, summoning Bronto Burts to attack, generating strong wind currents and by throwing expensive government suitcases, full of paperwork and sharp memos that can paper cut kirby!

Although this is only a rumor, it's heavily believed that Governor Bartholomew Burt was the one who reached out to Max Profitts Haltmann in the first place, causing him to mechanize Pop Star. It's also further evidenced by how high the Access Ark was lifted into the air, right into the middle of Bubbly Clouds and how carefree Bartholomew was during the mechanization. Bartholomew himself disregards this as a crackpot conspiracy theory, even though halfway through his battle his robe falls off revealing mechanical parts underneath his suit, helping him hover and fly.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Midland Empire

- From Daimyo-KoiKoi on June 19th, 2017

Emperor D'roar and Empress Ph'ness are duel rulers of the strict and structured kingdom of Midland, which they preside over from their tall pagoda tower. Unlike Dream Land, with its lax nature and overall peaceful anarchy, Midland is highly governed by the totalitarian two. Propaganda is pumped out praising the corrupt monarchs, the citizens toil away all day in the fields and factories to produce profits for the state, and all activities are monitored- as well as censored- by the governing duo. However, Midland, itself, is a stunning landscape of mountains, water, plains, and ornate communities, all within a tiny walled-in island on the very center of Popstar. The rulers enforce a policy of isolationism, so no foreign ideas can come take root in the country.

Emperor D'roar is a large-yet-stocky blue-green oriental dragon. He has two big blue eyes, a big toothy jaw, and other traditional dragon features on his big, goofy face. He wears a yellow Emperor's hat on his head, as well as a yellow robe on his back, both trimmed in black. His mostly-obscured blue body has four thick legs that let him trot around relatively quickly. D'roar also has two white hands that float out in front of him, and a big bushy green tail sprouting from his backside. The Emperor is comically loud and obnoxious, always making funny faces (unintentionally), and can be vicious, but his bark-- or in this case, his roar-- is way worse than his bite.

Empress Ph'ness is an elegant and voluptuous oriental phoenix. She's colored red-hot maroon from her crest-hairdo down to her knees, with her pointy face and feet being a bright white. Her arms/wings are also bare white, with feathers extending down like sleeves in colors of yellow and orange. Her triple tailfeathers are similar to a peac***'s and are colored hot-pink. A feathery cyan garment is worn about her torso and secured to her waist by a magenta cord. Ph'ness's eyes are thin slits that appear bright blue when opened. The Empress is sleek and seductive, can often be seen posing and ruffling her plumage, and has a fiery temper. She uses her finesse to dominate the battle, as she does her country.

Their castle battleground is a tall pagoda tower, consisting of a massive vertical room with stories that go up and up, seemingly without end. When the battle begins, the Emperor and Empress appear, laugh, and butt-slam the ground floor, causing the stage to begin scrolling up like an elevator. Kirby must keep climbing the tower levels as he fights-- falling in the pit is sure death. This dynasty duo fights in a pair, similar to bosses like Nruff/Nelly and Pon/Con in past Kirby games. D'roar romps across the level floors of the rising pagoda while Ph'ness flies across the gaps in the levels, both usually moving horizontally.

Akin to the aforementioned boss duos, these two also bring their kids to fight! Their sons, known as Qinions (Chin-yins), are dragon/phoenix hybrids, able to both prance along the castle floors and flutter across wide gaps. They have thick, neon-green quadruped bodies, tiny wings on their backs, yellow fur on their stomachs and tail, and a pink avian face with bug eyes. They wear a red prince's hat atop their head with a yellow horn. Qinions follow the duo along the stage in threes, lending their electric abilities occasionally to power up their parents' attacks. They can be inhaled/spit out for ammo, or copied for Spark ability.

Emperor D'roar's attacks are passive, using the scrolling stage to his advantage, and most involve his element- Water. 1) Water Blob: D'roar spits up a ball of water that traps Kirby in place for a second or two if it hits him, like an ant in a water drop. 2) Stampede Stream: D'roar rushes across a pagoda level, leaving a river of flowing water in his wake which can sweep Kirby off the stage if there is a gap. 3) Torrential Downpour: D'roar will conger a cloud to follow Kirby, and after building enough water, it will rain upon Kirby, hampering his jumping/floating ability. 4) Chomp: D'roar's only damaging attack, he turns around and bites at Kirby with his big mouth.

Empress Ph'ness attacks on the offensive with her high-flying Fire abilities. 1) Spit Fire: Ph'ness shoots a small fire ball from her beak, aimed at Kirby's position. 2) Flaming Streak: Ph'ness blazes across the stage, her wings leaving a damaging fiery trail in her path which hangs in the air for a few seconds before disappearing. 3) Rising Phoenix: Cloaked in fire, Ph'ness will fly up from offscreen below to try and hit Kirby. 4) Van-ash: Ph'ness will stop in the air, as if to give Kirby a chance to hit her, then she disappears in a cloud of soot, just to appear again outside his reach- used for defense.

Can Kirby topple this mighty double boss and liberate the people of Midland? Find out in the next exciting adventure-- Never!

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Image by Daimyo-KoiKoi. Check out the full artwork.

Check out the artwork by Daimyo-KoiKoi.

IF Entry

King Velvet

- From Griscuit on June 6th, 2017

Sweets are plentiful on Pop Star, with cakes, candies, and lollipops littered all over the planet's five corners. These sugary confections couldn't just be sprouting out of the ground, could they? Well... yes, as it turns out! They're grown in the Sugar Kingdom!

The Sugar Kingdom exports all of the planet's sucrose-saturated goodies, and is ruled by the jovial King Velvet. Velvet is beloved king, and an international icon—every grocery store in Pop Star stocks snack cakes decorated to look like him (just try not to think too much about it.) This friendly reputation makes it all the more shocking when the Sugar Kingdom closes off its borders from the rest of the planet, cutting off their supply of treats! It's up to Kirby to investigate this sudden change of heart, and, more pertinently, get back those sweets!

Velvet's subjects mostly consist of Candells, scrawny wax fellas with wicks on their heads. These wicks are typically unlit, but if Kirby encounters a lit Candell, he can inhale it for the Fire ability! Candells can't do much but march forward, but they do their best to make their king proud. Familiar faces like Bloppers and Cakefloofs can also be found around the Sugar Kingdom, all dead set on halting Kirby's progress (as per usual).

In combat, King Velvet isn't terribly mobile thanks to his size, but don't let that fool you -- he's no cakewalk! He can spit up Candells at will, and his fiery crown can be weaponized, shooting balls of fire in Kirby's direction. If he musters up the strength to move, he can book it from one side of the field to the other in an attempt to ram Kirby. This isn't too difficult to dodge, but it also leaves a trail of sugary frosting on the ground that slows Kirby down. The frosting dissipates after about ten seconds.

When he's on the ropes, King Velvet gets a new trick up his metaphorical sleeve. In addition to spitting up Candells, he will start spitting up cakes. About 1 in 4 of these are actual cakes that will heal Kirby, the rest have a slight glowing effect that grows more pronounced the longer it sits on the ground... after about ten seconds (or when Kirby touches it) the fake cakes will explode!

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Image by Griscuit. Check out the full artwork.

Check out the artwork by Griscuit.

IF Entry

High King Doo

- From bubbyboytoo on June 1st, 2017

The true ruler of the Waddle Doos, lording over even the King Doos. While the Doo Kingdom is relatively tiny, its opportunities for expansion stifled by Dream Land's extensive borders, its ruler is always on the lookout for new land to claim, sending his troops to all corners of Popstar and beyond, led by King Doo generals.

High King Doo is, as expected, a colossal Waddle Doo, about half again as large as King Doo. His body is a dark crimson color, with a darker spiked ring around his turquoise-colored eye, similarly to a Super Waddle Doo. He has pointed yellow feet, and a thick black monobrow that curves up at the edges, giving him a constantly angry look. He wears a royal blue robe with a white trim, and on his head is a golden crown studded with round blue gems. He wields a golden staff with a spherical crystal attached to the end, resembling a longer, more ornate version of Kirby's Beam wand.

His throne room is a typical flat arena, but in the top corners are two devices mounted to the walls that resemble a giant Planet Robobot-style battery with a Volttzo attached to one side and a lightning gun resembling a Tesla coil on the other. A lightning rod is attached to the side, pointing into the background.

H.K. Doo battles similarly to his smaller subjects, but utilizes his staff to combine attacks in new ways. For example, he may fire a Cycle Beam from his staff to distract the player while charging a Wave Beam with his eye, or fire two simultaneous Wave Beams at varying angles.

At half health, the second phase of his battle begins, where he will begin jumping to and fro a platform in the background. While in the background, he continues firing dual Beam attacks into the foreground, and can also create a large Flare Beam-esque sphere of energy that chases the player for a short time. He can also call upon his minions, summoning a small horde of Waddle Doos, some of which may be carrying parasols or spears. Finally, he may fire a Wave Beam into one of the aforementioned devices, causing it to power up and fire bolts or spheres of electricity at the player for several seconds, rotating between its two weapons until it runs out of energy once more.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

King Nilla III

- From mrgameandpie on May 31st, 2017

From Rick to the Squeaks to the likes of Mr. and Mrs. Moley, Kirby has found many powerful friends and foes within the rodent kingdom. But where did they all originally come from? Why, the literal rodent kingdom of course! Specifically, Roamland, as ruled by King Nilla III, the latest in the royal family of chinchilla. The king himself looks like a big grey ball of fur. Black beady eyes and a small mouth surround the only meaningful protrusion from the front of his body, a pointed nose angled downward. From his backside, he has a large fluffy tail, dyed purple and often curved up above his body, where the long hair falls down to his sides, looking like a cloak of some sort. Should he raise his tail, his exceptionally large ears are revealed. In his nubby paws he holds the golden Roamland staff, with a purple glowing spherical gem at its end. Supposedly, it has a secret power that not even the chinchillas know of anymore.

That said, Nilla really could use a secret power of some sort, because upon his ascension to the throne Roamland's factions shattered to pieces. The prairie dogs of the Dairy Dunes, the beavers of the Raspberry Rapids, the squirrels of the Sarsaparilla Skies, the guinea pigs of the Lollipop Labs, and even the mighty capybara of Margarine Mount have all gone rouge. Thieves and bandits wander the lands (you know who they are) and what is left of his kingdom could fall at any moment. At his wits end, he calls upon a great hero who he knows can save the day, Rick the hamster! Also, Kirby comes along, too. Will the duo be able to help Nilla bring his kingdom back together? Only you can find out!

While Nilla himself certainly won't be going out to fight, he can provide aid to Kirby and Rick throughout their adventure in other ways. Tips on where treasure lies and rewards for said treasure is a start. Sprays for different colors, music and sounds for the sound test, ability scroll upgrades, access to copy essences, even bonus levels and extra minigames are up for grabs inside the castle's hoard. Who knows, if you obtain enough treasure (aka: all of it) he may even give you the Roamland staff (it's probably important)! As you bring the various factions of Roamland back into the kingdom he can begin sending specialized troops to certain levels. Pathways that were blocked or exceptionally difficult before can be handled no problem when you have an army of rodents on your side! All you have to do is ask, and this chinchilla will happily provide.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Czar Ogum

- From Bimblesnaff on May 30th, 2017

The marshland monarch rules land on the other side of Pop Star. You know, how it's just actually a big star shape? Well, there's stuff on the back that's never seen. Sure, why not? His sovereignty over the swamps is secured by the several forts that keep watch over the land. Militant, calculating, and dominating, he keeps his eyes open, barely, for new opportunities to expand his empire.

Ogum is short and squat, barely standing a block high. His body is round but a bit wider on the bottom, a problem he doesn't have to worry about since he's king. He lacks any visible feet or hands. Two protruding eyes emerge from the top of his head which never seem to open. His belly is marked with a bleached ring. He sports a long mustache that hangs his height and curls up at the ends.

The czar wears a small, golden crown on his head with an ornamental garnet at the front and four peaks, that way everyone knows he's in charge. A lush cape wraps his body, secured by two golden corded epaulets. He wields a scepter, somehow, which contains a globe flanked by two rings at the end, one above and one below.

Czar Ogum is more than just a general; he can carry himself in a fight as well. His throne room, rather than just a plain, empty space with a floor, contains rows of fall-through platforms. The regal (not a) reptile leaps between the tiered walkways in bountiful bounds. In between, he'll wave his scepter to unleash a magic ring. The glowing circle will pass through the various levels but bounce off the solid floor, walls, and ceiling for a short time.

At his disposal is his army of Helmet Troopers, often shorted to just Helm Troops, Helms, or Troops. They are commonly seen about his fortresses and can be summoned during battle to aid him. Their heavy-duty armor makes them resistant to most attacks. Some will bounce off while others will just stun them for a bit. However, they are still susceptible to inhaling. Frequently, they carry spears for added threat.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the artwork by Bimblesnaff.

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