King Submission


The possibilities of a king are endless. Pretty much, you are making a boss or a crux to a storyline. Maybe both? The point is that there's little that can be barred from this round of creativity. I'll just ask one thing:

  • don't make it a Dedede
  • don't make it look like Dedede
  • don't make it related to Dedede

We all know and love King Dedede. However, you're supposed to be flexing creative muscles here, so I don't want to see "Queen Dedede" or "Prince Dedede". No blue duck-eagle-penguin hybrids. Make something of your own. As this was originally written in 2011, I guess I should add in the likes of Sectonia to that little "don't" list. Make up your own, that's all I'm saying.

That's the do-nots, so now some do's: The regals have always had a domain. Where do they rule? Waddle Dees were Dedede's, and Buggle Dees were Sectonia's. Who are the ruler's loyal subjects? Does the monarch plan battle or get down-and-dirty in the trenches? Any favored weapon? There's plenty more that could be detailed out. Just remember: not Dedede.

In case it needed said, any rank of nobility or ruling is acceptable: King, Queen, Emperor, Duke, Baroness, President?, Tyrant, Dictator, etc.


Fill out the fields with information on your submission. Make certain not to break any of the rules in the Guidelines:

Your Name - The handle or user name to identify you as the submitter:

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Description - Describe how your entry looks, where it rules, what it does, how it acts, special techniques, etc.:

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Last Updated - May 31st, 2017