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When the Meta-Army captures an unlikely target, it isn't going to be the normal heroes who ride in to the rescue. It's a battle of armor versus arm drags when the knights go up against the wrestlers: Bogg and Bugzzy's beetle ammo! Now that is a marquee match-up~!

See Squeaky Bogg and his puroresu partner, the Fightning Bug, take on a slew of fan-creations. The residents of Rainbow Resort were charged with putting their IF Knights into the game, and here they all are! Really, this was it. Like, three people went through with it.

TitleTuesday Knight Titans
Release DateNovember 3rd, 2009
Developed ByMints
Special ThanksBimblesnaff
Capsule J3
Play TimeShort (10-20 min)
Playable CharactersMultiple
Replay ValueSome
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Promotional Artwork:

Awesome Artwork contributed by Dedede-Daimyo (Warning: Contains spoilers!)

Fightning Bug

Mace Knight

Ripsaw Knight

Last Updated - November 8th, 2009