Mini-Boss Creations Received

  1. Invader (UFO)
  2. Sharp Spook (Ghost/Sword)
  3. Jumpah (Hi-Jump)
  4. Jettison (Jet)
  5. Plazzmatazz (Plasma)
  6. Kalo the Angel Kitty (Angel/Cupid)
  7. Aureus (Copy)
  8. Gabriel (Fire)
  9. Rouletts (Mix)
  10. Roto T-9 (Tornado)
  11. Blobbo (Paint)
  12. Card Master (Magic)
  13. Me-rror (Mirror)
  14. Finix (Fire/Burning)
  15. Waiyu Ninja Squad (Ninja/Cutter)
  16. Berroll (Ball)
  17. Bzzerk (Spark)
  18. Mon Ray (Paint)
  19. Glow (Spark)
  20. Glaive (Ninja)
  21. Shrunkin (Mini)
  22. Diabolt (Yo-Yo)
  23. Rinko-47 (Ice)
  24. Rozo Daa (Needle)
  25. Burnshee (Fire)
  26. Monsar (Wheel)
  27. Ol' Mec (Stone)
  28. Harpee (Wing)
  29. Puffish (Balloon)
  30. Tee N Tee (Bomb)
  31. Fright-Light (Light)
  32. Suzuke (Ninja)
  33. Gyron (Tornado)
  34. Burbean (Fire)
  35. Moogong (Ice)
  36. J Pacc (Jet)
  37. Boomer (Mike)
  38. Tear (Bubble)
  39. Tornatail (Tornado)
  40. Shino (Ninja)
  41. Spongey (Clean)
  42. Brightly (Light)
  43. Willo (Ghost)
  44. Kitsu (Animal)
  45. Thundershadow (Ninja)
  46. Goo Ball (Ball)

See what's already been thrown into the mix of things. Also, you can rate the entries as they come in and judge how well they fit what makes a mini-boss a mini-boss based on the criteria established in the Kirby games and the rules of this contest. Once you do, you can see what I thought of it. Yay?

IF Entry

Goo Ball (Ball)

- From Omnitrix (Unregistered) on November 24th, 2008

Goo Ball is a, well, ball of goo. He has two arms that look like those sticky hand things that you throw at a wall and stick to them. He is all green except for his face, which is all white with black eyes and mouth.

Goo Ball always starts with an attack where he throws his arm at Kirby and wraps it around him. He then proceeds to pull in kirby, and when he's close enough, roll over him.

In his second attack, he pushes himself up, tilts foward, and falls. If he missed Kirby, he'll roll around the screen for a few seconds, then stops in the corner.

Finally, Goo Ball opens his mouth and spits out one to three smaller versions of himself, depending on the damage he's taken. They are the only ammo he gives.

Goo Ball leaves a trail of slime behind him when he moves. If Kirby walks on this, he'll fall and become vunrible. The slime trail disappears after five seconds if Kirby doesn't touch it.

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Image by . Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Thundershadow (Ninja)

- From Galacta Kirby (Unregistered) on November 22nd, 2008

Thundershadow's body is like a human's. He has same kind of ninja hat like Kirby, execpt it is dark blue and has only one star on it. His clothes are also blue, but bit darker. He also wears a black cape which he unwraps as battle starts, and wields a katana. His face expect the eyes is wrapped.

1) He throws a three kunais, one aimed straight, second aimed 22° up and third aimed 45° up. These can be inhaled.

2) He throws a shuriken straight to Kirby. It is easy to dodge, but after that it will head to him again. This will continue until it is destroyed. It can be inhaled.

3) He dashes to Kirby and slashes with katana. If he hits, he'll slash once more and make trick similar to Final Cutter.

4) He jumps to middle of fighting area and throws his sword up in the skies. After that he charges up and starts to launch electric beams from his hands. After three beams his katana falls back to his hand. Inhaling one of those beams will grant the Spark ability.

5) When his health gets low, he starts to use Hide Defense move every time he is hit.

When Thundershadow starts use the Hide Defense, only way to hit him is to wait he uses the katana slash. If the player jumps out of his way just before he slashes, then he will continue the slashing to the end, but he can be hit then. If the player jumps too early, he'll stop and slash upwards, to them.

Also, when he uses his shuriken throw, if the player runs to him and dodge at the last moment, shuriken hits himself.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Kitsu (Animal)

- From Kyuubi (Unregistered) on November 21st, 2008

The body of Kitsu is a humanoid fox, twice Kirby's height. Kitsu is yellow with a white underbelly, face, and feet and hands. Instead of one tail, she has three.

She grabs Kirby and bites him. Then, like a dog with a bone, shakes him around before releasing him.

She leaps towards you, if she missed, she'll drop and create stars.

She runs on all fours and stops in the middles of the screen. Then she whips her tails up, left, and right.

Kitsu turns around, kicks up dirt, and then pretty much hopes that the dirt makes contact. The dirt is something you can inhale.

Kitsu comes from Kitsune, the japanese name for fox. I got her design from two places. Tails the Fox for the coloring, and the legendary Kyuubi for the design itself.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Willo (Ghost)

- From Filler Episode (Unregistered) on November 21st, 2008

Willo is a small, flickering, blue flame, half Kirby's size, that is surrounded by five other blue flames, each a bit bigger than him. His eyes and mouth are black, looking like those of a jack-o-lanturn.

Spooklight: Willo fly upwards. Then he takes no further action. Instead, he sends one of his flames to attack you. The could be inhaled, but follow you if you choose not to.

Ghost Lanturn: Willo disappears. The only way to see him is by his outline (much like chameleo arm.) He'll try to ram you. If he misses, he drops a fireball. Inhale to use as ammo.

Possesion: He'll try to snare you in a shadowy arm he generates from his mouth. If it grabs you, you're controls get reversed for twenty seconds. This does no damage.

Will of Willo: All of his flames disappear. He grows double his size. Now the size of Kirby, he'll fly around and drop three orbs of shadow over the player. Inhale and fire away.

Willo is only able to be damaged when he loses at least one of his flames. Otherwise, the attacks dissolve. He doesn't get new flames either; at least, not until he loses all of them. When none of his flames are encircling him, attacks do double damage.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Brightly (Light)

- From mrgameandpie on November 21st, 2008

Brightly is a semi translucent orb. In his center, he is pure white although near the edges he is a cream color, becoming more cream colored as you look away from the center. His black oval eyes are never in the center of his body.

The room will be pitch black only being able to see Kirby and the area around Brightly. Brightly will usually be a little above and to the right of Kirby, following Kirby around. Eventually Brightly will rise a bit then lunge at Kirby dissapearing when he hits the ground though leaving a star where he landed for inhaling. He may also go to one side of the room and ram into Kirby from the side, when he hits the wall he dissapears and leaves a star where he hit the wall. Another move is that he will go over to a wall, and shoot a light beam, similar to the one Marx can shoot. Brightly can also create a giant flash of light that will either temporarily light up the room and make the controls reversed, or make everything pure white so that t is imposable to tell what Brightly is doing.

When Brightly is defeated holes in the walls, floor, and ceiling will open up and be a giant dark labyrinth, unless the previous power is given up and Brightly is inhaled.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Spongey (Clean)

- From Final Smash (Unregistered) on November 14th, 2008

Spongey looks like a floating sponge with eyes in two of his holes, both of which can move to different holes. He has two hands that orbit around him, one holding a pail of water, the other holding a large mop.

The first attack, "Soap Sud Shower", consists of Spongey spinning around, throwing large clup of soap suds in every direction. The suds stick to surfaces and can be inhaled. They dissolve after five seconds.

Number 2 is called "Mop Mayhem". Spongey jumps up to the top center of the screen, drops his mop, and creates two waves of soapy water that flow right and left. The waves make stars on the walls if they don't make contact with the player.

Thirdly, he starts sweeping, and this being a generic boss move, will push the player into the wall.

And cuatro, he smacks the back of the bucket, launching lots of water towards Kirby, whether on the ground or floating. The water can be inhaled, for it comes out in the form of large drops.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Shino (Ninja)

- From Leirin on November 12th, 2008

Presenting a female sub-boss character! Shino is a shinobi, as her name states, and one with an attitude. She's out there to assassinate anyone who gets in her way and isn't afraid to. She usually prefers cold arenas, as implied by the lavendar scarf. Her protective helmet and bandanna tied around her mouth is reminiscent of Bio Spark's design, and a big curl of pale-pink hair sticks out from underneath her crimson helmet, the only other visible hair shown being two hooks of it from the sides.

When defeated, her helmet splits and her bandanna slips off her face, revealing she is not actually a human in a ninja's garb but actually a ghost-like, completely black creature.

Her main defensive attack is throwing five tiny shurikens, all of which are very powerful and quickly-thrown, so make sure to have your guard up when she gets ready to fire them. Sometimes she jumps out of the scene, and a few moments later, numerous smoke bombs drop down from above, doing plenty of damage if you're caught in the mess, but can actually be avoided if you dodge them and float upwards. Then, finally, she has the signature skill Trick Kiss, where she gets right up to the opponent and... kisses them! They, however, are slowly lulled into a deadly, 7-second nap, leaving them open for attacks.

Among her special skills, she has a divebomb attack, where she charges straight into the enemy, sometimes dropping down many small, sharp objects, all of which inflict little damage. She's swift, that's definitely one of her best points, but she has skinny arms, which are particularly vulnerable.

Interestingly, while her name comes from the word shinobi, the kanji written for her name would (with the "bi" included) read as "day of death".

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Image by . Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Tornatail (Tornado)

- From The New Guy (Unregistered) on November 12th, 2008

Tornatail is a circular ball of wind. He has two big angry eyes that cover most of his circular wind head, along with a tiny puckered mouth. But streaming from the back of Toranatail is a long a wavy tail of white wind. The tail has stripes of grey and black. Tornatail is always fought at a room with spikes on the two sides.

Tornatail will always have a set way of attacking. First he will begin the fight by dashing into action, and throwing himself at Kirby, as wind wooshes by his face. Next, he will immediatly stop wherever he is, and then aim his tail at Kirby. The tail will charge untill it's white, then it will let a blast of white wind at Kirby. Then, Tornatail will resume running around again. Next, Tornatail will turn his back to Kirby again, and let a windy blast shoot out of his tail. The wind does no damage, but pushes Kirby to one of the spikes walls. Next, Tornatail will run around again, aimlessly. After he is through with that again, he will halt, and have five seperate balls of wind swarm out of his tail. The balls of wind cannot be inhaled (as you may of guessed) but instead will slowly wind around the room. If Kirby touches one, a little bit of damage is done to him, but he will be sent backwards by the wind, posing the threat of possibly having the balls of wind have Kirby thrown into the spikes. Then, Tornatail will of course charge around the room. Lastly, Tornatail will jump up high off the screen. Then he will fall to earth again. When he lands, he sends wind to his sides which can puch Kirby into the spikes if Tornatail misses landing on Kirby. After this, Tornantail will take it again from the top.

To defeat Tornatail, he will not give off any inhaleable items, instead, when a blast of wind or one of his attacks hit the spikes on the walls, a few spikes might fall off the wall, and will land randomly on the ground. These spikes can be inhaled, then spit out at Tornatail, or sucked up, then swallowed to obtain the Needle ability.

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Image by The New Guy. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Tear (Bubble)

- From Theorizer (Unregistered) on November 10th, 2008

Tear is a water droplet. He has an all over blue body, with two Kirby-esque shining eyes, a dark blue area around the tip top of his water droplet body, an open smiling mouth, two orange oval feet, and two little tear shaped cheeks by his eyes. The most defining feature of Tear is his wig of see-through bubbles atop his head.

Tear has four attacks. First off, there's Bubble Twirl in which Tear will randomly do a flip, and start break dancing, spinning on his bubbly head, as he begins to slide across the arena trying to hit Kirby. Next there is Bubble Shake, in which Tear starts to shake his head forward, and a large amount of bubbles fly off Tears head, and blow forward, as Tear tries to hit Kirby with his bubbles. Next off is Tear's third attack Bubble Boom, in which Tear will rumble, and pillars of bubbles will rise from the ground around Tear. The safest spot when Tear does this attack is above Tear's head. Lastly, Tear can do an attack called Bubble Breath, in which Tear will burp out a small bubble that flies forward, slightly homing on Kirby. The bubble can be inhaled to spit back up at Tear to deal damage to him.

When Tear is moving, bubbles will occasionally shed off Tear's head. These tiny bubbles will hurt Kirby is he touches them, will give Kirby the bubble ability if swallowed, and can be spit back up at Tear to do minimal damage.

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Image by Theorizer. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Boomer (Mike)

- From Chaos Kiwi on November 9th, 2008

Boomer is a slow, walking microphone. That's right, a micophone. This guy has a face like a scarecrow with glowing red eyes. Coming out of his back is a power cord which he carries and swings around with his amazing, floating, Mickey Mouse-esque hands! And for fun, he has a power switch instead of abs, and has earphones. He is two and half times Kirby's size.

1: Boomer pulls his cord tightly and begins to swing it wildly, slowly making his way towards Kirby. The range starts small, but grows until it hits the wall or the player.

2: Boomer smacks his head on the ground. Although this may seem pointless, this is powerful. It produces feedback, and the sound wave it sends out does damage.

3: He throws his cord fowards and tries to lasso Kirby. If he does, he brings you to him and shouts in the player's face, doing this fires Kirby into the wall, creating stars.

4: Finally, he jumps up, landing on his face, creating stars on either side of him.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

J Pacc (Jet)

- From The New Guy (Unregistered) on November 9th, 2008

J Pacc looks like a pudgy upside down grey V bubble letter. J Pacc Has a red eye in the top/middle of his head. J Pacc also has two grey circular hands, and a dark gray jet pack. The arena that you fight J Pacc in always has one big platform in the middle of the arena so you can reach J Pacc when he flies high.

J Pacc is usually floating in air, (floating randomly around the arena, high or low), his jet pack having tiny red flames lifting himself. Occasionally though, J Pacc floats back gently to the ground. J Pacc has four different attacks. First off, J Pacc does a quick dash forward. The dash varies in distance, and is some times short and powerful, and is sometimes long, but weak. Next, J Pacc can do a powerful slam downwards, (but only if J Pacc is in the air.) When J Pacc slams against the ground, stars fly to the sides. The farther J Pacc is from the ground, the more damage the slam does if it hits Kirby. The stars can be inhaled and spit up at J Pacc. Also, J Pacc can do an attack in which he starts to dash, but then comes to a halt, and has a blast of blue energy flie from himself, like the Jet Cracker attack in the Jet ability. This attack isn't very common to have J Pacc use, because of the large distance it covers and the powerful damage it deals. Finally, J Pacc has an attack he can only use when on the ground, in which J Pacc begins to rise up, and up, a huge stream of red, orange, and yellow fire blasting out of J Pacc's Jet Pacc. The fire when it hits the ground turns into red fireballs which bounce once randomly, then disappear. The fireballs can be sucked up to get the Fire ablity or to spit out at J Pacc.

A little thing about J Pacc is that if you happen to be below J Pacc, you get burned by the afterburn coming from J Pacc's Jets. When you defeat J Pacc, his Jet Pack begins to maufunction, and J Pacc begins to fly around the arena, bouncing randomly off walls in one last final attempt to destroy Kirby. But eventually, J Pacc's Jet Pacc zooms off J Pacc's back, and J Pacc falls to the ground, ready to be sucked up.

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Image by The New Guy. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Moogong (Ice)

- From Mints on November 8th, 2008

Looks like stuff.

Does things.

Oh yeah, this.

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Image by Mints.

IF Entry

Burbean (Fire)

- From burningkirby99 (Unregistered) on November 7th, 2008

It is a pepper on fire. It has black lines for eyes. It has a very big mouth. Its pepper color is red. It always wears sunglasses, but it has the sunglasses above its eyes. Its has a mexican hat, a burn vest, and a burning torch. The best part is that it keeps a big smile.

Its main action is to bounce. This does nothing, but don't get under it.

1. Fire run - Burbean's fire becomes a bonfire and it dashes to the other side of the room.

2. Fire rain - Burbean's mouth opens and it spits a fireball into the air, then it drops to the ground. The fireballs can be inhaled and have no ability.

3. Pepper mix - Burbean throws six peppers, in the air the six peppers mix with another pepper to make a big one this only leaves three. The peppers can be inhaled and give a random ability.

These are in order how it uses its actions. It isn't common for it to use Pepper mix very often.

When it is defeated its flames go out and it dries up. It will drop its sunglasses, never inhale them or it will do some damamge to Kirby.

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Image by burningkirby99. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Gyron (Tornado)

- From Veech on November 3rd, 2008

Gyron is a creature similar to Kirby that is about twice his size. He has dizzy eyes, is yellow, has a gray hat with a red brim, a "propeller foot", and wields a red yo-yo. Gyron moves by rotating his propeller foot to move forwards or backwards. He can also spin it at high speeds, allowing flight or even a tornado attack.

Gyron stumbles back and forth as if dazed. Sometimes he will take flight and move over to the other side of the arena. He can spin his propeller blades very fast and launch powerful air blades at Kirby. Gyron can also swing his yo-yo at you, which can reach the other side of the room. This doesn't hurt as much, but can hit multiple times. Finally, Gyron can spin so fast that he becomes a tornado and fly around the arena. Though powerful and hard to avoid, he will be dazed afterwards.

The air blades launched at Kirby can be swallowed to gain the Cutter ability. His yo-yo can also be swallowed, but this requires Kirby's super inhale. It obviously gives Yo-yo.

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Image by superyoshi888. Check out the full artwork.

Suzuke (Ninja)

- From Kirby-4-ever on October 29th, 2008

Suzuke is a ninja about three times bigger than Kirby. He is a black ball with red feet and hands. He has two glowing red eyes and wears a ninja mask.

Suzuke jumps from wall to wall throwing shurikens at Kirby which he can inhale and spit back. Sometimes Suzuke will slip and fall off the wall. When he hits the ground, it creates stars.

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IF Entry

Fright-Light (Light)

- From Daimyo-KoiKoi on October 29th, 2008

Fright-Light is a large Japanese paper lanturn brought to life by ghostly means. Its structure is oval-shaped and constructed of four bamboo rings, overlayed with a floral-printed, red paper exterior. Its top hole is surrounded by a dark red funnel-like crown with four pointed corners, from which four yellow tassles hang. Also, a golden-loop hanger extends from its top hole. Its bottom hole is surrounded by a gold colored rim, from which many more yellow-treaded tassels hang. In addition, it has three paper talismins hanging from its bottom half. Fright-Light's most prominant feature is its large, glowing eye in the center of its mass that serves as the lanturn's light-source. The eye can be seen from behind the jagged rip in the front of the paper exterior that serves as its mouth. Finally, four or five orange and yellow will-o'-wisps hover around Fright-Light, attracted to his illuminous glow.

Fright-Light will begin the match on one side of the screen, gently bobbing up and down in the air. He will sometimes float over to the other side of the screen or to where Kirby is standing. His arena is much darker than a regular room, as it's sometimes hard to see where the floor, walls, and ceiling are, but it becomes more visable the closer you get toward the miniboss. Therefore, you may use Fright-Light's illuminisity to your advantage. Fright-Light has four attacks he will use in the battle against him.

I. Fright-Light will charge-up and release a concentrated beam of light from his eye in Kirby's direction. This is his strongest attack, but it's easily avoided.

II. The miniboss sends out some of the will-o'-wisps that continuously surround him, to home-in and follow Kirby for a while. These can be inhaled and used for ammunition against Fright-Light. They are able to be fired in succession.

III. Fright-Light tightly closes his mouth and lets off an extreme burst of light that envelopes the whole arena. If you are facing him during the attack, Kirby will be blindly frozen in place for a few seconds and will be open for an attack. If you look away from the miniboss when he executes the flash, Kirby will be able to see the whole arena lit-up for a while, and will be able to get the drop on Fright-Light.

IV. This attack is identical to possessed King Dedede's tactic in Kirby's Dream Land 3. Fright-Light decends and starts chasing Kirby across the stage, trying to eat him. If Kirby manages to get caught, Fright-Light will chew him up and "release" him from the lanturn's lower hole.

In the spirit of Shinichi Shimomura, Fright-Light is a creature from Japanese mythology. He is best friends with the Parasol miniboss, Jumpershoot, as they are both Tsukumogami, common objects that gain a soul when they reach 100 years of age. Fright-Light is infact a Chochin-Obake, the lanturn variety which is why his defeat yields the Light ability. The three sutra along his waist keep his glowing soul (eye) inside the lanturn shell. He is really not as scary or vile as he appears- in the evening, Fright-Light will aid those scared of the dark by providing an serene light for their journey home. Hence, his name is a play on the word "Night-Light".

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Image by Dedede-Daimyo. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Tee N Tee (Bomb)

- From Kirbyfield Monster (Unregistered) on October 26th, 2008

This odd little mini-boss looks like a giant, walking cartoon bomb. He has Kirby like eyes and gloves floating around his body. He is three times the size of Kirby and has a red TNT tattoo on his forehead.

Tee N Tee's fuse lights and his legs retract. He slowly rolls in the player's direction and, after ten seconds, explodes, creating a small blast.

Second on the line up, Tee N Tee stretches out his hands and two small bombs appear. They then drop and explode after five seconds or when they touch the player. The bombs could also be used as ammunition.

Third, he jumps up to the middle of the screen or the player, depending on which is closest, and smashes down, creating two stars on either side of him.

Last but not least, Tee N Tee puts his hands in the air, and two to four bombs fly in all directions. They act as the bombs in the second attack did, yet hurt more.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Puffish (Balloon)

- From Gas Mask (Unregistered) on October 23rd, 2008

This strange mini-boss appears as a large, walking puffer fish with goggles and swim trunks. He is blue and has spiked gloves.

First up, Puffish holds his breath then leaps upwards, body slamming you. This creates stars.

Second, he sucks up air, a lot of air, and blows out, flying around like a baloon loosing air.

Thirdly, he puffs up and and his quills fire in all directions, they can be inhaled.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Harpee (Wing)

- From Flamey Hair (Unregistered) on October 21st, 2008

Harpee looks like a tall Bird about twice Kirby's size. She is humanoid and has a crown. She is blue, but yellow at the tip of her wings, tail, and head. Her beak is toothed.

1) Harpee flies up and divebombs you. This creates stars.

2) She screams very loudly and makes five small sound waves that hurt if absorbed.

3) Harpee flaps her wings rapidly and several tufts of air shoot outward.

When she divebombs you, she gets her beak stuck in the ground, so she's easy to attack.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Ol' Mec (Stone)

- From Zero3 (Unregistered) on October 21st, 2008

Ol' Mec has the appearence of an angry Olmec Colossal Head. Ol' Mec's eyes are beet red, and he has two small pairs of feet below him. On his head is a large "O". Around three times the size of Kirby.

1) Ol' Mec jumps up to the top of the screen and tries to body slam the player. This attack creates stars on either side of him.

2) Ol' Mec's legs retract, and he starts to roll. Once he hits the wall, he begins rolling the opposite direction, stopping at the other wall.

3) Ol' Mec opens his mouth wide, and six stone balls flood out. They bounce off of the walls until they hit Ol' Mec again. They can be absorbed but give no ability.

When you defeat him, the he will head will crack and he will begin to cry.

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Image by Zero3.

IF Entry

Monsar (Wheel)

- From Dan (Unregistered) on October 21st, 2008

Monsar is a red monster truck with blue flames. He has a purple face spray painted on each side of him. His face has big line eyes that always face you and a big, smiling, deceiving line mouth.

Monsar attacks by zooming around, fast! He occasionally jumps to strike an airborn foe. His inhalible projectile is three tires which bounce across the ground. These give no ability.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Burnshee (Fire)

- From 888chilly on October 20th, 2008

Invisible with one eye appearing and fiery hair.

It forms obstacles with fire and sometimes fire bounces off, and screams noise projectiles. Noise projectiles cannot be swallowed.

The player can only hurt its eye. Fire can only be swallowed if it is not linked with other fire hair. Fire can either give Fire or Spark.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Rozo Daa (Needle)

- From Flailer (Unregistered) on October 19th, 2008

Rozo Daa looks like a walking rose with thorns covering most of its body. It is roughly two and a half times Kirby's size. It has a single eye in the center of its flower and toothed pedals.

1) Rozo Daa spins with its leaves facing outwards. If the player comes in contact, they'll take damage.

2) Rozo Daa fires its pedals in all directions, which grow back after the attack ends. The pedals can be inhaled to be shot at Rozo Daa.

3) Rozo Daa uses this when low on health only. Roots shoot up from the ground.

The player can't touch Rozo Daa! If they do, the thorns will hurt them bug time! It brings proof to the phrase "Flower Power"

Trivia: Name comes from Rosoidae, the family of the rose.

When defeated, it turns brown as if it's rotting.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Rinko-47 (Ice)

- From Jay (Unregistered) on October 18th, 2008

Rinko-47 is a robot. He has a circular, green body, stubby legs with ice skates, and two claws. His eye is a red circle in the middle of his body. Rinko-47 can only be found in ice levels.


1)* Rinko fires sevral ice cubes out of his claws (much like Mr. Frosty).

2) Rinko spins on his ice skates and turns into a tornado. After this, he is vunerable, as he is quite dazed from spinning.

3)* A launcher pops out of his head, and homing missiles come out. They freeze on impact.

4)* Usual mini-boss stomping, but Rinko trips and slides towards kirby. This attack produces stars.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Diabolt (Yo-Yo)

- From KrackoCloud on October 15th, 2008

Diabolt is mainly a circular, silvery robot. Below this center sphere, he has a thick, flattened, cylindrical piece that holds four wheels. Behind the sphere is one large exhaust pipe. Diabolt has a glassy eye in the center that looks like Gim's, but is green, and is slightly covered by an eyelid. He has two robotic arms, which play a Chinese yo-yo in front of him constantly throughout the battle.

Diabolt is a speed-oriented boss. He will often (very quickly) speed over to the other side of the stage, and although this isn't really much of an attack as it is a normal movement, it can easily hurt Kirby.

His main attack is rather quick. He thrusts his Chinese yo-yo sticks, making the attached yo-yo fling forward. You can inhale and spit back the yo-yo, but be quick about it. Also, Diabolt can charge at you before attempting this attack, and may use this attack repeatedly.

Diabolt's other attack starts by him charging up. When he releases his charge, his yo-yo will be spinning extremely fast, creating rapid, whirring sound waves that shoot in the direction you were in while he was charging.

The sound-wave attack is a reference to the whirring sound Chinese yo-yos produce. The name Diabolt was originally related to the word Diabolo, a variation of the Chinese yo-yo.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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Shrunkin (Mini)

- From MatthewL (Unregistered) on October 15th, 2008

Possibly the smallest miniboss ever. About half the size of a Waddle Dee. White, with a dark front. Super Strong. Evil looking, with red eyes. Long arms used for grabbing.

First, he will run towards kirby, trying to grab Kirby with his arms. If Kirby is flying, his arms will extend, trying to grab him. If it misses, a star appears and goes to (1). If it succeeds, go to (2).

1) Goes into centre of the room, sending out three Minnies as he does so. Then, he jumps up and runs towards Kirby again.

2) Once he has grabbed Kirby, he will do a backflip, throwing Kirby far. Then he shrinks, and grows in random parts of the room. He will drop a Minny each time he does so. He then jumps up, grows back to his original size, and runs towards Kirby again.

After every time you battle this mini-boss, there is always a place where you need Mini.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Glaive (Ninja)

- From Unregistered User on October 13th, 2008

Body is a star. Each of the five points has a blade on it. No eyes at all.

Moves along the shape of the room like a flamer, occaisionally jumps to middle of room and shoots blades off of its body that return to it occaisionally like cutters, but will usually fly straight and go back straight. Also will fly off of a wall to ram victim.

Blades will give Sword when eaten while straight, Cutter when eaten while spinning. Glaive will regenerate the blade that has been eaten while he is on the wall. Blades can be exhaled at him to cause minimum damage. He is invincible when attached to a wall. Ram is randomly done and Glaive will hit walls and be stunned until attacked. Ramming does a lot of damage to victim, about half of victim's health, but is very easy to avoid. Recommended abilities to use against Glaive are Stone and Fire (KSS style)/Burning because they are the two that can do massive damage to him, but also will break through his invincibility on walls.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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Glow (Spark)

- From WithAHat on October 12th, 2008

When Glow is onscreen, the entire area goes dark. At this point, the only part of him visible are two glowing green eyes. If Kirby manages to inhale one of the large beams the eyes shoot, he can get the Light ability. Once used, the ability reveals that Glow's body, in its entirety, is actually just the two floating eyes. The eyes both have wires coming out of them that attach to an engine on the ground.

Glow's main attack is charging at Kirby. The eyes will simply back up, and then ram into the puff. His other attack is firing small yellow beams, which can be shot back as projectiles. The small beams give no ability when inhaled, although he will occasionally fire large beams that grant Kirby the Light ability. When Glow's engine is revealed via the Light ability, Glow becomes more aggressive. He stops using the beam attack, but uses the charge attack in rapid succession.

Glow's eyes change emotion depending on the situation. Normally, they appear bored. When getting ready to attack, they get angry. When being attacked, they look suprised. When low on health, they start looking worried. Glow's health is very high compared to most mini-bosses, but the engine can be attacked for double the normal damage. When Glow is defeated, the engine falls apart and disappears, and the eyes fall to the ground. The eyes can be inhaled for the Spark ability.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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Mon Ray (Paint)

- From Sapphire Kirby (Unregistered) on October 12th, 2008

Mon Ray is a rare, snake-esqe mini-boss that yields the Paint ability.

Mon Ray is an orange snake with a light blue under belly. He has four scales on his back, all in a rainbow pattern going red, yellow, green, blue, pink, and light blue. His tail is a paint brush, with the end bristles in the same rainbow pattern as the scales, barring light blue. He has purple Kirby-esqe eyes, a green and teal beret, and a brown goatee.

When battling Mon Ray, the snake has three different attacks.

1) Mon Ray will hop around his side of the room three times, creating inhalable stars on each side of him for each jump.

2) Mon Ray will open his mouth wide and spit a large ball of paint straight at Kirby. This can be super inhaled.

3) Mon Ray swiftly charges at Kirby. If Kirby is to close to Mon Ray's mouth at any time during this attack, the snake will grab Kirby in his mouth, spit Kirby into the air, and hit the poor, defenceless puffball with his tail, causing Kirby to crash into a wall and wipe off his paint-covered face (a similar animation is used when kissed by a flying lip enemy in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror).

When defeated, Mon Ray will give you the ultra rare Paint Ability. Now paint the town red... and all the other colors of the rainbow for that matter!

Trivia : Mon Ray's name comes from Monet, a famous impressionist artist, and Rainbow, in reference to his scales, tail, and ability.

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Image by Sapphire Kirby.

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Bzzerk (Spark)

- From Plasma_Kirby_Sneaks_up_and_PWNS (Unregistered) on October 12th, 2008

Bzzerk is a large winged yellow canine with a large, Pikachu-like tail. Bzzerk's ears are shaped like lighting bolts. He may look cute at first, but when he gets angry, he (literally) charges at you.

Bzzerk, being an electric dog, has four attacks that vary in appearance and strength. First is the Rabid Charge, where Bzzerk charges up some electricity and bites Kirby with his electrified mouth. Second is the Charge Beam, where Bzzerk charges up and releases a bolt of energy from his tail, which Kirby can inhale. Third is Shocking Swoop, where Bzzerk flies into the air and lands hard, releasing shock waves. His fourth and final attack happens to be his trump card- the Light Bomb. Bzzerk flies into the air, and charges and releases a large burst of light, that homes into you. You can try to swallow it, and if you do, spitting it out will cause a lot of damage (like swallowing three opponents at once)

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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Berroll (Ball)

- From Diddgery on October 12th, 2008

Berroll is a small orange creature with red feet, similar in size to Kirby. At first it appears that he has no arms, but what looks like large rabbit ears are actually his arms, tipped with three small claws on each. Berroll rides around on top of a blue-and-green ball that's nearly twice his size.

Berroll rides on top of his ball everywhere he goes and uses it as the basis for most of his attacks. He usually begins the battle by rolling up to Kirby. Once he's close enough, he will begin slashing wildly with his claws; If Kirby avoids the attack, it will create a star that Kirby can use as ammunition.

Regardless of whether or not Kirby lands the first blow, Berroll will drop off of his ball and hold it in front of his face. This will shield him from all attacks from the front, but if Kirby jumps behind him he can still deal damage. Berroll will then proceed to use one of two attacks.

1) Berroll, still holding his ball, jumps up and slams it to the ground. Upon impact the ball creates two stars on either side of it and bounces high up into the air. The ball will then come down as close to Kirby as possible (think Dedede's jump attack), creating two more stars before bouncing up again. This will repeat one more time, and then the ball will touch down next to Berroll so he can get on top of it again. While the ball is bouncing Berroll appears to be an easy target, but getting too close to him will warrant another slashing barrage.

2) Berroll will push the ball in Kirby's direction, sending it rolling at a high speed across the screen. Upon reaching the other side of the screen, the ball will bounce and roll back to Berroll, where he will catch it and mount it once again.

Berroll's Achilles' heel is his difficulty balancing when using his slash attack. If Kirby can land a blow on him when he uses that attack, he will be knocked off balance and fall onto his back, stunned. This will give Kirby a few precious seconds to land an extra blow or two.

When Berroll is low on health (or in situations where the game calls for slightly more challenging minibosses than normal), he will jump over his ball when using the rolling technique so that it will continue to roll across the screen at least one more time. He will also default to slashing any time a projectile attack comes near him when his ball is bouncing so that he can only be attacked once he gets back on top of his ball.

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Image by Diddgery. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Waiyu Ninja Squad (Ninja/Cutter)

- From Daimyo-KoiKoi on October 11th, 2008

(This submission was sent in just for the fun of it and is not legitly in the running.)

To begin, surely this entry violates the last guideline revision: "Make It Yourself"... however, I'm putting it out here anyway! The Waiyu Ninja Squad is a miniboss battle in the sense of the Meta Knights' battles from KA and NiDL. Waiyu himself returns from his sole appearance in DL2, where he was the only miniboss in Kirby history to hold the cutter ability. This time, Waiyu has become a ninja clan master, but stays in the shadows untill his squad of stylized henchmen fight Kirby one at a time. Also, each member has a “D"speration Maneuver” "DM) they may use just before they are defeated.

First up is BioShasen, the Biospark that specializes in kunai-cutting. He is the most agile of the four, constantly bounding from ledge-to-ledge, while throwing his knifes in a sharp diagonal at Kirby. Though his speed makes him difficult to hit, he has the least hit points of the four ninja. For his DM, BioShasen positions himself in the middle of the battlefield and wildly slices the air with his kunai, creating an image of either the Kanji for fire or for thunder. For fire, two pillars of flame will arise from the ground, depending on Kirby's location, and for thunder, a lightening bolt will descend from the sky, homing in on Kirby. Once defeated, BioShasen can be inhaled for the ninja ability.

Second is SirKabuto, the ninja Sir Kibble. He has the most hit points of the four ninja, as his armor is thick and plated. SirKabuto tends to stay on one platform, not moving much the entire battle because the helmet's weight hinders his movement. Like any Sir Kibble, SirKabuto is proficient in throwing his cutter-blade, but because of his samurai-esque cutter, he is especially skilled at this. The blade's unique shape allows him to throw it out, but instead of simply returning to him, it will make a complete circle around the room, hitting Kirby if he is by the walls, floor, or ceiling. His DM has him jump off-screen, then return as he strongly cuts from corner to corner in an X fashion, several times. When defeated, he gives Kirby the cutter ability if inhaled.

Next is KaparKatta, the Kapar ninja with the cutter ability. He is an aquatic foe, mostly staying hidden in a pool of water at the bottom of the screen, with his kasa-hat exposed. In this setting, he cannot be damaged, as his hat deflects all attacks. However, when he jumps out onto land to go on the offensive, he is totally vulnerable. KaparKatta attacks by throwing off his hat/cutter, yet unlike a regular Kapar's cutter, his will always return, inflicting damage on its way out and back. During his DM, the pool water rises and submerges a quarter of the screen. Then, KaparKatta climbs into his hat like a boat and rapidly spin-cuts along the water's surface like a floating top. Defeating yields cutter ability.

The final of Waiyu's henchmen is MoyaTaru, the robotic ninja and OC. He is basically a steel drum with a blue, two-piece ninja cloth wrapped around him. From his hexagonal opening are two goggled eyes amid total darkness. MoyaTaru floats around the room by releasing a continuous jet of blue mist from his bottom-side; the mist, which eventually spreads across the whole bottom half of the screen, obstructs your view until he is defeated. After he has released the mist, MoyaTaru ejects a grappling hook from his top-side, which tethers him to the ceiling. Chained to the ceiling, he is able to face both left and right and drop ninja-bombs from his frontal-door to blast Kirby for an attack. MoyaTaru is sort of like a punching bag in this state, since attacking him will hurt him, but will cause him to swing back and hit Kirby if he doesn't move out of the way. MoyaTaru explodes, encompassing a large radius, for his DM. His defeat begets ninja ability.

Now (as this seems to be more of a real boss fight than a miniboss O_o) Waiyu himself appears to challenge Kirby. His appearance is based on his classic look, but with added Japanese apparel, and most noticeably, a variation of the helmet worn by Ninja Kirby. In action, he fights with martial arts reminiscent of his KDL2 appearance, except now he carries a sword that delivers a powerful cutting wave that streams across the stage when drawn. He also throws kunai that Kirby can suck up and spit back for ammo. Waiyu has a tendency to vanish from sight just when you are about to strike, then reappear above Kirby to deliver a crushing ninjutsu kick. To avoid this, you must anticipate his movement, dodge, and then counter while he is least expecting. As a last ditch-Desperation Maneuver, Waiyu will leap to the top of the battlefield, where he will rain down shuriken that Kirby will have to dodge. To make matters worse, then he will come down, slicing with his blade, performing a Final Cutter technique. If Kirby can manage to survive the DM and strike him, he will at last defeat Waiyu, to where Kirby can inhale him for the ninja ability. In addition, Kirby also gains 2 extra-lives for his efforts from one of the toughest and longest miniboss battles ever!

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Image by . Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Finix (Fire/Burning)

- From Kaabii~ (Unregistered) on October 11th, 2008

A large, fiery, eagle-like bird with silver talons and ice blue eyes, Finix looks and feels remarkably detailed for a Kirby game (more like a Final Fantasy creature than a Kirby mini-boss.) She also looks a bit like Dyna Blade.

Finix starts off each battle by flying to a random point on screen. Then she uses one of three attacks: either flying around the screen in a circle, causing a ring of fire to surround the stage; bursting into flame and releasing flames and stars; and slashing at you with her talons.

Finix has an ability found in no other mini-boss or regular boss: when low on health, Finix may heal up to half of the damage she has lost. This may sound cheap, but it isn't.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Me-rror (Mirror)

- From Bazzoka on October 10th, 2008

Me-rror is simply a glass orb, roughly two times bigger then Kirby, with two black eyes and two smaller glass orbs to act as hands. It also has translucent mirrors around it.

Me-rror will do the following;

- It will put up a solid mirror infront of itself. Any projectile to come into contact with this mirror will, obviously, be sent back at the attacker. If Kirby or a helper were to walk into this, they'd be hurt without flinching frames, but then controls would be opposite for a moment. If one were to normally attack this mirror with an ability, it would just shatter, Me-rror taking a few moments to get his translucent mirror back up.

- Me-rror will do something similar to the first attack. He'll set up a solid mirror, only to send it off infront of himself. This mirror can be inhaled and spat back out at the mini-boss. All of the properties of the first attack still remain, like reflecting projectiles, shattering upon ability attack, etc.

- Me-rror will take a moment by crouching down, then teleport to the top of the screen and close to where Kirby is. When it reappears, it takes it a moment to drop down to the floor. When it does, a star will be formed on each side of him, these stars can obviously be used against him.

While still attack-able, the translucent mirrors around him will cut all damage down to 1/6 of its original. This is due to it's low HP. While this may seem like it would make this mini-boss battle take forever, whenever it does an action, it will leave itself open momentarily before doing it by lowering its mirrors, giving you at the very least one hit in before it does the attack. This also applies for after the attack too, it will take a moment to put up the mirrors again.

However, if you take too long to kill Me-rror, its mirrors will disappear and you can deal the regular amount of damage to him.

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Image by Bazzoka.

IF Entry

Card Master (Magic)

- From PartyKirby (Unregistered) on October 9th, 2008

A playing card with eyes and a mouth on it. He wears a top hat and has a wand.

He will float around the arena, and sometimes he flies around. He can do a wild spinning attack, flying all over the room. This attack only lasts 7 seconds however. Another attack is lifting up his hat and launching home seeking, exploding missles. His last attack is causing cards to appear in the ground using his wand. Each card has a different effect, which takes place 5 seconds after being set. The Heart card causes an explosion, the Diamond card shoots diamonds upward, the Club card will fly around the room, trying to hit you, and the Spade card will have sword shoot out and into the ground. Upon defeat, the card will drop onto the floor.

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Image by PartyKirby.

Check out the artwork by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Blobbo (Paint)

- From KirbySpore (Unregistered) on October 9th, 2008

A large blob of paint. He has two white eyes, stubby arms, and constantly pulsates as he fights. Although he is normally red, he changes colors whenever he is hurt by an attack.

Blobbo's first attack involves bouncing forward. If he bumps into Kirby, the pink puff is absorbed into its body. When this occurs, Blobbo bounces, using the force of the impact to launch Kirby out of its body and into a wall. Blobbo's second attack is launching a volley of paint into the ground. When the volley finally ends, a star appears. Blobbo's final attack is inflating like a balloon. He takes to the skies, attempting to fly over Kirby and fall on him. When he lands, stars are produced.

Blobbo, like the bosses that bear the paint ability, is weak to it. If you manage to fight a pair of Blobbos, inhaling one and using Paint on the other causes the paint over it to harden. It can no longer inflate like a balloon or capture Kirby in its paint body.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Roto T-9 (Tornado)

- From MarioKirbyFireballer on October 9th, 2008

Roto T-9 is a robot that can generate harsh winds. His main body is a large sphere divided into 3 parts. The first and topmost part is the top hatch. It's shaped like an isosceles triangle and semi-circle stuck together, with the semi-circle stuck on the hypotenuse of the triangle. The other 2 parts are 2 large metal plates that form the rest of the body. They are divided evenly on the sides, so that the front plate and the back plate are equally sized. The front plate is gray, while the back plate is a sky-blue color. Between the top hatch and the front piece of metal is a V-shaped slit that allows for his red optical lens to see through. There are also 2 yellow triangle-like pieces of metal that protrude from his back. These metal pieces allow for stability when flying through extreme winds. There are also four holes on his body (2 on the sides, 2 near the bottom) with golden propellers in them. These propellers are what make the tornadoes he uses. Speaking of tornadoes, he also constantly produces 4 tornadoes from those propellers, which act as arms and legs.

He also has a pair of hands and feet. His hands are also spheres that have thumbs attached to them. The palm area of his hands are also sky-blue, with his thumbs and the back of his hand being gray. His feet are the half-egg-shape that nearly all people on Popstar has as feet. They are divided into 3 sections so that, when viewed from the top, the slits in between the metal form a "T". The part divided by the top of the "T" is gray, while the other 2 parts are the same sky-blue.

Whenever you enter the room with Roto in it, he starts off on the opposite side, floating about upper-mid room level. His has 2 ways of moving. The first and most common is floating to the other side. The second is a swoop attack, which although fast, can be easily dodged by jumping over him. He also has two attacks. The first attack allows him to create a tornado. This is usually hinted by him puling his front-most back, then throwing them diagonally pointing towards the floor. The tornado itself is about Kirby's height, and, although it can't be destroyed, can easily be dodged. It usually touches down around the middle of the floor and continues until it hits the wall. Sometime, though, it'll touch down closer to the wall or closer to him. His second attack allows him to form a tornado around himself. The tornado he forms takes up the whole height of the screen. When he touches down and as he moves, he produces stars, which Kirby can suck up and spit back at him.

Although Roto will prove a challenge for the inexperienced player, there are 2 tips to keep in mind whenever fighting him. The first tip is the Roto is a robot, and therefore can overheat. Fire attacks do added damage as a result. The other tip is that Roto, much like Kracko or other flying enemies, is vulnerable to Hi-jump attacks. If you happen to have 1 of these 2 abilities whenever you encounter Roto, he'll be beaten in a snap.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the artwork by MarioKirby.

IF Entry

Rouletts (Mix)

- From Deadborder (Unregistered) on October 8th, 2008

Styled after a traditional one-armed bandit, Rouletts' most obvious feature is the three large slots on his front. He's done in yellow and blue, with a small, smiling face above his slots and a glove atop his one arm. In addition, he has large, flat feet done in a similar color scheme.

Firstly, Rouletts can hop around like most minibosses, leaving stars for higher jumps. But his attacks are primarily decided by his slots. What shows up hints at what he'll do. (And all 3 slots will always be the same -- no mixing of different slot results here.)

Triple 7: His slots slide down to reveal a large laser, which he then fires. This is his strongest attack; however, it rarely appears.

Triple Bomb: His slots drop down and a few bombs are tossed out. They don't give any ability.

Triple ?: The slots drop down and a random enemy will pop out. If you're lucky, it'll give a strong power.

Essentially, when Rouletts is swallowed, the Mix roulette immediately starts. It is at this point that one can press X to create him as a helper.

In this form, he has one attack: Mix. He goes through the same Mix Kirby does, but with Helpers. Unlike TAC, he can't change back into Rouletts afterward.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the artwork by Deadborder.

IF Entry

Gabriel (Fire)

- From Theorizer (Unregistered) on October 8th, 2008

Gabriel is a firey yet cute little dragon of some kind. He has no legs, has a spiked back, has two stubby little claws, and has a pair of tiny horns. Gabriel also has six holes on his back which can shoot out smoke, and fire. Due to Gabriel's no legs, he hops from place to place instead of walking, and he is constantly moving from left to right on the screen, sometimes jumping high, even to the top of the screen.

Gabriel has an arsonal of four different attacks. First of all, he can do the Smoke Breath attack, in which Gabriel will open his mouth and a barrage of smoke will reach across the entire screen, and will go in a curving line, (slightly homing in on Kirby). Next, Gabriel can do the Fire Pound attack in which he will jump to the top of the screen then make himself plummet to the ground. When Gaberiel hits the ground, fire and fireballs fly left and right. Kirby can suck up the fireballs, and spit them back out at Gabriel. Finally, Gabriel will suddenly turn around, and a blast of fire will blast directly out of his back holes, hitting Kirby if he's close. The range is short, but the damage is powerful.

Finally, Gabriel will have one more trick up his sleeve. He starts to spew smoke out of his back holes which will begin to cover the entire screen. Soon enough, the entire screen will be filled up with smoke. It becomes very confusing because he can only be seen through holes in the smoke.

Gabriel is approved as a good role model for future entries.

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Image by Theorizer. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Aureus (Copy)

- From Mints on October 8th, 2008

The Copy-copy ability miniboss is a golden slime with a cycloptic skull suspended in it. The fanged face is only the mostly flattened front of a death mask, with a single red eye and without a jaw. It crawls about on four tendrils -- two in front, and two in the rear -- which are able to stretch out during attacks. Two more tendrils hang at its height, the back of its wedge-shaped mass. While it possesses no mouth, its body can tear open in order to reveal a gaping gullet.

Aureus slithers across the ground from one side of the screen to the other and faces its foe, at which point it will make one of its two attacks. It can spew forth a series of three slow-moving, slimy projectiles at increasing arcs. Whether in the air or stuck to the ground for a short time afterwards, they can deal damage or be inhaled and used to damage Aureus. The sticky substance will not only slow down anyone it hits, but helpers and an empowered Kirby will instantly illicit its next attack while prone.

The skeletal sludge can also use its tentacles as a whip, making only a single strike at a time but striking with both great distances and high angles. If a helper is hit, Aureus will instantly wrap it up and devour it, stowing the buddy beneath its bony core until the battle is over. If Kirby or Gooey is struck and they possess a copy ability, Aureus will not only take away this ability, but also shape-shift into the golden-colored variant of the appropriately powered miniboss -- complete with a refilled vitality bar! If no miniboss exists for the ability, it simply holds the power hostage but still recovers all lost life.

Helpers will always be Aureus's first target. Once defeated, they simply pop out without showing any damage from their captivity. Aureus will not revert back into its regular shape when beaten, and will grant whatever ability it stole when eaten. The Copy copy-ability can only be acquired if Aureus is defeated without having stolen any abilities during the fight.

The color-changing transformation Aureus utilizes is similar to that of Droppy's, only for minibosses instead of regular enemies, so it is not a far fetched concept.

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Image by Mints. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Kalo the Angel Kitty (Angel/Cupid)

- From Nacht de Dreamare (Unregistered) on October 7th, 2008

A small white ball of fluff with two pointy ears with blue insides, and a cat face. Kalo has two Kirby-esque hands gripping a Korean bow and an arrow with a heart tip. On Kalo's feet are two blue shoes with small angelic wings. On Kalo's back are two large blue wings, and on her head is a blue halo.

During the first part of the battle Kalo fires arrows at you from above. Once you suck up one, keep a hold of it until the second part of the battle where Kalo swoops down and charges at you from the opposite side you are facing. Once Kalo is level with you spit out the arrow at Kalo, and then Kalo will head back to the sky and repeat until she is hit 3 times.

If you endure more than 3 rounds of the battle without damaging Kalo, Kalo will fire healing items and 1-UPs as well as arrows.

Kalo is approved as a good role model for future entries.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Plazzmatazz (Plasma)

- From Hal L. Aboratory (Unregistered) on October 7th, 2008

A Chinese dragon made of Plasma Wisps. It has purple eyes and two arms and two legs. It has a very long tail. Electric bolts spark off it.

Plazzmatazz has 3 attacks. Plasma Breath: Plazzmatazz shoots a stream of plasma out of its mouth. Plasma Dash: Flies across the screen multiple times to do damage (like one of Rayquaza's attacks in the Subspace Emissary). Plasma Bite: Plazzmatazz grabs you in his mouth, chomps, and tosses you out.

The best way to defeat a Plazzmatazz is to use Jet or Burning to ram into it multiple times. Shooting-based abilities also work well.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Jettison (Jet)

- From DeathlyH (Unregistered) on October 7th, 2008

Jettison looks very much like a jumbo jet, except it has a mean anime face and is painted silver with purple flames.

Jettison attacks by shooting Jet Crackers (inhaling them gets Plasma) and charging into you.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Jumpah (Hi-Jump)

- From Luca (Unregistered) on October 6th, 2008

Jumpah is a rabbit about three times the size of Kirby. He has ears almost as long as his body. His fur is cream and the tips of his ears are brown. He has red shorts with a blue stripe on the sides.

As expected from a Hi-Jump mini-boss, his main attack is jumping around. He can do a big leap across the screen that creats stars. He can also make a small earthquake around him. He also tries hitting you with his ears, which also creates stars.

Jumpah is approved as a good role model for future entries.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Sharp Spook (Ghost/Sword)

- From Mirror Kirby (Unregistered) on October 6th, 2008

Sharp Spook is a black ball shaped being with a small little stub that acts like a tail. He has three small eyes that are completely white and a white mouth. Sharp Spook is armed with a lance that has a skull near the handle and a shield with a skull on it. The shield and lance float near where his arms should be, even though he has no hands.

Sharp Spook is a annoying feller. He starts the battle in midair, he will move in a pattern similar to Kracko's. One of his attacks is that he dashes to Kirby and start stabbing him in a frenzy. He can also summon miniature versions of himself. These chase Kirby and then explode. Kirby can inhale them to get the Bomb ability. The phantom can also stab straight down and land on the ground. The stars that it makes can be inhaled.

Sharp Spook is special because you can get two abilities from it. When he is defeated, his sword will fall along with him. The sword gives you the Sword ability. Sharp Spook gives you the Ghost ability. He can also deflect projectiles back at Kirby. He can only be damaged with a projectile when attacked from behind.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Invader (UFO)

- From Bimblesnaff on October 6th, 2008

From outer space comes Invader, a green alien piloting a foreign craft. It possess the coveted UFO ability.

It's otherworldly, slug like body starts at a wide, rippled base and narrows upward to a rounded top, leaning forward. A pair of ribbon-like antenna sprouts from its forehead and fold back. On its face is a V-shaped slit that, while mistaken for its eyes, is actually its mouth. At each side it carries menacing metal shaped in the form of a semi-circle. A neon-pink, notched trim runs along the outer edge while the rest is rounded smooth and chrome. These two halves fold together beneath the visitor to recreate its flying saucer.

When earthbound, Invader will bark at Kirby. The rims of its split vehicle light up briefly before launching out an arc of energy along the ground. This shot cannot be ducked under but is easy enough to jump over.

Invader will reunite his vehicle and hover at a good distance in the air. It proceeds across the battlefield but stops periodically to fire a beam to the ground. When it subsides, a tiny drone alien is found teleported down. It will harmlessly crawl towards Kirby who should have no problem gobbling it up.

Invader can also assemble its spacecraft and fire a ring of energy. After combining the two halves, it charges its rim and floats to a specific height where his target is at a 45° angle downward. Here, it fires a circle straight down that slant, right where its target was sighted. After firing, its ship parts again and drops back to the floor.

Invader is here to serve as an example. It is not a real entry and cannot win the contest. Just in case anyone was wondering.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

All mini-boss artwork, unless otherwise noted, were made by Bimblesnaff with apologies to the original creators.

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