Robobot Remnant Received

  1. Poison
  2. Magic
  3. Whip
  4. Water
  5. Missile
  6. Hammer
  7. Sleep
  8. Tornado
  9. Paint
  10. Needle
  11. Yo-Yo
  12. Animal
  13. Metal
  14. Light
  15. Bubble
  16. Paint
  17. Beetle
  18. Leaf
  19. Ghost
  20. Hi-Jump
  21. Cook
  22. Ninja
  23. Missile
  24. Hi-Jump
  25. Whip
  26. Water

Here are all the currently received submissions. Remember to vote on every entry. If you don't, it means you hate KRR.

IF Entry


- From Hantho on August 21st, 2016

"Fear no flame! Bring down the heat with Extinguishing Burst!"

The body turns red, while the mouth, forehead, and cheeks become white. The cheeks can flash red. The eyes are wider and rectangular, but stay yellow. The seat becomes a slightly taller white ladder that Kirby holds onto. The arms are red with the hands turning white. The hands are covered by black gloves, but the gloves don't cover the base of each hand. The feet are yellow. The exhaust pipes are replaced by two fire extinguishers, which can be replaced instantly. A light gray fire hose is wrapped around the fire extinguishers and attached to the plate the exhaust pipes were attached to.

Extinguishing BurstRelease AbilityThe Armor grabs a fire extinguisher and throws it. It explodes on impact, leaving lingering foam. Heat can't pass through foam, so it can be used to stop unextinguishable fires, let you walk on lava, and stop hot plates from melting Snowman Heads.
Hose StreamHold AbilityCross-Pad Up or DownThe Armor grabs the fire hose and holds it in front of itself. The hose sprays water in an arc. This move (as with all water-based moves) extinguishes fires and lava blocks. It can be aimed with Up and Down to can hit fires in out of reach areas.
Hydrant DropCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityA Fire Hydrant is dropped from the mouth to the floor. It sprays water around to both sides of itself for 8 seconds then disappears. The water slides along the ground to get through Kirby-sized corridors that Hose Stream can't.
Hose WashHold Ability near Fire HydrantThe Armor attaches the fire hose to a Fire Hydrant so that more water is supplied to the hose. This causes the stream of water from Hose Stream to become wider, do more damage, and go farther. (The timer for Hydrant Drop still counts down)

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From Hantho on August 20th, 2016

"Pull the sparkling treasures from the dark depths of evil! Reach across gaps with your trusty Hookshot!"

The main body turns khaki with the cheeks replaced by slightly bigger pockets. The plate that the exhaust pipes are attached to becomes a small green bag, while the mouth and forehead switch to light khaki. The feet turn brown and are wider, like boots. The arms are replaced by Hookshots from the Legend of Zelda series, but they are red and the handle is a star half.

HookshotCross-Pad Any DirectionRelease AbilityLaunches a Hookshot in the chosen direction. It will get stuck in whatever it hits, wall or enemy. This attack does no damage but grabs Point Stars, Batteries, and other similar items (not Code Cubes), and holds them at the end of the chain.
Hooked SwingIdle during Hookshot(You can't move normally during Hookshot) If there is enough space, the Armor will swing on the chain, allowing for riding Hookshoted enemies or getting across gaps. The swing can be influenced by using left or right on the D-Pad.
Pull BackRelease Ability during HookshotThe Hookshot returns to its socket. This deals damage, brings back Hookshoted items, and can pull Liftable Objects like Wire Blocks and Snowman Heads (No official names provided) to the Armor. This ends Hookshot.
Reel DashPress Jump during HookshotThe Armor pulls itself along the chain to the Hookshot. It will plow through enemies during this attack. The Hookshot returns to its socket afterward. This ends Hookshot.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From zero_breaker on August 15th, 2016

"Rocket through the sky with a blast! Reaching new heights through Booster Leap!"

In Hi-Jump mode, the Robobot Armor gains a blue-and-red coating, while its arms become white - Or rather, what was previously arms, as they have now been transformed into rockets, gray thrusters replacing the hands. The Robobot Armor's own thrusters also turns gray and points down, and the back of the cockpit extends upwards, forming into what seems to be a half of a rocket nose.

Booster LeapHold AbilityThe rocket thrusters launch the Robobot Armor upwards while creating a shockwave on the ground. Not only does this jump higher than the regular ability, holding the button allows the vertical coverage to increase and leave a field of flames on the ground.
Rebound CrashCross-Pad Any DirectionRelease AbilityNear WallThrusters angled against the chosen direction, the Armor quickly fire off towards the chosen direction. With good timing, this move can be used continuously, but crashing into any surface when using the move would result in endlag.
Triple SkipDashRelease AbilityThe Robobot Armor skips forward twice, then leaps a third time with thrusters activated. The move travels more horizontally than vertically, allowing the Armor to jump over huge gaps provided that it has space to perform the first two skips.
Sky DriftCross-Pad ForwardHold AbilityWhile Mid-AirThe thrusters on the Robobot Armor points backwards, propelling it across the air as it slowly descends. Not only can it be used indefinitely until the Armor lands, any enemies who touch the Robobot Armor during the move also takes slight damage.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.


- From Hantho on August 11th, 2016

"Lock n' load and open fire! Blast everything to pieces with this explosive war machine! Missile Blast! "

This mode turns the Robobot's body into a green right triangular prism with black near the edges of each face. There is a 4 by 4 array of holes on the body. The 2 center holes in the top row have a thick yellow outline, and the 2 outer holes in the row under that have a thick red outline, replacing the eyes and cheeks. The legs turn into green tank threads and the arms become large black mortars with green vertical lines on it. Much like Jet Mode, the game-play changes with this mode. It is similar to Scope Shot, but has actual levels with auto-scrolling and 2 plane action!

AimMove 3DS, Hold Ability/Press JumpChange where your shots will go by moving your 3DS around. If you press A, a standard cross-hair appears, but if J is pressed, the 3D Tilt Missile interface is used.
Missile BlastRelease AbilityShoots a missile from one of the holes in the Robobot. It flies straight forward quickly and blows up on impact with something. You can even destroy enemy projectiles with this!
Planar Targeting SystemCross-Pad Up or Down or Hold GuardPTS changes the plane being targeted by Mortar Bombardment. The plane not being targeted has a black tint.
Mortar BombardmentRelease JumpA Mortar arm launches a mortar shell into the air. It then falls onto its target, flying over any obstructions that would stop a missile! It explodes on impact. This move can only hit the plane targeted by the PTS and is slower than Missile Blast.

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IF Entry


- From Daimyo-KoiKoi on August 7th, 2016

"Science found an explanation for the mystical Ninja hidden in an ancient scroll! Astonish the world! Dash dash dash~ Slash!!"

The armor's paint job of primary colors resembles a traditional ninja hood and vest. The "face" is painted with white and red kabuki stripes. A kanji'd headplate overlaps the Robobot's eyes slightly. Magnets of a blackbelt and topknot decorate the body. The Robobot's forearms split similarly to Bomb Mode, with half of the armor going to the mount's waist and the other half remaining on the arms as gauntlets. The right hand is replaced with a glowing metal ninjato blade. The left hand remains a fist that, when opened, releases a kunai missile. On the feet are a pair of ninja roller skates.

Kunai MissileHold AbilityWith its left arm outstretched, the Robobot releases a rocket-powered knife from its hand that explodes when it hits an enemy or obstacle, creating a small blast radius. Can be performed both rapidly and in midair.
Crescent MoonDashHold AbilityDashing ahead on glorious roller skates, the Robobot slashes up using its glowing sword a light blue crescent shape which lingers as a force field for two seconds. Use this move repeatedly to cover ground distance quickly.
Rising SunCross-Pad DownCross-Pad UpHold AbilityUtilizing this tricky maneuver, the Robobot leaps into the air and slashes a complete circle around itself with the sword. 16 rays of light shoot out from the glowing red ring it makes, slightly damaging enemies in all directions.
Hide GuardHold GuardThe Robobot and its pilot completely blend into the background (aside from the eyes) becoming invulnerable. This guard isn't effected by grabs or environmental hazards. The suit will defy gravity if the button is held in midair.

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Image by Daimyo-KoiKoi. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From Duth Olec on July 30th, 2016

"Futuristic technologies cook foes into hearty meals! Or cook foes into an attack with Cooking Beam!"

With this ability, the Robobot armor gains an appearance like the cooking pot used for the normal Cook ability: goldenrod color scheme, a rim around the top, and the cheek paint is replaced with a fork on the right and a spoon on the left. The shoulder pad/blades are replaced with the handles of the Cook pot. The exhaust pipes are painted white and shaped like chef hats/toque blanches. The arms are replaced by a big ladle and frying pan. Unlike regular Cook, this ability is infinite use. It's also quite rare to get.

Ingredient GatherHold AbilityThe Robobot inhales like Kirby. Movement is limited to slow walking. Once the button is released and everything in range is inhaled, the mouth closes. The top of the chef hat exhaust pipes pop open as steam wafts out and Movement returns to normal.
Robo MealCross-Pad Down(with object stored)After Ingredient Gather, pressing down will use everything the Robobot Armor stored, restoring health. Food, mid-bosses, and mechanical enemies restore more. Maxim Tomatoes increase the armor's abilities, and Candy grants longer invincibility.
Food ShotRelease Ability(with object stored)Tapping the ability button will have the armor spit out a random food item. This food flies forward in an arc and damages enemies and bosses, being destroyed. If it falls to the ground it can be re-inhaled after all objects are removed.
Cooking BeamHold Ability(with object stored)The Robobot Armor blasts a beam from its mouth. More stored objects results in a longer beam. Some ability enemies change the beam if three+ are held. Peppy Tonic, Maxim Tomato, and Candy increase the beam's duration much more. Up and down aims it.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From Hantho on July 30th, 2016

"Bounce to victory! Spring to new heights with the Pogo Sticker!"

The main body becomes silver, and the mouth and forehead becomes blue. The feet are blue as well, with the legs replaced by compressed silver springs that connect to the body. The arms become blue, but the hands are silver. The exhaust pipes turn red. It can use Pogo Stickers, which are silver Pogo Sticks with blue handles and footrests. The footrests are positioned much higher than regular Pogo Sticks.

Pogo StickerHold AbilityThe Robobot launches a Pogo Sticker from its mouth. They are affected by gravity, but when they hit the ground they will bounce in place 6 times before disappearing.
Pogo GoCross-Pad UpNear Pogo StickerThe Armor rides a Pogo Sticker. The Pogo Sticker is invincible, but the Armor isn't unless a Jump is used. Move with Left and Right, and press A to Jump! You can even Jump off enemies like the Stomper Boot! Dismount with J(Spring Bounce).
Spring BouncePress Jump On Ground or During Pogo GoAn enhanced Jump using the springy legs that goes 2 times the height of a normal Jump. The Armor deals damage and is invincible while going up, but not while going down. This does not affect the Double Jump.
Wall BouncePress JumpNear WallThe Robobot uses a springy leg to kick off a wall. It goes as high as a normal Jump, but moves farther forward so you can't climb up a single wall. The Armor deals damage and is invincible while going up, but not while going down.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From ZeroInsignia on July 21st, 2016

"Command a ghostly army using the spirits of the stars! They'll follow you forever..."

The Robobot changes significantly with this mode. The face-plate becomes white and resembles a skull, its eyes flicker with blue wisps, and it adopts a color scheme consisting of greys and cool-blues. It's limbs also vanish and materialize into 3 ghastly blue wisps. The Ghost Mode's primary feature and focus are its unique Whistle Hands. The Whistle Hands have a sleek skull-like design on them and both feature a single glowing ominous eye. The Whistles are used to summon spirits that posses your enemies.

Spirit SongRelease AbilityThe Robobot whistles to possess and tame up to 3 enemies into extremely simple Helpers that can take a few hits. Using the move again while your party is full will instead release a weak sound blast that extends outward.
Astral AimHold AbilityCross-Pad Any DirectionPick up a Helper and aim to throw. A reticle appears over the puzzle object or enemy you are aiming at. You can throw at least 2 Helpers on a puzzle object, such as a Wire Block, to help carry it with you.
Terror ChargeDashHold AbilityDash forward and strike your hand straight out to command Helpers to charge forward and trample enemies. Alternatively if it's a MASSIVE object blocking your path, Helpers will aid you in moving it out of the way.
Will-O-WhistleCross-Pad DownRapid PressThe Robobot whistles to call back any stray Helpers. Performing this action while a Helper is holding an object or item will cause them to drop it. Performing the action while all Helpers are in your party will release them from your control.

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Image by ZeroInsignia. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From Hantho on July 15th, 2016

"Sow the seeds of slaying! Then harvest the dandelions to make your foes feel the Spring Breeze!"

The main body and mouth turn blue, and the cheek paint turns yellow, giving the appearance of overalls. The area below the seat turns yellow. The feet and the legs turn green, but the legs become wider to resemble gardening boots. A ring with a straw like texture surrounds the top of the Robobot, reaching from shoulder to shoulder. The seat also has a straw like texture, so that it looks like the Robobot is wearing a straw hat. The left arm becomes teal colored, with the hand replaced by a watering can like spout. The right arm is a light brown, with the hand replaced by a green rake head.

Seed SpitHold AbilityThe Robobot launches a seed from its mouth. It doesn't go far, but it rolls a little once it hits the ground. These seeds do not disappear until they take damage when they aren't moving. If there are 3 seeds on screen, this attack does nothing.
Fountain PourCross-Pad UpHold AbilityThe Robobot points its watering can arm upward and fires a stream of water in a arc forward. If this attack hits a seed, it will grow seed covered dandelions on itself. The dandelions stop enemies and weak projectiles from damaging seeds.
Harvest RakeCross-Pad DownHold AbilityThe Robobot slams its rake arm forward and into the ground, then pulls it back along the ground. If this attack hits a seed, it will pull it back into the mouth to be used with Seed Spit. Seeds that have dandelions will keep them when spit back out.
Spring BreezeNear Dandelions Cross-Pad Up or ForwardHold AbilityThe Armor spins, using its exhaust to blow dandelions off a seed, creating a dandelion cloud. It flies forward at a 10 degree angle and moves slowly. It goes through foes and walls, dealing damage to anything inside. The seed used disappears.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From zero_breaker on July 11th, 2016

"Hone your horns and crush everything before you! No evil escapes the sight of Stag Assault!"

With the whole Robobot Armor now in a navy blue color, a large rhinoceros beetle horn extends in front of the cockpit, as the screws on top of its arms turn into pincers of a stag beetle pointing forward, the hands under the pincers, giving it six limbs in total. Its thrusters are now hidden under mechanical elytras, too.

Stag AssaultCross-Pad ForwardHold AbilityThe Robobot Armor flies forward, grabbing foes with its stag pincers. Inputting Back as the foe is being held results in a suplex, while Front has the Armor crush the foe with its pincers.
Atlas HornCross-Pad UpHold AbilityLowering its horn then flinging upwards, the Robobot Armor can impale foes and objects alike on its horn. By inputting different directions, the impaled foe/object is flung towards the respective directions.
Elytra FlutterPress JumpThe Robobot Armor flaps the beetle wings on its back, and files into the air in a similar way as Beetle Ability's Hover Wing; that said, the Robobot Armor's wings covers a larger distance, and does more damage, too.
Aerial Stag AssaultWhile Mid-AirCross-Pad ForwardHold AbilitySimilar to Stag Assault, but the Armor can stay flying. Furthermore, by inputting Up with a grabbed foe, the Armor will fly in a loop and slams the foe downward, while Down has the Armor flying low, grinding the foe against the ground.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From Irritated Fern on July 10th, 2016

"Show off your creative side! If you can imagine it, it can beat up your foes!"

In Paint mode, the Robobot's arms have been replaced with multicolored ballpoint pens, with a variety of colors. Contrary to this, the rest of the robobot is colored a blank white, with even the eyes removed. The reason for the blank face is so Kirby can draw on it with his attacks; much like Ado, anything Kirby draws comes to life.

Sentry JHold AbilityKirby paints either a Capsule J or a Capsule J2, chosen randomly. The capsule hovers in place until an foe comes nearby; when they do, the Capsule charges into them, exploding. After a while, the capsule explodes on their own.
Friendly FlingCross-Pad Back or ForwardHold AbilityKirby paints one of a few mid-bosses: Phan-Phan, Rolling Turtle, or Bugzzy. The mid-boss then jumps out and throws the robobot forward. Bugzzy throws the robot far but low, Phan-Phan throws higher but not as far, and Rolling Turtle is in the middle.
Rapid FireCross-Pad DownHold AbilityKirby paints a Shotzo and then kneels down. For as long as Kirby stays down, the painted Shotzo fires bullets, disappearing when the Robobot rises. He can also paint a Gigatzo, which fires less often but is more powerful.
Solar RainPress EjectHold AbilityKirby uses up all of the Ability's power to paint either Mr. Bright, Mr. Shine, or rarely, Zero. The painted character rises into the sky before causing a rain of projectiles; Mr. Bright's fireballs, Mr. Shine's stars, or Zero's small Dark Matters.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From Julune on July 8th, 2016

"Spic and span, squeaky clean! Wash evil's dirty hands with Bubble Bowl!"

The body of the Robobot is filled with a bubble bath, and an inner-tube for Kirby to float in. Bubble wands replace the hands, and big bottles of soap replace the exhaust pipes.

BubbleHold AbilityBubbles shoot from the bubble wands. They trap enemies and pop to damage them.
Bubble BowlDashRelease AbilityA giant bubble rolls out like a bowling ball. It explodes after damaging three enemies or hitting a wall.
Soap SplashCross-Pad DownRelease AbilitySoap is splashed on the ground. Enemies slip and take damage.
Bubble FloatPress JumpHold AbilityThe Robobot surrounds itself in a giant bubble and slowly flies upward.

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Image by Julune. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From Veech on July 7th, 2016

"Your star shines bright today! Blind your foes with a dazzling light!"

After scanning a light-producing enemy, such as Cool Spook, the Robobot Armor turns light gray with orange highlights. The two arms morph into floating spotlights, capable of producing concentrated beams of light. In addition to that, the bottom of the armor is always glowing, lighting up dark areas and briefly stunning nearby enemies. However, if the bulb is burned out, dark rooms will dim and enemies won't be stunned by being near you until the Robobot Armor recharges.

Spotlight ShineHold AbilityShine a beam of light from one of the Robobot's arms. The damage it does is weak but it will rapidly damage any enemies caught in the light.
Spotlight AimHold AbilityCross-Pad Up or DownDirect the spotlight up or down.
Fierce GlowCross-Pad DownHold AbilityCreates an intense glow from the Robobot Armor that damages any enemy caught in the radius. It will burn out after a few seconds, however.
Glow BurstCross-Pad DownRapid PressThe Robobot unleashes a screen-clearing flash of light, briefly burning out its bulb. It will be unable to attack for a few seconds as it recharges, but you can still move around.

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Image by Veech. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From LunarHalo24 on July 6th, 2016

"Take aim and fire with heavy cannonballs! Destroy obstacles ahead with a well-aimed shot! "

The Robobot gets a shiny new coat of silvery paint. Its arms transform into dual cannons, which can fire cannonballs. When fired, the cannonballs don't disappear right away -- there can be three cannonballs active that sit there until a fourth cannonball is fired. At that point, the oldest cannonball disappears. The active cannonballs can be used to weigh down scales, press previously unreachable buttons, and potentially solve other puzzles.

Cannon ShotHold AbilityCharge 3A standard shot from the cannon. The longer the button is held, the further the cannonball will fly.
Skyward ShotCross-Pad UpHold AbilityCharge 3Similar to the Cannon Shot, but aimed upward directly up instead. The cannonball will eventually come back down, but will fly up higher if it's charged for longer.
Cannon DunkWhile Mid-AirCross-Pad DownHold AbilitySends a cannonball directly downward.
Cannon BowlDashHold AbilityRolls a cannonball along the ground, kind of like a bowling ball.

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Image by LunarHalo24. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From Irritated Fern on July 5th, 2016

"Grr! Roar! Kirby claw through puny foes! Rawg!"

In this mode, the Robobot is colored a brownish-grey with white highlights, and has claws for hands. In addition, its feet also have claws, while the main body sports a pair of wolf ears.

Beast ClawRelease AbilityThe Robobot slashes in front of itself using it's humongous claws. This attack can deflect certain projectiles and chew through diggable dirt.
Beast SpinRapid PressThe Robobot spins around with it's arms outstretched, turning into a tornado of destruction. This attack shares the reflecting and digging properties of Beast Claw.
Frenzied SprintDashWhen dashing, the Robobot gets on all fours and runs in an animal-like fashion. The Robobot goes faster than usual this way; about on par with regular Kirby's dash. Smaller foes are trampled beneath.
Lunging LeapDashCross-Pad UpHold AbilityThe Robobot leaps forward in a frenzy, clawing wildly. The Robobot is completely invincible while doing this -- and yes, it reflects certain projectiles and goes through diggable ground.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From Kirbyfan27 on July 5th, 2016

"This isn't any old robo-yo-yo! Swing in all directions, or break spin! Try them all to... You know what? How about just 'be awesome and O.P.'?"

The armor holds a red and blue yo-yo in one hand, and turns many colors, having the main body orange, the mouth area blue, the arms purple, the "blush" green, the eyes pale orange, and the legs are golden.

Ro-bo Yo-yoHold AbilityCross-Pad Up or DownThe armor throws a yo-yo forwards just like in Kirby Super Star and its remake. Can be aimed, but not charged.
Robo SpiralDashHold AbilityKirby jumps out of the armor and stands on it while it does a break spin. Kirby also swings an ordinary yo-yo around the whole time.
Yo-yo SwingWhile Mid-AirHold AbilityThe armor swings its yo-yo around itself, dealing multiple hits to enemies.
Yo-yo JumpCross-Pad DownHold AbilityHits the ground with the yo-yo, causing the armor and Kirby with it to go up high in the air.

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Image by Kirbyfan27. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From zero_breaker on July 5th, 2016

"Nail 'em to the wall! Pin down your foes with Spike Gatling!"

In Needle Mode, the Robobot Armor gets a yellow-tinted silvery paint job, as the nails on the armor stick outward instead of inward like how they usually are. The bottom part of the Armor's arms splits from the main arm, connected with a belt of nails on both sides. As for the aforementioned arm parts, they are now transformed into nailguns, with the handles pointing upwards and the compressed air chamber in the back.

Nail EruptionHold AbilityThe Robobot Armor's arms start spinning, shooting nails in a ring formation. If the nails hit the floor, ceiling or walls, they stick to the surfaces, becoming nail traps that damage objects and foes that touch them.
Spike GatlingCross-Pad ForwardHold AbilityNails shoot out rapidly from the Robobot Armor's nailgun, acting as piercing projectiles. The nails goes through soft platforms, but not hard ones.
Nail BurstshotCross-Pad ForwardHold Ability then Cross-Pad BackThe Robobot Armor shoots a blast of compressed air from the nailgun, along with a scattershot of nails forward; The Robobot Armor itself is pushed backwards by a decent amount of distance.
Nail CaltropCross-Pad DownHold AbilityNails directly fall to the ground from the belt of nails, becoming nail traps on the floor. Functions the same as the nail traps in Nail Eruption, but the nails lasts longer and doesn't disappear after dealing damage to one single object.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From bubbyboytoo on July 4th, 2016

"Paint the town all seven colors! Give evil a new coat with Color Splash!"

In Paint Mode, the Robobot's color changes to a similar shade of gray as Paint Kirby's hat, and is adorned with several splotches of red, green, and blue paint. Its hands are replaced with large paint rollers that are constantly drenched in rainbow-colored paint. On its back are three tall tanks of red, green, and blue paint, with black, rubbery hoses attached leading into a constantly-rotating transparent mixing chamber beneath them. Two more hoses lead from the mixing chamber into the back of the Armor's arms, replacing the drill bit.

Color SplashRelease AbilityThe armor swings one of its paint rollers, launching several globs of paint out. The globs leave puddles of paint when landing that damage enemies on contact.
Color ComboRapid PressAfter performing Color Splash, the armor swings its paint rollers several more times before slamming both of them onto the ground, creating a large splash of paint.
Splatter StrideDashHold AbilityThe armor lowers its paint rollers to the ground and begins running for as long as the button is held, leaving a trail of paint that damages enemies.
Chroma ColumnCross-Pad UpHold AbilityThe armor crouches down, and lids on the three paint tanks on its back flip open before firing three streams of paint upwards. It can be aimed slightly to the left or right, and the attack will continue until the button is released.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From Kirbyfan27 on July 4th, 2016

"Spinspinspinspinspinspinspi--AUGH! Make foes die of dizziness with Tornado Burst!"

The armor becomes gray, with it's legs becoming brown and green fans. The "mouth" is blue and the eyes are pink. It's arms are changed, having become much smaller so it can jump higher and it's hands being orange. In his seat, Kirby is always spinning for some reason, making him very dizzy.

Tornado BurstCross-Pad Up or DownHold AbilityCharge 2Fires out a tornado from it's leg-fan-thingies that eventually disperses, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Can be aimed and charged.
Tornado TransformDashHold AbilityBasically works the same as ordinary Tornado's attack, but more powerful.
Tornado JumpHold JumpIt's leg-fan-thingies point downward and activate, dealing damage below.
Tornado BlastPress EjectSends tornadoes all around the armor, that home in on enemies. This discards the ability.

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Image by Kirbyfan27. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From Griscuit on July 4th, 2016

"Pummel foes in your sleep! Pillows are a true warrior's weapon of choice!"

The Sleep Mode armor shows that snoozing can be a powerful weapon! While Kirby naps in the armor's cockpit, the slumbering mech can tear through enemies! The Sleep ability turns the Robobot armor a deep lavender, with yellow and purple accents. The armor's eyes are perpetually shut, and its mouth hangs slightly ajar. It gains cozy little slippers on its feet, and two big, fluffy pillows for hands. A smaller pillow sits in the cockpit, providing Kirby with a comfy spot to snooze.

Pillow TossHold AbilityCharge 1Fire a pillow like a cannonball. Flies in an arc. The more this attack is charged, the longer a distance it will fly.
Pillow FightDashHold AbilityPunch directly in front of you with the pillow. Surprisingly effective, given its fluffiness.
Nighty NightCross-Pad UpHold AbilityThe armor releases a fine lavender mist from its exhaust pipes that quickly fills the screen. All enemies on-screen fall asleep for a brief while. This also effects mini-bosses and bosses, though the effect's duration is shorter.
SnoozeCross-Pad DownCharge 2The armor lies down and takes a well-deserved rest, very slowly regenerating health (about 10% of the health bar every five seconds).

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Image by Griscuit. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From Kilus (Unregistered) on July 4th, 2016

"Demolish your enemies with high-range slams! Crush the world beneath your mighty Hammer!"

In a homage to the weapon's original wielder, King Dedede, the Hammer Robobot is mostly red, with a thick blue line down the middle and white highlights, as well as a yellow oval shape just below the cockpit. The hands are not hammers themselves, but segmented hand-shapes with square fingers and rounded backs that can fit together to form a giant hammer. Where the hand's thumbs would be are small rockets that exist to add propulsive force to the hammer's swings.

Hammer CrushRelease AbilityThe armor forms a Hammer from its hands and slams downward. This attack has high range and high power, creates a small shockwave to further increase its range, and comes out fairly fast. In the air, the shockwave does not appear.
Inferno SwingHold AbilityA powerful, fiery upward swing that is sluggish but hits incredibly hard. The rockets supply the fire, which makes the move burn fuses and otherwise function as a Fire attack.
Slammin' VaultCross-Pad UpHold AbilityThe armor faces the screen and slams its hammer downward with such force that it flies high into the air, spinning and subtly flashing white, before slamming down again. The armor can be steered in the air, and can cancel into a hover.
Circle CannonDashHold AbilityThe armor does three hearty, swinging Hammer spins that are sluggish but hit hard. On the third spin, the two hands actually eject from their sockets, still clasped together, as a powerful projectile that gradually arcs upwards.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From Hantho on July 3rd, 2016

"Fill the skies with explosive delight! Release the Rocket Fist!"

Missile Mode causes the Robobot Armor to change its main body color and feet to orange and the color used for its mouth-plate and the area just below the seating area to grey. 6 holes appear in the mouth-plate, each with a missile inside it. The back of each arm (where the drill bit is) becomes a rocket thruster, which is orange while the rest of the arm is grey with an orange line running across the midsection of each. The hands are wider now and are also grey. Hidden thrusters appear in the feet.

Fire MissleRelease AbilityOne missile is fired from one of the holes in the mouth-plate. It flies forward and homes in on nearby targets. The missile explodes on contact with anything. Once all 6 missiles are fired, 6 more will replace them on the spot.
Missile BarrageRapid PressThe Robobot Armor will release 1 more missile each time the ability button is released in a direction similar to Bomb+Bomb in Kirby 64. After launching the third missile, the attack resets to Fire Missile.
Flying Rocket PunchHold AbilityCross-Pad Any DirectionPunch in the direction put into the D-Pad. Then the many thrusters are used to fly in the direction punched, with the punching fist outstretched. If used for some time, the arm will explode, ending the move. Can only be used twice in a row.
Release Rocket FistCharge 1Release AbilityThe arm is released in the direction it was being punched in, ending the Flying Rocket Punch. It flies a straight line. It plows through enemies and destructible objects. If it hits something it doesn't destroy, it will explode.

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Image by Hantho. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From Kiroscarby on July 3rd, 2016

"Extinguish the flames of evil with the stream of the justice. Go Hydro Pump!"

When Robobot Armor gets the Water Mode, its color changes to blue. It gets a wave pattern around its body and arms (like fire mode). Its hands are changed for firehoses (its design is similar to FLUDD), the arms are transformed in cannons. The armor gets a big water tank in the back, the tank has hoses at its sides that are connected with its arms. In its shoulders it gets two faucets, each one in each shoulder. They will move when the armor attacks to adjust the stream. It gets special goggles similar to Kirby's goggles.

Hydro PumpHold AbilityLaunch a powerful stream of water from its firehose that can continue until you stop holding the button. It has a good distance range and can extinguish flames.
Pump AdjustHold AbilityCross-Pad Up or DownAdjust the trajectory of Hydro Pump for a higher or lower arc.
Hydro RocketDashHold AbilityThe Hydro Pump is used like a propulsor to create a rampaging dash attack. The armor becomes invulnerable during this attack.
Stream PropulsionCross-Pad DownHold AbilityThe firehose changes its position downwards to create a continue stream with the Hydro Pump. The force of the stream will allow to the armor to fly as long as the button is held.

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Image by Kiroscarby. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From Irritated Fern on July 2nd, 2016

"Lash out at your foes. Wield the Cat o' Nine Tails!"

In this mode, the Robobot armor's arms end in a obscure weapon called the Cat o' Nine Tails, a nine-tailed whip. In reference to this, the Robobot armor is modified to look like a cat, with cat ears, a tail, whiskers, and stripes. It is colored a bright orange, with the bottom of the main body colored white.

LashHold AThe Robobot armor strikes with its weapon. Due to it's multiple ends, the strike fans out, hitting above and below.
Upward LashCross-Pad UpHold AThe same as a basic lash, only aiming above the Robobot instead of to the side.
Whip SweepCross-Pad DownHold AThe Robobot swings its weapon lower, striking all grounded foes in front of it.
Multi-TossCross-Pad DownRapid AAfter doing the Whip Sweep, the Robobot swings around in a full circle before tossing away all the foes it hit with the Whip Sweep, flinging them diagonally upwards.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry


- From Serena Strawberry on July 2nd, 2016

"Are these really just parlor tricks, or perhaps something more supernatural? Kirby takes the stage and wreaks mayhem with his mysterious magic!"

Kirby's Magic Mode causes the Robobot Armor to undergo a considerable transformation. It turns navy blue with golden highlights, and its "scanners" and exhaust pipes become star-shaped. Its arms are replaced with large red curtains from which Kirby can summon all sorts of different things. You never know what Magic Mode can pull out next!

Robo RouletteHold AThis skill is a roulette. 1) An spread shot of five doves covers Kirby's front. 2) A jack-in-the-box pops out upwards. 3) A random food item appears. 4) A large bowling pin bounces around. 5) Rarely, fireworks appear, damaging enemies.
BuzzsawCross-Pad UpRelease ABased on the "sawing a lady in half" magic trick, the Robobot leaps up into the air, and comes back down with a buzzsaw. It covers a considerable range, damages enemies, and pounds down stakes.
Linking RingsCross-Pad ForwardRelease ABased on the "Chinese Linking Rings", a ring appears in front of the Robobot briefly. Press the button again, and another ring links to the first. A third press yields a third ring, but no more. The rings can be aimed slightly.
Is This Your Card?Cross-Pad DownRelease AA playing card will appear, acting as a mine: when touched, it explodes. However, if it's used again, a second card appears, causing both cards to explode after a delay. If the two cards match, then the blast radius is greater.

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Image by Serena Strawberry. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From Bimblesnaff on July 2nd, 2016

"Turn the landscape into a bio-hazard terror. Unleash rapid-fire Glob Blaster!"

The armor has shades of bright purple with a fringe of indigo in a melted pattern. Shading across the eyes and on the mouth create a skull-like pattern. The arms are converted into cannons with a thick nozzle at on end and a glass tube at the other. A bubbling sludge is contained within. Tubing stretches from this canister to the cannon. It exists for no reason.

Glob BlasterHold ALaunch a barrage of large sludge bullets that continues so long as the button is held. The blobs are heavy and fall after a distance.
Aim BlasterHold ACross-Pad Up-DownChange the trajectory of the Glob Blaster for a lower or higher arc.
Barrel RollCross-Pad DownHold ARelease a canister of toxic waste from the armor's mouth. The barrel drops fast to the ground and rolls along. Upon hitting a target, it bursts into sludge.
Smog TrailDashLeave a wake of noxious smog that hangs in the air and can be carried away by currents.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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