Haven't you ever felt the urge to cover yourself in pink and run around inhaling all the food you see? ...No? Well it was a good question because SOME people have the idea to dress up as Kirby and their other favorite characters from the series. Even me! :D

And here we shall display them in all their obsessiveness. Kirby cosplay! (Which is a Japanese portmanteau of 'costume play. There you've learned something.)

Ivyna J. Spyder

Character: Dedede

This is from 2004, a costume I made for Otakon. (Big anime convention in Baltimore.) The costume is based on a design I found on a Japanese fanart site! :D I made it myself, including sewing on all the fur trim.

ivyde_front.jpg (66367 bytes) ivyde_closeup.jpg (116079 bytes) ivyde_back.jpg (81746 bytes) ivyde_vskirby.jpg (192766 bytes)

Character: Meta Knight

From 2007, for Otakon again. The armor and mask are done in fiberglass, the cape is silk. Sword is wood, plastic and paperclay. Ended up being a bit rushed due to some things not working out but it turned out okay in the end!


Character: Dynablade

"Hmmm, stringing the wings was an interesting challenge, heavy as they are. And that's only paper mache! Dyna Blade is metal, how the hell does she MOVE?! XD"

pyra_dyna.jpg (87816 bytes)

Made by Pyrasaur, modeled by DeadEyeDave

Character: Nightmare

Sinister! o_o This costume absolutely kicked ass in person, especially the claws. (That's my Kirby plush he's about to destroy.)

nightmare1.jpg (87950 bytes)

Group pic!

From left: Ivy as Dedede, DeadEyeDave as Nightmare, Pyrasaur as Dynablade and Dashnir as Meta Knight

group2.jpg (127050 bytes)

Silver Kirby

Character: Knuckle Joe

No wild blonde hair? XD

silverkirby_knucklejoe.jpg (101083 bytes)

Silver Kirby's baby sister

Character: Lovely

All together now: AWWWWWW.

silverkirby_lovelysister.jpg (83801 bytes)


Character: Ice Kirby

icekirbycosplay.jpg (38171 bytes) icekirbycosplay2.jpg (37482 bytes)


Character: Crash and Clean Kirby

Cute and creative :D


Character: Dark Matter (Swordsman form)

Holy crap, Dark Matter cosplay! Beyond awesome.

Fanime '09

Character: Sword Kirby, Cook Kirby & Others

Cook Kirby was pimping up a storm at this year's Fanime Con. Unfornately, I lost the guy's name. Hm. Special guest appearances from King Dedede, the Green Ranger, and eye candy!

Last Updated - June 19th, 2009