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Meta Knight, Good or Evil?

Everyone in the Kirby fandom knows Meta Knight (Or a majority does at least). Since the blue puffball appeared, he has been well-known and liked by Kirby fans for years. However, the anime came along and made a change to him. He is now an indefinite ally. Many people seem to explode with rage at that fact, but I've got one question.

Was Meta Knight actually evil in the games?

Just fighting Kirby is no proof of him being evil. King Dedede does the exact same thing, and is believed to simply be "a greedy king". Now, think of this. What was Meta Knight doing in Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland? Helping Dedede protect the pieces of the Star Rod. And what was Dedede's goal? Protecting Dreamland. If this is the case, Meta Knight isn't evil. However, this is not the main part of this discussion. Kirby Superstar/Superstar Ultra is.

This game seems to be a fan favorite, and is loved by many. Once you reach Revenge of Meta Knight, you see him trying to take over Dreamland. Now, it is never explained how this was brought upon, at least not from what I've seen. Meta Knight just... Wages war.

However, I have read around the Internet that the original Superstar game had some translation errors in Revenge of Meta Knight. I do not know WHAT the errors are or what the actual translations are, but from what I can tell, things were a bit different.

A few people have said that he was trying to rule over Dreamland to snap the residents out of their carefree, somewhat lazy lifestyle. I support this, others may not, but I do. Why? Well, the famous quote, although not very specific, does helps a bit. The quote being:

"Dreamland's lazy lifestyle will end! I will rule!"

Now, if he JUST wanted to rule over Dreamland, why would he care about the inhabitants' lifestyle? Wouldn't he disregard the peoples' lifestyles and focus on saying something along the lines of:

"I will rule over Dreamland!"

That may not be a well thought out, beautiful sentence, but it works the same. Did Meta Knight ever say EXACTLY why he was taking over Dreamland? No. Now, compare his roles in Kirby's Adventure and in Superstar.

Kirby's Adventure=Protecting Dreamland

Kirby Superstar=Taking over Dreamland

Would you expect this to happen in that order? If you want to say "Meta Knight was protecting Dreamland so he can take it over" go ahead, but I really don't think that is a true statement. He's too chilvarous for that. He offers Kirby a weapon in nearly EVERY game you battle him in.

After all of this, he appears in each game as an ally (Unless you want to say he's evil in Epic Yarn, but it is basically established that he was fighting against his will). Amazing Mirror, Squeak Squad, Epic Yarn, all of them.

What am I trying to say? Meta Knight is not EVIL, he is an antagonist in several games and an ally in others. Note that I said "antagonist". Antagonist DOES NOT equal evil. It means that they are a rival of a sort. Meta Knight is not evil, he is merely an antagonist/ally. You are free to disagree with me and you are free to believe in your own opinions. I am not aiming to change your opinions.

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Last Updated - January 20th, 2011