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PostPosted: August 11th, 2015, 9:59 pm 
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Download links to the episodes below the rant

These are the episodes that were aired on the Kirby Wii channel in Europe a few years back. I'm terribly sorry I never got to uploading these (mostly because my sucky upload speed), but better late than never I guess.
Another reason I never brought these to public is that they should be rendered and deinterlaced to make the viewing experience as good as possible. I'd probably never get this done because I'm lazy like that so I'll just leave the download links to the episodes here if anyone wants to use them for something.
The quality ain't that great because of my capture card I had at the time so some of the episodes might have a little stuttering or they might show pieces of the Wii channel when the episode ends/begins.


01. Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
02. A Blockbuster Battle
03. Kirby's Duel Role
04. A Dark and Stormy Knight
05. Beware of Whispy Woods
06. Un-Reality TV
07. Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
08. Curio's Curious Discovery
09. The Fofa Factor
10. Hail to the Chief
11. The Big Taste Test
12. Escargoon Squad
13. Cappy New Year
14. The Pillow Case
15. Kirby's Pet Peeve
16. A Fish Called Kine
17. The Thing About the Ring
18. Flower Power
19. Here Comes the Son
20. Dedede's Snow Job
21. A Princess in Dis-Dress
22. Island of the Lost Warrior
23. The Empty Nest Mess
24. Ninja Binge
25. Escargoon Rules
26. Hour of the WolfWrath
27. The Flower Plot
28. Labor Daze
29. Hot Shot Chef
30. Hatch Me If You Can
31. Abusement Park
32. Dental Dilemma
33. Junk Jam
34. A Recipe for Disaster
35. The Kirby Derby - Part I
36. The Kirby Derby - Part II
37. Watermelon Felon
38. Was never available in English, sorry
39. Escar-gone
40. Monster Management
41. Prediction Predicament - Part I
42. Prediction Predicament - Part II
43. Sheepwrecked
44. War of the Woods
45. Scare Tactics - Part I
46. Scare Tactics - Part II
47. Pink-Collar Blues
48. Tourist Trap
49. Cartoon Buffoon
50. Don't Bank on It
51. Kirby Takes the Cake

Unfortunately this is all that was available at the time. If I'm not mistaken, Ivyna is trying to provide the English episodes too, so if you're looking for the rest of the episodes or for a better quality, you just might get lucky.

Thanks to Marx Hat

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