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PostPosted: March 1st, 2017, 10:27 pm 
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Favorite Kirby Game: Kirby Air Ride
This would be my cast (major examples; it's mostly final):

Kirby: Makiko Ohmoto (and keep his spoken lines!)
Fumu: Tiffany Vollmer
Bun: Either Maxey Whitehead or keep Kayzie Rogers
Meta Knight: Lex Lang, Crispin Freeman, or J. Michael Tatum
King Dedede: Keep Ted Lewis or get Richard Epcar (his Bobobo voice)
Escargoon: Keep Ted Lewis or get Kirk Thornton (Don Patch)
Waddle Doo: Colleen Clinkenbeard (Luffy or Gohan)
Sword: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Major from GITS)
Blade: Wendee Lee (Kiva from Megas XLR)
Sirica: Cynthia Cranz
Knuckle Joe: Chris Patton or Josh Grelle
Cook Kawasaki: Chuck Huber
Chef Oosaka: John Swasey
Customer Service: Whoever will voice D'Arby in the new JoJo dub
Nightmare: Kent Williams (Father from FMAB)
-Nobuo Tobita plays a lot of characters in the JP version, so Chris Sabat should play most of those roles if possible.
-Characters that I wouldn't dub over: Doron (as he mostly says "Uh-huh"), Macho-San (GO GO HEAVEN), and almost every Demon Beast that doesn't speak full sentences
-Almost all the Cappies had pretty good 4kids voices, so I'd keep as many of those as possible.

I wonder what you guys might say about this...

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PostPosted: April 27th, 2017, 11:01 pm 
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Favorite Kirby Game: Kirby Super Star Ultra
Even if this post is two months old, I would say that I would consider casting Eric Newsome as MK much like in Brawl and Sm4sh and recast Nightmare with Michael Sinterniklaas seeing as he voiced him in the 3D episode. And a must keep voice: Mike Pollock as Mayor Blustergas, even moreso considering that Mike is currently voicing the Mayor in Sonic Boom in addition to continuing his 14-year streak of voicing Dr. Eggman.

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