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PostPosted: November 23rd, 2018, 10:34 pm 
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I've been thinking about the two topdown Kirby titles that were released on the 3DS, Blowout Blast and Battle Royale. As I think many of us know, there was a cancelled 3D Kirby game before the release of KRTDL and after the cancellation of the Gamecube Kirby title that looks to have had similar core gameplay to the 3D games released afterward. IIRC, the reason it was cancelled was because it was too frustrating, perhaps both in terms of controls and from a design standpoint.

What's interesting to me is that Blowout Blast and Battle Royale seem to be working with the same concept, but whereas one title focuses strictly on Kirby's core abilities (inhaling/exhaling), the other only focuses on the copy abilities. It's as if the developers split up their game into two parts, focusing on just a few aspects of platforming and combat at a time. My hypothesis is that these two titles are test runs of sorts; by splitting up the mechanics the way they have, HAL is more easily able to test these different aspects of Kirby gameplay in a controlled environment, before eventually bringing them together for one bigger and more complex adventure.

My thinking is that HAL wants to try and reinvent the 3D Kirby game they were working on, and that these two games have allowed them to gather enough feedback to figure out how properly execute such a project. It certainly wouldn't be the first time they've brought cancelled Kirby titles out of the grave, and with Kirby Star Allies nearing its final update, my best guess is that the team may already be working on a 3D Kirby project for the Switch. (A new 3DS Kirby game would also technically be possible, but I'm thinking it would more likely be for the Switch since the 3DS is starting to approach the end of its lifespan.)

Anyway, just wanted to know what you guys think.

PostPosted: May 29th, 2019, 10:27 pm 
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Hmm, when put that way, it truly seems likely. I prefer the side-scrolling mechanics myself, but I'd be curious to see how this would pan out, as I quite enjoyed Blowout Blast and Battle Royale.

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PostPosted: January 4th, 2023, 5:56 am 
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Looking back on this is hilarious. I still think Forgotten Land went BACKWARDS in how they handled abilities compared to Battle Royale, which is just laughable. Battle Royale got way too much hate for what it was.

Remind me to put something here later...

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