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PostPosted: January 16th, 2020, 8:19 am 
WAR! What it isn't good for. HUNH Male
WAR! What it isn't good for. HUNH
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So we have TikTok profiles because we are 10 years old. She hadn't used the profile in the longest because her mom took away the ability for her to use apps that use internet on her tablet.
However she got it back, so we started emailing eachother again, and it ended up being about me making clay Worms because i didn't understand why they were so popular but i thought they were cute.
But i ended up loving them, i still don't understand why they're so popular, but i want one now lmbo.
So in school i'm like "dude what if we changed our pfps and names to be worm related and start a worm army"
And she was like "YESSS"
So now we have a worm army.

steve and tankman are incredibly fruity

PostPosted: January 16th, 2020, 12:22 pm 
Mixed Up! Female
Mixed Up!
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Aw man the worm on a string toys were my favorite thing ever when I was younger :'D I loved them, my mom would buy them for me all the time-

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