Welcome to the Fun Stuff directory page. Here are several Kirby-themed distractions that you can do right here on the site! Take a gander and try to enjoy yourself!

Meta-Knight's Dream - A Java game you can play right in your browser! It is based on Super Mario Bros. (I think) but it has Dream Land characters instead! Well, their graphics at least. The bounding boxes are all off, but people seem to really like it.

Interactive Storybook - Choose-Your-Own Adventure stories, Rainbow Resort-style! Part game, part fiction, and all outcomes are fun! Get the best ending to get a special item!

Art Ability Contest - Archive for a contest run back in 2006 in which Rainbow Resort visitors got to draw Kirby characters with copy abilities -- but not Kirby himself!

Kirby's Breakout - A simple block-ball-paddle game in Java. Know Kirby's Block Ball? Well, this ain't it.

Kirby Cards - Just to tick Kiroscarby off, here are some fan-submitted playing cards from back in the day! There doesn't seem to be any organization to this, and users just made whatever they wanted for this "game."

The Rainbow Resort Offensive - Based on the Super Star sub-game "The Great Cave Offensive," visitors were challenged to find items hidden across this site! This page archives those efforts, which were not automated in any respect. You still may come across these things, too!

Crossword Puzzles - Kirby-themed crosswords for you to print out and complete, or just put 'em in a graphics program and draw on 'em to save some paper.

Scramble-O-Pic - Archives of a contest in which visitors were challenged to decipher what the contents of a distorted image were.

Dream Land Java - More Java? How much of this stuff is in the Fun section? This one is much newer than the other applets, and is the only that was expressly designed to be Kirby-related instead of just generic games with custom graphics slapped on.

Browser Games - See what our members have donated as far as in-browser games. No downloads necessary!

Last Updated - November 2nd, 2009