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When a villainous plot looks to add insult to the already injured Kirby, who will step up to save the day and our pink puff? None other than his best friend Gooey and KRR's own Squeaky Bogg!

Pick your player and brave through the pitfalls which face you, each in their own unique way. Will you choose the gluttonous Gooey with the ability of flight and copying? Or will you choose the backdropping Bogg with his close-combat specialty?

(Note: Squeaky Bogg cannot fly, but he can Tail Spring by holding down in the air.)

TitleSave The Day
Release DateMarch 15th, 2009
Developed ByMints
Special ThanksBimblesnaff
Play TimeShort (10-15 min)
Playable CharactersTwo
Replay ValueLittle
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Last Updated - November 8th, 2009