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Rainbow Resort GalleriesSpecial-purpose galleries for use by the Rainbow Resort site.
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5,353 files in 12,397 albums and 2 categories with 16,756 comments viewed 4,215,684 times

Random files
Aura Matter1122 viewsThis is the great Aura Matter, the evolved form of Miracle Matter, This is one of the most powerful final bosses of all, because it has the power of the Omnipotenet Aura and it can control all powers and abilties of each auras, like its previous form (Miracle Matter) it can transform in each aura with differents powers and abilities. It transformations:

Red Matter: Control the red aura
Blue Matter: Control the blue aura
Green Matter: Control the green aura
Yellow Matter: Controls the yellow aura
Pink Matter: Controls the pink aura
Gray Matter: Controls the gray aura
Brown Matter: Controls the brown aura
Orange Matter: Controls the orange aura
Black Matter: Controls the black aura
White Matter: Control the white aura
Purple Matter: Controls the purple aura
2 commentsKiroscarby
Ninji271 viewsJust one of my fan-made characters.Catstorm
Glunk1797 viewsThe sea aneamone, Glunk. Glunk Glunk... stays in one spot, and never moves. Glunk Glunk... sticks to either ceilings or floors. Glunk Glunk... shoots sparks out his top every once in a while. Glunk. [Applause] Thankyou, thankyou! Ahem! Here, you can see the top hole of Glunk and the bottom of him, both rarely seen, as he is basically a 2-Dimentional character (in more ways than one). He does not really try to stop Kirby; he is just content filter-feeding, mostly. He can also live either in or out of water, if I remember correctly.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Kirby's other abilities247 viewsThis is an older drawing, but it's still good. I love how mischeivious Kirby looks with his throw/backdrop ability.1 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Star Rod1400 viewsI found a box of crayons the other day. Decided to have a bit of fun.2 commentsLunarHalo24
Post Newyears169 viewsWith pretty much everyone else drunk and passed out on the floor or just plain asleep, Chibi-Pohatu takes it upon himself to clean up the mess. As he cleans, he reflects on the events of the previous year.Chibi- Pohatu
Cutter Kirby Lv 25246 viewsCutter Kirby Lv 25 is the advanced form of Cutter Kirby Lv 5. Cutter always has been a great ability because its power covers high distances and its ability has the power to cut things and enemies in half (except very solid things and enemies). Its ability has many other effect such as: When it is throw it can cut a rope that sustain a plataform and this ability has the boomerang power (The return). Always this ability is good with its master and never cause damage to its master. Few helper and enemies are of this ability: Sir Kibble, Fishbone, Kapar, Waiyu 2, Boomer, among others.
In this level he is using the attack called: Cutter Boomerang

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure (Remodeling)
Ostreen Lv 5254 viewsThis is Ostreen, is the pet of Green Kirby.
Ostreen gets the ability of the cutter type, his feather cuts the opponents when he throw its and kirby can mount him to create new poweful attacks and move very quicky. His attacks are: Tail Cutter, Rotate Cutter, Feather Cutter, among others.
For example, in this level he is using the attack Tail Cutter

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure

Last additions
Wave3184 viewsIt's been a while... as you can see, I have improved my art a lot since 2016. Drawn this month on Colors! 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.BeanbonFeb 12, 2018
Emperor D'roar, Empress Ph'ness, and Qinion3647 viewsMy entry to the latest Interactive Fandom contest here at KRR.
D'roar is a Dragon, Ph'ness is a Phoenix, and Qinion is sorta both, sorta a Qilin (Kirin).
They rule the empire of Midland.
They are my babies. I love them. Don't eat my babies!
Everyone go submit to the IF contest now or you are terrible fans and Kirby hates you.
Sorry, I'm beat~

(Stolen background is stolen-- Wikimedia Commons Fair Use)
Dedede-DaimyoJun 19, 2017
KSSU Style Susie1035 viewsI tried to mimic the art style used for Super Star Ultra's promotional art.1 commentsLunarHalo24Feb 22, 2017
Purple Doo764 viewsAnother test doodle.JuluneFeb 03, 2017
Kirdoodle975 viewsA simple test drawing done on my new tablet.JuluneFeb 03, 2017
Fanmade Kirby's Rainbow Resort logo! :D468 viewsAfter looking at the logo for kirby's rainbow resort for longer than usual, I decided to draw my own take on the logo :DCyanHyprPsychicJan 28, 2017
Kirby And The Amazing Mirror Wallpaper473 viewsReupload cuz I accidently deleted my fanart album. Derp.CyanHyprPsychicJan 28, 2017
"Kirby Kirby Kirby! Savin' the day! Kirby Kirby Kirby, he's here to stay!"429 viewsreupload. derp.CyanHyprPsychicJan 28, 2017