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Random files - Fan Art Galleries
03/04/05300 viewsI had to sketch this, it has been bothering me for weeks!! I like this picture because it has that creepy feel. If there is a boss or final boss contest, it will be 03, 04, 05, or higher (if I'm late). Hope you like!!! :32 commentsBurningkirby99
Smash Promo644 viewsSmash will be in Kirby and the Dark Heart, and it will include lots of new moves, along with the old ones. First of, Smash is given a steel Headband with the smash logo. As for the moves, Smash will be given a final smash, in which you press A+B (this game would be on the Wii) to have Kirby lose smash, but preform the Cook attack, Spicy Curry breath, Parasol attacks, all of Kirby's grab moves from the series, and a Warp Star smash, in which Kirby flies into the sky, then falls back in an explosion.10 commentsTheorizer
Marx Doodle387 views...
Okay, just don't ask. I got GIMP, and wanted to try it out. I just kinda like Marx's eyes.
Next pic up should be a Rose.

Character owned by HAL. They also own his soul.
Get it? Soul? Marx Soul? (crickets) okay, I'll stick to art.
2 commentsCrystal Medalis
Sad Meta Knight403 viewsAnother old drawing. :32 commentsclariecandy
Highly Detailed Nova Kirby297 viewsThis what Nova looks like in her Power Version in Super Kaabii RPG.A Kirby and his Cheese
Paint Roller Remade343 viewsI remade paint roller on ms paint (again)
also if you feel like it please tell meh which version you like betta.
(also i speak pigeon-english for dose who don't understand meh)
4 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Little Ribbon561 viewsI've drawn Ribbon again, but this time she's a human.
She looks so cute!
I wonder who's she pulling.
1 commentsQtie4U
Jumpershoot1626 views"Pyon Pyon" Now bear witness to Mr. Kasabake, himself! With his single eye and long lolling tounge, "Kuru Kuru" Jumpershoot rapidly ascends to the sky! Asore! Let's hear it for the Yokai, yo! There is little doubt that this particular parasol miniboss is one of my favorite characters in the Kirby series. His battle tactics are the same in both of his appearences, KDL2+3; he will kick off his geta as a projectile, to Kirby's aid, or spin into a tornado, allowing him a few moments of invincibility. Like a handful of other creatures in Dreamland, Jumpershoot has roots in Japanese lore, specifically the Tsukumogami Karakasa-Obake. Catch him and other mentioned ghouls this Halloween in my big "Gegege no Kitaro/ Kirby" cross-over! His relative is Drifter.1 commentsDedede-Daimyo

Last additions - Fan Art Galleries
Wave928 viewsIt's been a while... as you can see, I have improved my art a lot since 2016. Drawn this month on Colors! 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.BeanbonFeb 12, 2018
Emperor D'roar, Empress Ph'ness, and Qinion1363 viewsMy entry to the latest Interactive Fandom contest here at KRR.
D'roar is a Dragon, Ph'ness is a Phoenix, and Qinion is sorta both, sorta a Qilin (Kirin).
They rule the empire of Midland.
They are my babies. I love them. Don't eat my babies!
Everyone go submit to the IF contest now or you are terrible fans and Kirby hates you.
Sorry, I'm beat~

(Stolen background is stolen-- Wikimedia Commons Fair Use)
Dedede-DaimyoJun 19, 2017
KSSU Style Susie908 viewsI tried to mimic the art style used for Super Star Ultra's promotional art.1 commentsLunarHalo24Feb 22, 2017
Purple Doo678 viewsAnother test doodle.JuluneFeb 03, 2017
Kirdoodle873 viewsA simple test drawing done on my new tablet.JuluneFeb 03, 2017
Fanmade Kirby's Rainbow Resort logo! :D432 viewsAfter looking at the logo for kirby's rainbow resort for longer than usual, I decided to draw my own take on the logo :DCyanHyprPsychicJan 28, 2017
Kirby And The Amazing Mirror Wallpaper432 viewsReupload cuz I accidently deleted my fanart album. Derp.CyanHyprPsychicJan 28, 2017
"Kirby Kirby Kirby! Savin' the day! Kirby Kirby Kirby, he's here to stay!"391 viewsreupload. derp.CyanHyprPsychicJan 27, 2017