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Random files - Fan Art Galleries
The Blue Swordsman1220 viewsThis...was actually done quite a long while ago.

There needs to be a bit more work with the texture, which was done by Huepow00.

This is his KCCh model, which leans more on his brawl outfit.
6 commentsMinon
Iron Helmet268 viewsAlways thinks in that if we have great and powerful weapons we always will win a battle, but although have a incredible power we will be defeated without a great Defense. Remember "The best Attack is a good Defense", if we know how balance the Power with the Defence, we become invincibles in the battle field. Armors, Protecctions, Shields, Helmets, among others are few examples of these, all this weapons increases the resistence of their user. This helmet is one of the best helmets of all, it was make with a Super Resistant Alloy composed of: Gold, Diamonds Crystals and Neo Iron (a especial type of Iron), when these materials are united create a stronger alloy that nothing other metal can break it.
Is one of the best proteccions of all, i recommend it.

Effect: Increases 35 of Defense to one character in your field side, changes his aura to Gray Aura, changes his type to: Armor and protects the character that have equipped this card against one magic card or effect that the opponent uses against you.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game
Child Galacta Knight658 viewsThis is Child Galacta Knight, first form of the strongest warrior in the universe known as "Galacta Knight". All G.S.A. History begin when the first Star Warrior of all was created by the Gods. In the "Great Creation" the Gods decided to create the Creatures that will populate each planet in all universe, with their powers they created each creature in the universe: "the explorers of the seas, emperors of the land, kings of the sky, travelers of space, ...". Also, they created more intelligent creatures to domain each world and coexist with the other creatures that they created. But later, all creatures in the universe had a big conflict, they discuss for don`t have the talents of the other creatures and it create a war, the creatures with similar talents united to domain the other creatures or destroy them to that his talent will be the best talent in the universe.
The Gods, seeing this conflict decided to create a especial creature, all of them work hard in it and finally they create a creature with a unique power. This creature traveled to each planet to calm the war in each one of them, he spoke with all them and explained Why the creatures are different and also he told them to unite their talents to create a better universe in where all creatures live in peace with all others.
For this action the Gods thanked him and decided that him live with them, the first creature that become god, this creature was known as "Galacta" (the savior of the universe).
Also, they named him with the title of "Galacta, the Savior of Stars"
The First Star Warrior was born. (Legacy of Wisdom, fragment).

In this time, he lived in a place known as "Palace of Gods". (Unknown date)

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby Aura Adventure
1 commentsKiroscarby
*facepalm*411 viewsBased off an image I took in Brawl. Even though the picture was drawn in school.
1 commentsNanabobo
Not Quick Enough3199 viewsKing Dedede defeating Kirby in the Samurai Kirby minigame, "Quick Draw" of Nightmare in Dreamland. I always preferred this minigame over others and the original Quick Draw because all the characters are portrayed in traditional Japanese clothing, in a reflex-testing adrenallin rush! Drawn in pencil, colored in colored pencil, inked in painted black ink.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Power of frieds and foes - Hammer351 viewsThe second in the series. Hopefully I get more views this time...3 commentsville10
meta knight314 viewsmeta knight2 commentsFranky-Du
Zeroes1354 viewsZero, 02, and 03, to appear in my fan game. I changed 03 a bit since my last pic of him. I like this version more. Anyways, This took a really long time. o_o The shading was difficult and time consuming. I like the final result, though11 commentsKirazy

Last additions - Fan Art Galleries
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