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Random files - Fan Art Galleries
Kirby says "Hi"968 viewsKirby's taunt in the SSB series.

*better full view it*
10 commentssilverlunar777
GIMP Color Test567 viewsI decided to try to color a drawing using GIMP, a program similar to Photoshop though not quite as user friendly. The first one I did, which is on the right, I just used the normal pencil and paint brush tools to create a toonish look. The second one I cleaned up the edges a bit and used the air brush for a smoother finish. Sorry about the actual drawing, I had to draw something quickly to color in.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Boxy473 viewsThis is Boxy, evolved form of Giftty. She appears in the games: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Kirby Squeak Squad, she is the first mini boss that give the Magic Ability. As Jumpershoot, Haboki and other enemies she belongs to the range of rare creatures. She is highly aggresive and very territorial but this she will attack any creature that enter in her territory. Her weak point are the leaves of her tail. She has great attacks as: use her huge jaw to bite the opponent, create a tackle to knock down the opponent and shoot tiny presents from her mount, although her presents sometimes can help the opponent.
But now, she has new moves to defeat the opponent as: slap with her tail, if is a little opponent (as Kirby or Kirba) can lift him and throw him against the wall or floor with her tail and spit confetti from her mount to confuse the opponent.
Boxy now is more powerful than before and she is more beauty too.
Note: Although Boxy is highly aggresive you can domain her if show that your power is better than her power.

Lives in Toyland, Magic Mansion and Funny Funfair.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby Aura Adventure
3 commentsKiroscarby
Sketch 11 "Purple Abilities"612 viewsThe last drawing of this year (2011), in the next year i'll show to KRR more of my work and i'll continue showing the awesome KTCG. This is one of the strangest sets of all, because the abilities that appear here are ones of the rarest of all. Only one of these is a classic ability, the rest part are new ones.
This sketch is called the Purple Abilities because in it i drew the most representative abilities of this Aura. Next to the ability are symbols that represent the type of the ability.
These abilities are:
On the Left Part
- Poison Kirby: Nothing can be more toxic than this ability. This ability allow to you use the lethal power of the poison to defeat your foes. You can attack with acid balls, poison stings, toxic gases, sludge shoots, among others. Also, it allow you pass through acid and swim in it.
- Copy Kirby: The only one that can copy other abilities. With it you can scan, analize and copy anything and copy its power, if it doesn't have power it'll be destroyed. Now apart to copy enemies you can copy yourself and create copies of you that can copy, too. You can create a great army of copy abilities (like on Mass Attack but with abilities).
- Virus Kirby: The unique ability inmune to ailments. This ability allow you to have the total control over viruses, bacterias and parasites. It gives you chains with worm form and antennas to control viruses. You can sicken foes with virus, throw bacteria balls to drain foe's energy, shoot parasites to control them, among others. It becomes you a biological weapon.
On the Right Part
- Union Kirby: The most harmony and balance ability of all. With it you can fuse with Kirba to use the pure power of the union. This fusion makes that your energy be in a perfect harmony with you, for that you can use physical and special powers perfectly. You can meditate to restore yourself, use energy spheres, give punches, kicks, waves of energy, shoot blast of energy, among others. The balance is with you.
- Smog Kirby: The most polluted ability of all. This ability allow to you use the power of the Smog to defeat any foe. Although get it cost a little percent of energy because is pure smog. You can make smokescreens, shoot toxic fog, spread a wave of smog around you, spread clouds of smog, inhale it to restore your energy, among others. Don't be worry for the enviroment if you use it, this smog doesn't affect at the enviroment and you can inhale it, too (100% eco-friendly).
- DNA Kirby: DNA secrets at the range of your hand. With it you can transform in any foe that you want. The DNA ropes in your arms allow to you transform in a foe that they touch (example, touch a Waddle Dee, you can transform in one). It can grab and throw foes and spin around hitting with the ropes, too. Transforming in a foe, you can pass around of them without they detect you (don't works with bosses and final bosses). You can help me creating more powers for this ability.

The Purple Aura has more powers and abilities but these are the most representative.
I hope that you like them.

Note: I'll be waiting for your comment to know what do you think about them.
Remember your comment is a step forward for the correct development of KTCG and KAA.

By Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
The four kirbies and the Star Rod796 viewsOk, I saw that allbody know how to do cool draws except tried to do something...and this is the result. I know that this isn't as cool as the others draws of the gallery...but something is something.
This is my first upload. Its name is The four kirbies and the Star Rod because they are The four kirbies and the Star Rod (obviously).
Just in case, the background is an modification of the glases of Nightmare in the anime...kind of weird...
7 commentsSir Kirby
Ninja Meta Knight537 viewswhile doing this meta knight i tried to ninja up the swords6 commentsKirby<(*o*)>
the many colors of kirby374 viewsmost of the colors of kirbyplasmakirby
Kirba (Computer Style)642 viewsShe is the amazing Kirba.
Kirba is the female in the Kirby`s race (The puffballs or i don`t know the name of his race), she is very similar to Kirby, although she have a red ribbon over her head and eyelashes, her color is the same of kirby.
She have the same power of Kirby, the power of "Inhale", she can inhale anything and she can get the power of the things that she inhale.
She is very friendly like Kirby, although she is more shy than Kirby and also she sleep much time like Kirby (as kirby she is a baby).
She can obtain the same abilities of kirby, although there are few abilities of Kirby that she can`t get it but also she can get abilities that kirby can`t get.
For example:
Fire, Ice, Cutter, among others (Abilities that both can get)
Metal, Magic, Stone, among others (Abilities that Kirba can`t get)
Fairy, Diamond, Heal, among others (Abilities that only Kirba can get)

And when Kirby and Kirba are together, are a invincible team.
Note: In KAA she can play as the 1º player or as the 2º player.

I thought in draw her in the computer. I hope that you like her and this new style.
4 commentsKiroscarby

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