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Normal Kirby Album


46 files, last one added on Feb 01, 2012
Album viewed 219 times

WIP Game Screens


This albums for Screenshots of my Fangames:

"Kirby Cosmic Chaos" A new project to be made KSS-like.

Find more info on the KRR forums(Paint Roller's Canvas)
, and

15 files, last one added on Jan 11, 2010
Album viewed 166 times

Game Dev Pics


Area for sketches and ideas, etc.
used on my games.

25 files, last one added on Sep 28, 2009
Album viewed 185 times


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Random files - Minon's Gallery
Kirby - Capsule J21349 viewsSo yeah, I got my hands on the starving artist version of Flash.
There's so much I could do with this thing, I wish I had more time to do so...

Anyways, start off with a simple pic using the very nice tools it has, including pressure sensitivity.

Capsule J2's design grasped me pretty well when I first saw it. The only thing is that it replaces the original model J in KSSU, but otherwise, I find it a cool design.

Expect to see this WITH model J in KCCh
12 commentsMinon
KCCh - Efrite964 viewsSo while we sorta tried stuff to make the KDL2 minibosses more fitting to KCCh's feeling, this is where Efrite ended up. I'm pretty sure some people liked them the way they were for it's simple design, but it's pretty much the same case with Twister here.

3 commentsMinon
KCCh - Burnin' Leo1030 viewsFire Ability's good ol' helper, Burnin' Leo.

That hair is tricky I tell ya.
5 commentsMinon
Solid Fluff772 viewsDespite my stand point on Epic Yarn, I do appreciate the prince's design. He's the 2P helper who could potentially play the exact same way as Kirby would in KEY, but still manages to avoid being a recolored carbon copy of him.

Drawn mainly because I wanted to see how he looked without the yarn style
1 commentsMinon
KCCh - Oriental Gardens1422 viewsA scene idea for Project Cosmic Chaos. Kirby with the Fan ability vs. the Fan ability holding miniboss, Shippuu.7 commentsMinon
SBDX Castle Lololo 011195 viewsSpring Breeze DX:

Castle moat (bottom room after endless hall)
15 commentsMinon
Lots of Bombs543 views...Did I really not upload this either? Dang. I didn't like the party hat in GCN, but I've come to really like RtDL's one for some reason.2 commentsMinon
Twister, Redone1117 viewsTwisters were planned to be the helper for tornado in the
Kirby Cosmic Chaos fangame project. I found them to be a bit...
plain as a helper, so yeah, a redesign...
11 commentsMinon

Last additions - Minon's Gallery
Lots of Bombs543 views...Did I really not upload this either? Dang. I didn't like the party hat in GCN, but I've come to really like RtDL's one for some reason.2 commentsMinonFeb 01, 2012
New Years 2012299 viewsForgot to upload this a month ago. It's the year of the Dragon.MinonJan 31, 2012
Owgulf532 viewsNutty Noon's so good.

Also excuse me for the sudden rush, I didn't realize I had this many Kirby things I hadn't uploaded here.
1 commentsMinonNov 30, 2011
Flare Beam Waddle Doo403 viewsForgot the star on the forehead. Think it might look better without it, actually.MinonNov 30, 2011
THE META SHOE459 viewsNo description necessary1 commentsMinonNov 30, 2011
Ribbon497 views2 commentsMinonMar 03, 2011
whip KIRBY1007 viewsIt has truly been a wonderful day5 commentsMinonJan 29, 2011
02801 viewsA tad bit bloody, but it's Zero.

I wonder how many parents bought their kids Kirby games without knowing stuff like this are in it.
6 commentsMinonNov 18, 2010