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Everything Else


Fan art for other games and series, cartoons, whatever I can think of.

21 files, last one added on Feb 20, 2013
Album viewed 218 times

It's Kirby


From me to you, buddy.

68 files, last one added on May 21, 2013
Album viewed 622 times

Abandoned Projects


Emotion series stuff is in here

5 files, last one added on Apr 22, 2009
Album viewed 150 times

The Songbook


Pictures reflecting a song from the Kirby series, made specially for the songbook, which is currently on a hiatus.

2 files, last one added on Jan 08, 2009
Album viewed 142 times

4 albums on 1 page(s)

Random files - AnimeKittyCafe's Gallery
Kirby 'Modern' Art849 viewsOK. I've wondered this for a while now. What exactly defines modern art? Is it a stylistic thing? Does it concern the subject matter?? It boggles Kirby's mind...4 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Valentine's396 views2/14!AnimeKittyCafe
Watercolor Kirby and Gooey992 viewsYeah, was originally going to use this for my site's banner, but something sorta fell through and it ended up being unused, so I'll just upload it here. A simple watercolor-style drawing of Kirby and Gooey.5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Oh noooo....966 viewsI am REALLY sorry KRR. Everyone has been drawing so much and working so hard, and I haven't made any good Kirby art lately. I think I'm just having a bad time. It's like I suddenly stink at everything I try. Oh how I wish I could make more GOOD art, let alone lots of art at all...

I kind of characterized this panicking Kirby as me, seeing as though I have an odd tendency to twirl around when I'm stressed...
7 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Happiness/Warmth701 viewsThis simple drawing is actually going to be artwork for my Kirby fan site banner, but that version of the site isn't finished yet so you guys get to see it first. ^_^ Happiness is hard to describe... an elated feeling one gets after experiencing something pleasing? While we might never know the full meaning, you might as well enjoy the picture representing it-- even though the consistently blank-faced Waddle Dee isn't directly showing it!6 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
My Name is Leirin968 viewsI've submitted this solely to be an introduction as to who I am. I realized I never really introduced myself properly, so here we go! My screenname is Leirin, I am a lifelong Kirby fan. One of my hobbies is drawing. Some of my favorite games include Kirby Super Star, Wind Waker, Brawl and many more. I'm not a very interesting person (just a big Nintendo nerd), but I hope to get to know you other members better!
It isn't really a haiku; try to guess where the quote is from! ^_^
10 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Parody: Who has lost his tail?1964 viewsThe forgotten one of the ship that sails the cosmos! This is a parody of MOTHER for the NES. Here, we have Kirby as Ninten, Birdon as Loid, and Ribbon as Ana. Bonkers would have been the perfect Teddy, but I can't draw him to save my life and didn't want to ruin the picture, so I left him out. ^_^ I also wanted to do a parody of the games' final boss, Giegue, but I couldn't find any Kirby characters similar enough, sorry. By the way: It isn't Christmas-related 'cause I actually started it some ago.15 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
I'd follow you to the ends of the earth1344 viewsThat's how much I think our friendship is worth.7 commentsAnimeKittyCafe

Last additions - AnimeKittyCafe's Gallery
Lololo & Lalala802 viewsWheeeee it's been a while again!AnimeKittyCafeMay 21, 2013
741 views1 commentsAnimeKittyCafeMar 22, 2013
Cemetery474 views!AnimeKittyCafeFeb 20, 2013
Valentine's396 views2/14!AnimeKittyCafeFeb 20, 2013
Karate Family995 viewsHas anyone really even drawn Iron Mom??1 commentsAnimeKittyCafeNov 03, 2012
In 1989642 viewsHey, sorry guys for hardly being on... I still care about this site! MOTHER in true blue 80's fashions!AnimeKittyCafeSep 28, 2012
What is perspective843 viewsA silly tegaki. :PAnimeKittyCafeSep 28, 2012
K64 Shape Language781 viewsI really gotta stop neglecting this site! The gallery doesn't work too well for me it seems :( Have a funky experiment pic.2 commentsAnimeKittyCafeAug 11, 2012