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Initial Cards


In this part appear the most basic cards in Kirby Trading Card Game

27 files, last one added on Mar 12, 2010
Album viewed 480 times

Galaxy Soldier Army Deck


This deck have some of the most powerful characters of all kirby´s saga. The great and Powerful Star Warriors (G.S.A.)

18 files, last one added on Nov 21, 2013
Album viewed 395 times

Friendship Force Deck


This deck contains the power of all animals friends of kirby. The most powerful thing in this deck is the Friendship

9 files, last one added on Oct 25, 2008
Album viewed 274 times

Waddle Deck


This deck have all cards from all waddles of the game. And also have the unique and great power of the mighty Waddle Dee Army.

8 files, last one added on Aug 10, 2010
Album viewed 299 times

The Super New Models of kirby.


Appear tha new models of the new games of kirby.
Kirby Trading Card Game (KTCG)
Kirby Aura Adventure (KAA)
And also appear the new characters, moves and power.
I hope that you like it.

51 files, last one added on Aug 15, 2016
Album viewed 1613 times

Dedede's Kingdom Deck


In this deck appear the most powerful cards in King Dedede`s Castle

4 files, last one added on Oct 13, 2008
Album viewed 268 times

Escargoon's Domain Deck


This deck belongs to escargoon and he thinks that his deck is most powerfull that king dedede´s deck. But what is the best, The King or the Servant?

4 files, last one added on Oct 13, 2008
Album viewed 251 times

Colorful Canvas Deck


In this deck uses all colors of the rainbow to defeat the opponent, although only have the Paint Type, has a great and awesome power and also can change the aura of the opponent´s deck.

5 files, last one added on May 28, 2016
Album viewed 291 times

Bugzzy's Jungle Deck


In this deck appear all forms of bugzzy and his insectoids friends that live in Beetle Jungle

4 files, last one added on Dec 26, 2008
Album viewed 251 times

Dark Matter Galaxy Deck


In this deck appear all forms of Matter as: Dark Matter, Zero, Zero 2, Drawcia, Dark Mind, Nightmare, Dark Nebula, among others and their evolved forms.

11 files, last one added on Dec 19, 2014
Album viewed 334 times

Animals Rebelion Deck


This deck is controlled by animals that are planing a rebellion against humans and other creatures

3 files, last one added on Aug 22, 2008
Album viewed 245 times

Aircraft Force Base Deck


In this deck appear all creatures of 01, 02, 03 ,04 and Central Aircraft Station.

2 files, last one added on Aug 03, 2008
Album viewed 234 times

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Random files - Kiroscarby's Gallery
Flallow Lv 25397 viewsThis is Flallow Lv 25 the advanced form of Wingeon Lv 5. when Winged Kirby uses the pet´s call, Flallow is summon to the world and he follows the orders of his master. Flallow has an awesome power because he can use the power of Feather, its power has great abilities as: Fly very high, shoot powerful edge feathers, use the powers of wind to help you (although without control them) and use a great drill peck. This form is very similar to his first form although has few differences, in this form his feathers have a better resistence and can bear anytype of wind and get a darker color tone to create a great camouflaje.
In this level he is using an attack called: Wing Storm.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
8 commentsKiroscarby
Heart Star365 viewsThis is Heart Star, is a new Airride Machine that appears on KTCG and KAA. This is the airride machine of Kirba, is similar to the Compact Star. In this way the Heart Star is very slight and weak, but the good thing is quick to escape attacks of the enemies and also is the star of Kirba.

Habitat: N / A. Because the machines airride travel intro all the planets in the galaxy

Is card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Auras Adventure
2 commentsKiroscarby
Mineral - Ice Sapphire262 viewsThe Ice Sapphire is one of the rarest minerals in all universe. This type of crystal only borns in extreme cold regions of few planets of the universe, for example: In cold regions of Shiver Star and in the biggest Iceberg of Pop Star. This mineral has a snowflake form, the tips and the first cover are created with a subcero crystals structure, this cover can`t be break only extreme heat power can melt this cover. The second cover is created with a freezing crystal, it freeze all that touch it and creates a favorable temperature for the core of this. And the core was created with pure solid cooling energy, this temperature is like the absolute zero.
The energy of the core was create by the Gods. Only cold weather creatures can use its energy.

Effect: Increases 50 Attack and Defense to all characters in your field side that are Water, Ice, Weather and Crystal types or that have the word ICE, BLIZZARD, ICICLE, ICED o COLD in his name, increases 4 blue aura points to its usser and destroys all characters on the opponents field side that are of the Pink Aura, but you lost 10 cards from your deck.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game
Poppy Sis. Jr.419 viewsThis is Poppy Sis. Jr., she is an amazing creation of KCCh (Kirby Cosmic Chaos) team. I'm very grateful with all KCCh team for give me the permission to draw their character and now Poppy Sis. Jr. belongs to KTCG and KAA but only if KCCh team allows she to join in these two new adventures. If they allow it, this is a possible description for her.
Poppy Sis. Jr. is the sister of Poppy Bros. Jr. and she appears in the game Kirby Cosmic Chaos. At the same that her brother she can throw bombs to her opponents, put bombs in the floor or put bombs over her opponents. In KAA, apart of this attacks she can throw many bombs at the same time creating a huge bombing or combine her bombs to create a Big Bomb that can defeat many enemies with only one hit.
If Kirby or Kirba inhale her both get the Bomb ability but if Kirba uses the Helper's call instead of calls Poppy Bros. Jr., Poppy Sis. Jr. will appear but only if Kirba calls her. Now you can get the most powerful team of all because this team have the power of the amazing explosions, only you need get Poppy Bros. Jr., Poppy Sis. Jr. and Kirby & Kirba with the Bomb Ability to get the Demolition Team, with it you can destroy all in your way.
Apart of her great power Poppy Sis. Jr. is very cute and pretty but really she is a strong opponent, her booms can defeat anybody, be careful with her. Also, she belongs to the great family of "Poppy", this family always was be know for its powerful powder and for its fireworks, its fireworks makes that it be the best fireworks maker in all Pop Star.

Lives in Green Greens and other places.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure but the original design is by KCCh Team.
Kirby Cosmic Chaos is the best fangame of all, thanks again to all KCCh Team for give the permission and i hope that us enjoy this card.
4 commentsKiroscarby
Apprentice Meta Lady741 viewsThis is Apprentice Meta Lady, evolved form of Child Meta Lady. In this part she is training to will be a star warrior, before she doesn´t know nothing about of the Rod but thanks to G.S.A. she will become the Master in the use of Rod.

Lives in Galaxy Soldier Army Fortress

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
5 commentsKiroscarby
Iceguin Lv 25320 viewsIn KTCG all Pets when grow his or her level have many changes but the pet´s changes don´t depend of the Lv 25 to change their form, in all levels they change their forms.
Iceguin Lv 25 is the advanced form of Blueguin Lv 5. When Ice Kirby uses the pet´s call, Iceguin is summon to the world and he follow the orders of his master. Iceguin has the ability to create cold attacks that can freeze the enemies, apart he have the power to shoot snow. The hat that he has is similar to the hat of his master, the feathers in his neck are white and like as snow and his wings have a beauty blue color.
Also he can freeze the magma, the water and the acid.
In this level he is using an attack called: Blizzard Gale.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure (Remodeling)
Sketch 10 "Orange Abilities"598 viewsThe hardest skecth to draw is this and the most dirty of all, i think. In it appears abilities that have the force of the most courageous aura, the Orange Aura. The strength of them are in their courage because their are willing to fight without fear anything. This is the first time that one of them appear to show its moves. Use them if you are brave.
This sketch is called the Orange Abilities because in it i drew the most representative abilities of this Aura. Next to the ability are symbols that represent the type of the ability.
These abilities are:
On the Left Part
- Fighter Kirby: A perfect ability to be the Master of Combat. This ability allows you to use the force of the Martial Arts. Using your feet and arms to make storms of hits to knockout foes. You can use the aura energy of it to do stronger attacks too.
- Hero Kirby: Look, its a Birdon. No, is a Warpstar. No, its Hero Kirby. With it you can use awesome powers to be a Hero. Like the Smash ability it combines some powers: icy breath, laser vision, higher jumps, super strenght, fighter moves, fast fly (without inhale air), sound waves, among others. This fusion makes it so powerful. Use it to save the day.
- Ninja Kirby: The ability that combine speed, stealth and precision. This ability allow to you use the arts of Ninjutsu. This ancient art allows to use a lot of techniques (elemental powers, clones, transforms, summons) and weapons (shuriken, katana, sai, kunai, scrolls).
On the Right Part
- Shield Kirby: The unique ability that don't use offensive attacks. With it you get a powerful shield that can resist any type of attacks. The tip of the hat protect you from attacks from above. The shield changes when use different techniques and it work to block an especific type of attack. The unique way to defeat foes is returning attacks, squash them or throw it.
- Dino Kirby: Posiblely one of the most ancient abilities of all. This ability allows you to use the strength, speed and edge of a dinosaur. Although the heavy of it makes that you walk slower, the scales make you more resistant against attacks. You can slash, bite, lash, sight at distance and roar with it. Claim your domain as the "Dinosaur King".
- Cook Kirby: The ability that is known as "Final Smash" too. With it you can make a lot of delicious dishes with all foes that are around of you. It only have one attack but now it have more like: use a frying pan as shield, to hit or make it in a big size (anime), throw knives, spoons and forks to foes, use spices, slash with a axe, hit with a flatter, among others.

The Orange Aura has more powers and abilities but these are the most representative.
I hope that you like them.

Note: I'll be waiting for your comment to know what do you think about them.
Remember your comment is a step forward for the correct development of KTCG and KAA.

By Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
2 commentsKiroscarby
Kirba's Abilities Set 21075 viewsIn this set appear other four abilites of kirba. Spark, Diamond, Bomb and Mirror. I explain this abilities.
Spark Kirba: She is different to spark kirby because her electric energy is purple instead of green, her hat contain a Purple Heart Gem that increases her energy and she has thunder bracelets in both arms.
Bomb Kirba: She is similar to bomb kirby but her hat is pink and gets a pink ribbon over it and she attacks with a powerful explosive attacks.
Diamond Kirba: She is very similar to Rock Kirby but she doesn´t use the power of rock instead of rock she uses the Diamond Power that allows transform her in a big diamond that fall down over her enemies and tha diamond can return light attacks as: Beam, Mirror, Laser, among others.
Mirror Kirba: She is similar to Mirror Kirby but her hat is purple and pink instead of red and aqua and instead of Mirror Rod she uses her Mirror to attack the opponents and return theirs attacks.
I hope that you like her abilities.

8 commentsKiroscarby

Last additions - Kiroscarby's Gallery
Squashini Cosplay529 viewsA squashini cosplay that i made for Halloween.
I hope you like it :3
1 commentsKiroscarbyNov 23, 2016
Robobot Armor Water Mode 572 viewsSorry for the late guys, but finally my Water Mode is done.
This is my entry for the Robobot Armor contest, the Water Mode.
When this mode is in the Water, the armor changes its form for the Hydro Rocket form. With it you can cross the waters at high speed.

Read more about Water Mode on the IF contest!!!

I hope you like it :)

Drawn on Ilustrator
1 commentsKiroscarbyAug 15, 2016
Gobbler1068 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: Blue
- Type: Fish
- Atk/Def: 42/29
- Family: Criature
- Class: Common
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyAug 02, 2016
Daroach332 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: Purple
- Type: Thief
- Atk/Def: 41/41
- Family: Squeak Squad
- Class: Effect
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

Effect: This card Attack and Defense increases +5 for each "Squeak Squad" card on your field side. You can send a "Squeak Squad" card from your hand to the trash to draw a card from your deck.

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyJul 04, 2016
Moley323 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: Brown
- Type: Ground
- Atk/Def: 28/28
- Family: Squeak Squad
- Class: Common
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyJun 22, 2016
Muddy663 viewsMy second entry for the Different Double Contest.
The chilly´s cousin from the southern desertic lands, Muddy.

Read more about Muddy on the If contest!!!

I hope you like him :)
3 commentsKiroscarbyJun 02, 2016
Hail Dark Matter!650 viewsBased in Captian America meme.
All this time Meta Knight was a warrior who works for Dark Matter. One of our strongest allies is now our enemy.
What can we do now?
2 commentsKiroscarbyJun 01, 2016
Chameleo Arm354 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: White
- Type: Paint
- Atk/Def: 31/31
- Family: Creature
- Class: Effect
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

Effect: Pay 1 aura point from any aura and this card can change its aura color to any color that you want.

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyMay 28, 2016