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Initial Cards


In this part appear the most basic cards in Kirby Trading Card Game

27 files, last one added on Mar 12, 2010
Album viewed 566 times

Galaxy Soldier Army Deck


This deck have some of the most powerful characters of all kirby´s saga. The great and Powerful Star Warriors (G.S.A.)

18 files, last one added on Nov 21, 2013
Album viewed 464 times

Friendship Force Deck


This deck contains the power of all animals friends of kirby. The most powerful thing in this deck is the Friendship

9 files, last one added on Oct 25, 2008
Album viewed 309 times

Waddle Deck


This deck have all cards from all waddles of the game. And also have the unique and great power of the mighty Waddle Dee Army.

8 files, last one added on Aug 10, 2010
Album viewed 338 times

The Super New Models of kirby.


Appear tha new models of the new games of kirby.
Kirby Trading Card Game (KTCG)
Kirby Aura Adventure (KAA)
And also appear the new characters, moves and power.
I hope that you like it.

51 files, last one added on Aug 15, 2016
Album viewed 1714 times

Dedede's Kingdom Deck


In this deck appear the most powerful cards in King Dedede`s Castle

4 files, last one added on Oct 13, 2008
Album viewed 306 times

Escargoon's Domain Deck


This deck belongs to escargoon and he thinks that his deck is most powerfull that king dedede´s deck. But what is the best, The King or the Servant?

4 files, last one added on Oct 13, 2008
Album viewed 289 times

Colorful Canvas Deck


In this deck uses all colors of the rainbow to defeat the opponent, although only have the Paint Type, has a great and awesome power and also can change the aura of the opponent´s deck.

5 files, last one added on May 28, 2016
Album viewed 331 times

Bugzzy's Jungle Deck


In this deck appear all forms of bugzzy and his insectoids friends that live in Beetle Jungle

4 files, last one added on Dec 26, 2008
Album viewed 289 times

Dark Matter Galaxy Deck


In this deck appear all forms of Matter as: Dark Matter, Zero, Zero 2, Drawcia, Dark Mind, Nightmare, Dark Nebula, among others and their evolved forms.

11 files, last one added on Dec 19, 2014
Album viewed 378 times

Animals Rebelion Deck


This deck is controlled by animals that are planing a rebellion against humans and other creatures

3 files, last one added on Aug 22, 2008
Album viewed 281 times

Aircraft Force Base Deck


In this deck appear all creatures of 01, 02, 03 ,04 and Central Aircraft Station.

2 files, last one added on Aug 03, 2008
Album viewed 267 times

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Random files - Kiroscarby's Gallery
Fight Beetle405 viewsThis is Fight Beetle, the first form of Buggzy. He is the beetle that Buggzy throws to his opponents but also can give many punches to the opponents, bite with his scissors and raise them in the air to let them fall.

Lives in Beetles Jungle

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
1 commentsKiroscarby
Gansan479 viewsThis is Gansan. He only appears in the game: Kirby's Dreamland 3. Gansan is one of the rarest enemies of all because he only appears in few stages and when he walks his eyes are transfered to another rock of the three rocks that compose his body. He only has few attacks as roll for a slope to hit the opponents or fall over them. Now, in KAA Gansan gets a new attack to defeat his opponent, it consist in throw the rock that have his eyes to hit the opponent, after hits the opponent his rock returns to the rest of his rocks and gansan is reassembled again. But the weak of this new move is if the rock with the eyes is inhaled or attacked, it will be defeated and Gansan will be defeated too. If this move hits the opponent, it makes a great damage.
Gansan become heavier than before, for that if you want inhale him you need to use the Super Inhale but if only inhale one you can make it. Gansan is more resistant too because to defeat him you need to give two hits, with the first you disassemble him and with the last to defeat him but only if you hit him in the rock with eyes or hit all rocks, when is disassembled he forms three separate rocks with a weight that the Normal Inhale can will inhale.
With the Ground Ability or the "Domination Beam" of Baton Ability you can disassemble him without attack him and you will can use him as an attack throwing his parts to the opponents or making a defensive barrier against the opponents attacks. Gansan has become more an ally than a foe with these two abilities but with the rest of the abilities he is a resistant opponent. Now to defeat him you need to become stronger than before.
Note: If you disassamble him and don't defeat him, after a little time he becomes to reassamble himself. Although he is a slow rock you need become faster to avoid this.

He lives in Sand Canyon, Old Tower and Radish Ruins, but appears more on Rock Ruins (On Rock Star).

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
Browtle Lv 5322 viewsThis is Browtle, pet of Brown Kirby.
Browtle gets a higher level in defense, his shell is a rock fortress because is a great defense against the enemies and when he hides in his shell is Rock shell is invincibility as when kirby transform in a Rock. And he can combine his defense with the defense of his master to create a Super Rock Shield.
His attacks are: Earthquake, Rock Throw, Rock Wave, Endurance Shell, among others.

For example, in this level he is using the attack Earthquake.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
2 commentsKiroscarby
Blackphant Lv 5260 viewsThis is Blackphant, is the pet of Black Kirby
Blackphant can uses explosive attacks as Bombs, MiSsiles, Time, Bomb, among others. In sometimes his attacks are more powerful because his energy is low his attacks not are very effective and his master can mount him to increases his speed and combine theirs explosions to create one bigger.
His attacks are: Bomb Throw, Missile Launcher, Crash, among others.

In this level he is using the attack Bomb Throw

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
Magma Kirby Lv 10430 viewsMagma Kirby Lv 10 is the advanced form of Magma Kirby Lv 5. Apart of be a new ability this ability have a unique power and is super cool, with this power Kirby has the ability to walk over the liquid magma (lava) and also can through magmafalls (waterfall of lava). When Magma Kirby walk over snow or ice the power of this ability melts it in a instant and if a enemy hit to Magma Kirby with a physical attack the enemy result hurt because the body of kirby is extremely hot. For the moment the unique enemy that have this ability is the first form of Magman the little "Magny"
In this level he is using an attack called: Magma Ball.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
2 commentsKiroscarby
Snoozroot375 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: Green
- Type: Nature
- Atk/Def: 13/13
- Family: Creature
- Class: Common
- Level: Super
- Gender: Female

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
Hummion Lv 5394 viewsThis is Hummion, the pet of Union Kirby
Hummion is the fusion of pinfly and birdient, at same that his master that is the fusion of kirba and kirby. He is the second most poweful pet of all because he can use the power of the Union Type (That is the second most powerful ability), he can use physical and special attacks against his opponents, his master can mount him and he combine his union power with the union power of his master to create Hyper Great Attack that is extremelly dangerous because the attack is able to defeat a boss in one hit but if the attack fail is possible that the attack defeat your parnet.
His attacks are. Fly, Union Pinch, Union Pick, Union Beam, among others.

For example, in this level he is using the attack Fly

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
3 commentsKiroscarby
Zero31005 viewsThis is Zero3, fusion of Zero and Zero2

This is the most powerful form of Zero. He is the final boss of the Ultimate Star. Besides being one of the most powerful bosses is also an essential element for the great fusion of Millennium Matter. This form is much more powerful attacks to their earlier forms such as:

.Throwing Mini Matters to the oponent
. A rain of their feather
. Can gotcha with its double halo
Throw a powerful beam of his eye and the eye of his halo, and also what was once his weak point now is a hyper drill which Hill only be weak destroying its two halos. However, Aura Matter and Millennium Mater are even more powerful than him.

5 commentsKiroscarby

Last additions - Kiroscarby's Gallery
Squashini Cosplay582 viewsA squashini cosplay that i made for Halloween.
I hope you like it :3
1 commentsKiroscarbyNov 23, 2016
Robobot Armor Water Mode 620 viewsSorry for the late guys, but finally my Water Mode is done.
This is my entry for the Robobot Armor contest, the Water Mode.
When this mode is in the Water, the armor changes its form for the Hydro Rocket form. With it you can cross the waters at high speed.

Read more about Water Mode on the IF contest!!!

I hope you like it :)

Drawn on Ilustrator
1 commentsKiroscarbyAug 15, 2016
Gobbler1185 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: Blue
- Type: Fish
- Atk/Def: 42/29
- Family: Criature
- Class: Common
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyAug 02, 2016
Daroach367 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: Purple
- Type: Thief
- Atk/Def: 41/41
- Family: Squeak Squad
- Class: Effect
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

Effect: This card Attack and Defense increases +5 for each "Squeak Squad" card on your field side. You can send a "Squeak Squad" card from your hand to the trash to draw a card from your deck.

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyJul 04, 2016
Moley357 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: Brown
- Type: Ground
- Atk/Def: 28/28
- Family: Squeak Squad
- Class: Common
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyJun 22, 2016
Muddy721 viewsMy second entry for the Different Double Contest.
The chilly´s cousin from the southern desertic lands, Muddy.

Read more about Muddy on the If contest!!!

I hope you like him :)
3 commentsKiroscarbyJun 02, 2016
Hail Dark Matter!698 viewsBased in Captian America meme.
All this time Meta Knight was a warrior who works for Dark Matter. One of our strongest allies is now our enemy.
What can we do now?
2 commentsKiroscarbyJun 01, 2016
Chameleo Arm392 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: White
- Type: Paint
- Atk/Def: 31/31
- Family: Creature
- Class: Effect
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

Effect: Pay 1 aura point from any aura and this card can change its aura color to any color that you want.

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyMay 28, 2016