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This will have pictures relating primarily to Kirby in them.

13 files, last one added on Sep 17, 2008
Album viewed 95 times



I'm not that great at drawing, especially landscapes. Yet Dreamland has the potential for any amount of beautiful scenery; I have to try at least a few!

10 files, last one added on Sep 17, 2008
Album viewed 62 times

King Dedede


This will have King Dedede as a primary subject throughout it.

11 files, last one added on Oct 01, 2008
Album viewed 69 times



Oh? PD? It seems to be just a normal Waddle Doo helper. Could I be... planning something? Some form of fan fiction? What would make you think that?

3 files, last one added on Sep 04, 2008
Album viewed 52 times

Other Characters


Other characters from the Kirbyverse besides those I have folders for already. That includes Meta Knight, I'm sorry.

11 files, last one added on Oct 01, 2008
Album viewed 62 times



This is where I'll be putting comics of my... Erm... Well, that's classified for now.

7 files, last one added on Oct 02, 2008
Album viewed 64 times

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Random files - Nanabobo's Gallery
The Broken Dream City338 viewsA broken apart city in Dreamland. I'm bad at drawing buildings, so I took it one step at a time by destroying the city before drawing it.Nanabobo
Frozen Hillside268 viewsI'm sad to say this turned out better scanned than it did on paper, and it still didn't capture the beauty of Frozen Hillside. Such a majestic place, and with two beautiful songs!Nanabobo
Dance Competition507 viewsHere's a first glance at the characters from... By now it might be a little obvious, but it's still classified. Well, Kirby is showing off to Dedede his awesome dance. Dedede and PD have been planning a little something, though...

Thanks to Ian, my good friend in college, for arranging my doodles into a comic frame. I wish I had a program that could resize pictures well enough for that...

And don't mention where the altered name of the dance came from. Yes, it's based off Waddle Dee Army.
Hi!293 views... If you've never drawn a picture of Kirby waving you're probably lying.Nanabobo
A Dreamland View196 viewsI haven't decided where this is. Probably relatively close to Kirby's house, since there's a forest next to the rolling hills with the mountains in the background.Nanabobo
Adeleine352 viewsSo I drew a picture of an artist. Pretty hilarious there, eh? Not really? Okay, then. But she's still my favorite artist. Sorry, Paint Roller and Heavy Lobster!

Wait, is Heavy Lobster even a painter?!
Zombie Kirby496 viewsLong story made short, a friend let me borrow Marvel Zombies. I had nightmares. I woke up and had to draw something to calm my nerves, but zombies were still on it. Thus this.3 commentsNanabobo
Pose for the portrait338 viewsKing Dedede and Kirby pose as the heroes of Dreamland for an artist's vision. Is it Ado? Adeleine? Paint Roller? I suggest you not ponder it too much; I didn't.Nanabobo

Last additions - Nanabobo's Gallery
That's What Bein' Friends is About464 viewsIt's a cute little comic, isn't it? You didn't think I would go the make-out way with Face-to-Face, did you?1 commentsNanaboboOct 02, 2008
Helper to Hero459 viewsHere we see PD finally achieving something worthy in his life all by himself. Only to find that he may have done a few things wrong along the way.1 commentsNanaboboOct 02, 2008
Dreamland Ball484 viewsHomecoming is getting close and the theme this year is "Ship of Dreams". It's obvious the first thing I thought of was not the mighty Titanic, but rather the Halberd. And so here are a few characters from around Pop Star ready to have a blast! King Dedede in his nice new tuxedo, Kirby with a Chalky spray paint and a pink carnation, Meta Knight and his uber-revealing mask, PD with a fancy tie, and... Kracko... Omigod, is that a Lovely?!6 commentsNanaboboOct 01, 2008
Where did Blopper go?473 viewsOkay, so all sorts of enemies from the Extra game of Dreamland appear in RotK. Why, though, did they replace Cappies with odd blue shroom creatures instead of Bloppers? Quite possible they retired after that incident there.3 commentsNanaboboOct 01, 2008
Great King in Brawl353 viewsAs you may know, in my style I draw King Dedede's belly warmer as pants. Therefore, I wanted to draw his Brawl costumes except his easily replicated green one from Kirby 64 and his blue one because I didn't feel like drawing it at the time. As for the bottom part? My friend and I came up with a random theory about how in the Smash Brothers games Kirby's Inhale is actually a Hypnosis attack that makes the enemy stunned long enough for him to run to their house, grab their cap, and run back to the battle.NanaboboOct 01, 2008
The Star Rod294 viewsI still say King Dedede's a good guy, and RotK doesn't make me think any differently. He cares about his friends a whole lot.NanaboboOct 01, 2008
Pink Showers247 viewsSo... Tomorrow something "Celestic" is going to be happening in select cities around America, all involving a place name of "Kirby". Could it be... Fireworks? Balloons? Or something more?

I guess this isn't as much of a Dreamscape as a landscape with Pop Star in it.
NanaboboSep 17, 2008
45 Kirbies in 75 Minutes562 viewsAs you can read from the paper, I probably shouldn't have been doing this at the time, but I feel it was worth it, don't you?4 commentsNanaboboSep 17, 2008