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.:: JS's Kirby Fanart ::.


My fanart pieces that I make in my spare time.
I do both Traditional and Digital work.

44 files, last one added on Mar 21, 2011
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Random files - JessicaSephiroth's Gallery
Release of Stars589 viewsMeta Knight and Kirby playing with their stars under some night sky.
I know Kirby has the small warp star, but maybe Meta Knight might of had one too? (maybe?)

Cracked Kracko577 viewsThis was a quickie Gijinka of Kracko that I did awhile back. The picture is pretty flawed but I still like it alot. ^ ^3 commentsJessicaSephiroth
Thinking of You739 viewsDo you get those moments when you look back on a picture before going to sleep?
Here's a little picture of Kirby before going to sleep.
Who do you think he is thinking of?
2 commentsJessicaSephiroth
Looking at the Camera448 viewsHow does Meta Knight feel under the fangirl spotlight?
Would he enjoy the attention or try to run away?
This is the one where he is enjoying the attention because there so many of pictures of him running away.
~Rawr ;D
1 commentsJessicaSephiroth
I WILL RULE618 viewsThere's not a whole lot of Marx humaniod-ish pictures out there, so here's my idea on how he would look.
4 commentsJessicaSephiroth
.::Lurking in the Shadows::.627 viewsJust some good ole Tegaki work.
I don't draw alot of 02, even when doodling, so this was alot of fun. :3

Enjoy. <3
2 commentsJessicaSephiroth
Sir Meta Knight708 viewsMeta Knight with a more human/elven form.
This is the way I picture him how to look anyways.
This piece took quite a bit off time, but it was work it.
I used alot of coloured pencils. <3

Enjoy! <333
3 commentsJessicaSephiroth
.::STAR ROD::.762 viewsAnother Star Rod Picture because I just love making things shiny.

I would of had this uploaded on DA ages ago but I keep getting errors, so looks like KRR will be getting my new art first. c: <3

Made in MintGimp.
6 commentsJessicaSephiroth

Last additions - JessicaSephiroth's Gallery
Chibi Meta Knight500 viewsChibi Meta Knight.
This was done awhile ago and was one of my first chibis done this year.
Done in Gimp.
Enjoy. :3
1 commentsJessicaSephirothMar 21, 2011
Zero 02 in 30 mins383 viewsJust a request doodle thing I was doing on Deviantart.
Done in 30 minuets flat, no references. (Not that I think it was needed)
Done in GimpMint.
2 commentsJessicaSephirothMar 21, 2011
Chibi Prince Fluff566 viewsHeres a chibi human version of Prince Fluff from Epic Yarn.
I know his eyes are brown, but I totally forgot and had no references at the time it was being made.
Anyhoo, I know I haven't submitted here in awhile, I am way more active on my Deviantart. :U
You can find the lineart for this along with many others if anyone is interested in coloring some stuffs.
2 commentsJessicaSephirothMar 21, 2011
Meta Knight Portrait401 views(This is a huge file!)
Man this picture took forever to do but I eventually finished it,
Made in gimp and it took too many hours!
2 commentsJessicaSephirothAug 11, 2010
Meta Knight Doodle683 viewsJust a simple doodles with some thrown on effects. I really like this sketch for some reason. :37 commentsJessicaSephirothAug 11, 2010
Cracked Kracko577 viewsThis was a quickie Gijinka of Kracko that I did awhile back. The picture is pretty flawed but I still like it alot. ^ ^3 commentsJessicaSephirothAug 11, 2010
Burnin Leo Gijinka Portrait581 viewsHere's my version of Burnin Leo.
Yes I know he is suppose to be blue skin and have a green head band, but it just didn't look as cool when his skin is all firery.

Sketched in Tegaki E.
Finished in Gimp.

Enjoy! <3
6 commentsJessicaSephirothMay 30, 2010
OH BB648 viewsSurely MK will catch who is ever leaving foot prints all over the ship. Someone must like seeing Sailor Dee work.

Hur hur hur.
8 commentsJessicaSephirothMay 28, 2010