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This is my 1st one, enjoy!

112 files, last one added on Jan 26, 2014
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Country Kirbies


17 files, last one added on Aug 11, 2010
Album viewed 184 times

Kirby Anime(US) from 4kids to cartoonetwork.


To Kirby fans in the US (don't live in the US, that's okay, enjoy it any way.) What do you think if cartoonetwork have Kirby Anime(US), but not 4Kids(AKA 4Idoits)? Nouthing's persional :D

4 files, last one added on Mar 03, 2009
Album viewed 82 times

Planet Puffball comic


This is an art trade comic I'm makeing between me and my friends in DA.
Scaz, Kenizar, Zoc, Camile, Darlexa, Kody, Caraline, Kraigzer, and Angela belongs to Gamerdragon07
Lightshine and Luna belongs to Goldeintendo
Flower, Buster, Roxy, and other Puffballs belongs to me.

6 files, last one added on Aug 27, 2012
Album viewed 554 times

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Random files - Kirby-4-ever's Gallery
Why?467 viewsI did this at school, I used markers. I don't think Waddle Doo's suppose to have an eyebrow, alwell too late.1 commentsKirby-4-ever
Roxy203 viewsKirby-4-ever
Destruction289 viewsI did this in school, but I don't know why Liugi is blue.Kirby-4-ever
Kirby doesn't like the Partty hat433 viewsIn the Kirby Wii, why Nintendo gives Kirby a Partty hat?2 commentsKirby-4-ever
Kirby in Germany435 viewsKirby dances aroud in a Germon hat!4 commentsKirby-4-ever
Kirby goes to Finland (remake)605 viewsI made this pic before but Kirby dosen't have a hat on because I couldn't think of the theme for it. xD So months latter, I remade the pic and put the hat on Kirby, the hat took me like 30mins-an hour to make, but it's fun and it's vary cute on Kirby!8 commentsKirby-4-ever
What are you doing?477 viewsBased off of the begining of episode 17 of the Kirby anime, when Kirby is counting agenst the wall and Fumu came outside a little confused. It's also one of my favorite parts of the episode!2 commentsKirby-4-ever
Kirby-4-ever & A Kirby and his Cheese262 viewsFor A Kirby and his Cheese.1 commentsKirby-4-ever

Last additions - Kirby-4-ever's Gallery
Moved!594 viewsI haven't been active here for a long time and won't really be active around here much anymore. Don't know how many people that I know in the past (Older members before 2010) I also won't be uploading here again as well even though the last thing uploaded here was maybe 2-3 years ago.

If you want to see more of my art, just go to my page on Deviantart.

There's a few art that I uploaded here over there and many better ones, since I improved over the years.
Kirby-4-everJan 26, 2014
Planet Puffball pg 13552 viewsI'm not sure that people are still reading the comic here. So here it is, page 13 of Planet Puffball! :DKirby-4-everAug 27, 2012
Needle Kirby -remake-476 viewsA remake of an old picture that I posted here back in the summer of 09.

Yes I know I haven't been here forever, but I just want to put there here really quick.
Kirby-4-everMay 14, 2012
For a friend from China455 viewsI been wanting to make this pic for over a year and a half, but I never got into making it. Well, I made it for a friend that was from China and I liked how the pic came out!:D2 commentsKirby-4-everAug 11, 2010
Kirby and his family478 viewsI haven't uploaded a pic here for months, so here a pic. This was for a contest for a Kirby group in DA.Kirby-4-everJul 29, 2010
My Kirbyclay box :3585 viewsThis is the clay box I made in school, it took me weeks to work on and I worked vary hard on it. I just love the way my box came out, and the glaze made it all shiny!

I took the pics of the box at school with my DSi camera, but I'll take it home after my school's art show in the middle of the month and I'll be able to take it home and keep it for ever.

Yeah, I know that the counter's all scratchy and a bit dirty.^^;
5 commentsKirby-4-everMay 05, 2010
007. Heaven292 viewsI was kinda bored, so I made another pic for a project over in DA, and I like the way the pic came out. Kirby-4-everMar 22, 2010
Kirby playing with the dog280 viewsWhoa geez, when was the last time I was here?!O_o So anyways, I'm not dead and stoped comming here. (Why would I do that, I love KRR and I like to be here a lot and comming since late 08!) The reason I was inactive cause I was bussy with stuff such as request on DA(like this one for a friend), and I have been haveing conputer problems for a few weeks. So I'm back and I will be comming here when I can. Just to let those who knows me well here know what's going on. ^^;Kirby-4-everMar 11, 2010