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Ability Art


2 files, last one added on Feb 23, 2009
Album viewed 51 times

Top Tens in Dreamland


2 files, last one added on Feb 28, 2009
Album viewed 52 times

Other Crap


9 files, last one added on Apr 20, 2009
Album viewed 52 times

"If" Junk


6 files, last one added on Apr 04, 2009
Album viewed 78 times

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Random files - Meta's Gallery
Strange Style462 viewsIt looks... wierd1 commentsMeta
Lance Knight735 viewsI thought this guy was 100% perfect. probably my fav so far.3 commentsMeta
Dreamland 3's Top Ten635 viewsDreamland 3's Top Ten: Klinko, Wapod, Apollo, Sasuke, Popon, Polof, Peran, Corori, Pacto, and Nidoo.

First in my series! I remember when my brother (Theorizer) and I used to play this game all the time! (I was always Gooey! =D) I always loved when I ran into these 10 enemies! I will do more of these "Top Tens in Dreamlands", so stay tuned! Next, I'm probably going to do Kirby's Dreamland.
8 commentsMeta
Shotzo don't like Kirby683 viewsMS Paint's Spray Paint tool.4 commentsMeta
Daati Kaabi357 viewsDot Kirby! Inspired by a pic I believe Minon made.Meta
Meta479 viewsKnight4 commentsMeta
Blobby Kirby484 viewsI'm surprised nd delighted that this got front page!2 commentsMeta
Kirby's Dreamland Top 10!749 viewsAnd the awards go to ... Blopper, Dizzy, Chuckie, Kookler, Mr. P. Umpkin, Wizzer, Puff, Koozer, Benny and Two Face!

You have no idea how long this style took to do, making each pixel, then overlapping it... yeah, it was kinda hard. I love these enemies alot though, so it was worth it!
3 commentsMeta

Last additions - Meta's Gallery
Light Kirby564 views3 commentsMetaApr 20, 2009
Kirby and the Star478 views3 commentsMetaApr 12, 2009
Dark Night in Dreamland528 views3 commentsMetaApr 10, 2009
Meta479 viewsKnight4 commentsMetaApr 04, 2009
Lightning Knight527 viewsZ-ZAP!MetaApr 04, 2009
Lance Knight735 viewsI thought this guy was 100% perfect. probably my fav so far.3 commentsMetaApr 01, 2009
Dagger Knight516 viewsIt's Dagger Knight! I obviosly wan't going to draw the "50 daggers" on his belt, but I did draw a few. Also, the creator said he was brown, and teal, so I mixed the two together for his skin color.MetaMar 31, 2009
Feather Knight525 viewsFeather KnightMetaMar 30, 2009