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Destructo's Kirby art


Most of my main Kirby art goes here.

33 files, last one added on Jul 18, 2010
Album viewed 141 times

Destructo's fan games


This is my album for my Kirby fan-games artwork.

5 files, last one added on Mar 26, 2010
Album viewed 57 times

Characters and ablilities


This album will include Kirby characters and abilities with a Japanese word(s)
beside them relating to the picture.

3 files, last one added on Nov 15, 2009
Album viewed 46 times



Kirby parodies most likely on games I like.

3 files, last one added on Aug 31, 2010
Album viewed 52 times

4 albums on 1 page(s)

Random files - Destructo-Knight's Gallery
Sword Kirby test379 viewsFor this picture I was testing out my pencil crayons and
different ways to shade.
I should probably start coloring darker.
1 commentsDestructo-Knight
Marx487 viewsI just don't have very many pictures of Marx, but I think I made him to fat.
Done on MS paint.
4 commentsDestructo-Knight
Classic pie-in-the-face trick654 viewsPoor waddle dee....... Anyways Happy April Fools Day!5 commentsDestructo-Knight
Wait for me!782 viewsWell I am currently playing Kirby's Dreamland 3 and its my first time playing it,
it inspired me to make this.
5 commentsDestructo-Knight
Cross bow knight514 viewsThis my knight for the If you could create a round knight contest.
Read more about him in the interactive fandom.
Oh ya and this picture was way bigger but it was to big
so I had to cut it down.
2 commentsDestructo-Knight
Zer0 2455 views02 my favourite form of dark matter, I mean any Kirby fan draws this guy
so I thought "why not?"
2 commentsDestructo-Knight
Popstar at war435 viewswell I was playing Call of Duty World at War(if any one has heard of it) recently so it inspired me to make this. 2 commentsDestructo-Knight
Kirby and the legendary swords473 viewsThis my fan game Kirby and the legendary swords. And these are just ideas not actual fan games.So this game is about a strange person in a cloak trying to steal all the legendary swords in order to gain great amounts of power so that he can control the universe. When Kirby and his friends find out about this they must stop him and seek out the wielders of the legendary swords before the man in the cloak called the Shadow Shaman and his assistant Mira get to the wielders and the swords first.1 commentsDestructo-Knight

Last additions - Destructo-Knight's Gallery
Kirby's loves his veggies!517 viewsI drew this in a car trip when I was bored, because I've been playing pickmin again recently so yah. also I didn't notice before but this picture some what resembles the front cover of Pikmin.2 commentsDestructo-KnightAug 31, 2010
Games I can't wait for!500 viewsThese three games I can't wait for: Kirby's Epic yarn, Zelda Skyward Sword and Conduit 2.2 commentsDestructo-KnightJul 18, 2010
Kirby vs. 02: A different view of things415 viewsI wanted to do a picture of Kirby vs. Zero Two but I wanted to make it more unique so I
Made it First-person.
1 commentsDestructo-KnightJun 06, 2010
Kirby and Adeliene sprites 399 viewsYa, I thought maybe a pixel style would be cool to try... So here are my experiments!
Kirby sprites and a face sprite and Adeliene sprites and a face. Maybe I'll upload other pixel
art later.
Destructo-KnightMay 16, 2010
Henry the penguin 465 viewsThis is my entry for the latest IF contest, you can read about him when he gets in. I uploaded this picture into the gallery
here 'cause it said there was an error storing my picture in the database or something like that.
Destructo-KnightApr 08, 2010
KIRBY EASTER CANDY451 viewsSorry this isn't fan art and sorry it isn't really an easter picture but I just got back from my Easter vacation
and also been busy with a lot of other things including my comics. But when I was looking through my Easter candy
I found this gummy that looks like Kirby, but... don't ask me about the bottom/feet because I don't know....
1 commentsDestructo-KnightApr 07, 2010
Dreams and nightmares362 viewsThis picture is a little bit scary but I think it turned out pretty well.
As you can see some kind of war is happening and Adeleine is very sad. Her canvas reflects how she feels. Also this
relates to my fan games and if you want to know more about my fan game than you already do then just
wait, 'cause I'm making them into a comic series, hopefully soon.
2 commentsDestructo-KnightMar 26, 2010
Kirby zombie apocalypse449 viewsAfter playing left 4 dead This is what happens, Although it has been a while
since I last uploaded a picture. Next time hopefully another parody, or a normal picture.
And yes I know it's not my best work here but it's a quickie. Full view it for better quality!
1 commentsDestructo-KnightFeb 03, 2010