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Original Characters/Redesigns


6 files, last one added on Oct 04, 2011
Album viewed 72 times

Good Guys


Do i really need to explain?

5 files, last one added on Oct 04, 2010
Album viewed 58 times

Bad Dudes


20 files, last one added on Jan 18, 2011
Album viewed 111 times

Epic Battles


2 files, last one added on Nov 08, 2009
Album viewed 72 times

Other stuff


12 files, last one added on Aug 20, 2012
Album viewed 94 times

Tributes to da awesome arteests here


Tributes to people who are awesome

4 files, last one added on Jan 05, 2012
Album viewed 71 times

Random kirbies


kirbies that have eaten characters from other games.

3 files, last one added on Dec 20, 2010
Album viewed 69 times

Okami style


7 files, last one added on Dec 25, 2010
Album viewed 58 times

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Random files - Darkmattersamurai's Gallery
Heavy Mole538 viewsMy first drawing in i guess you could say my new style, but yeah just this robot dude. Made with color pencils and Prismacolor Art Markers.2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
I am awesome for I... have a moustache...536 viewsJust a very stupid picture I made on Ms paint.2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Weldar kirby313 viewsWhat kirby might look like if he ate weldar from Banjo-Tooie of the Banjo-Kazooie series. The Real thing is Weldar Visually impaired welding torch.Darkmattersamurai
Okami style Efrite374 viewsThis might become a daily thing...1 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Hammerhood kirby249 viewsIf kirby ate a hammerhood i beleive this is what it would look like.Darkmattersamurai
Paint Roller Remade365 viewsI remade paint roller on ms paint (again)
also if you feel like it please tell meh which version you like betta.
(also i speak pigeon-english for dose who don't understand meh)
4 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Dark Matter Samurai's secret298 viewsUnder his scarf lies something that shows why he's associated with Dark Matter.2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Mushimash394 viewsMy if entryDarkmattersamurai

Last additions - Darkmattersamurai's Gallery
255 viewsDarkmattersamuraiAug 20, 2012
Poyo.630 viewsEver heard of the gentlemen meme? well this is it in kirby form so yeah... dats it. Just wanted to post something new.1 commentsDarkmattersamuraiMay 16, 2012
Pointless Picture223 viewsWASSUP GUYS IM A BRONY! kthnxbaiDarkmattersamuraiApr 13, 2012
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, the sadness.414 viewsThis is pretty much a tribute to all the users that have abondoned the resort, yes, all o' them from The New Guy to Kirazy. I respect all of them even if they didn't tribute to the site much. So yeah sorry bout the lack o' art lately, basically lack of inspiration to draw kirby-related art plus the fact that my computer got a virus and my new computer will stop running its operating system and school sucks and lots of family stuff with christmas, summer, and new years. Yeah I wasn't murdered by scream.3 commentsDarkmattersamuraiJan 05, 2012
Bird in the Wind394 viewsI've always liked Birdons, but I've always felt that they were a little "underdeveloped" I guess basically this is what I'd design Birdon if it were my idea/choice to redesign an enemy. So yeah, Nuffin' else for me to say.2 commentsDarkmattersamuraiOct 04, 2011
You Dont Mess With Eelektross520 viewsHEY GUYS I'M NOT DEAD!!!!!
Well anyway I just wanted to draw my fav Gen V pokemon wanting to beat the living crud out of some kirby enemy. (Was going to use waddle dee but they're too awesome.) Also was for shading practice.
4 commentsDarkmattersamuraiMay 20, 2011
Kirby & Pitch Vs. Weldar441 viewsThe next in my vs. series
This one's against Weldar from Banjo-Tooie
Well nothing else to say here
Colored Pencils, Crayons, and Prismacolor Pens
DarkmattersamuraiMar 12, 2011
Kirby & Gooey Vs. Cortez688 viewsThe first of a series Im making.
It's basically kirby and one of his friends fighting bosses from other games.
So this one is against Cortez from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Sorry for lack of shading, ms paint was being stupid, again.
Background found on google.
Hand drawn, colored on ms paint.
2 commentsDarkmattersamuraiFeb 24, 2011