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Kirby Paint


This is basically some drawings I drew with MS Paint.

37 files, last one added on Dec 04, 2010
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Random files - littledude12333's Gallery
Grim Matter267 viewsGrim Matter is a character that I made based off of dark matter. actually, I got the idea from a strange picture I saw at McDonald's.2 commentslittledude12333
Kirby's Trick or Treat226 viewsThis is a Halloween Special I did for Halloween 2010. TRICK OR TREAT! Plop Plop goes my candy.littledude12333
Zero194 viewsThis is a big ball of death. Basically?littledude12333
Mike Kirby196 viewsThis is Mike Kirby. He has the power to sing with amazing power and cause shockwaves that wipe out all enemies on the screen.littledude12333
Canvas Kirby180 viewsThis is Kirby's appearance in Kirby: Canvas Curse.littledude12333
Kirby Face196 viewsHiiiiiii!littledude12333
Meta Knight Unmasked186 viewsMeta Knight without his mask on.littledude12333
Kirby Thanksgiving Special189 viewsThanksgiving is coming up, so why not dress Kirby up as Squanto and do a skit?littledude12333

Last additions - littledude12333's Gallery
Galacta Knight352 viewsThe strongest warrior in the universe is coming to KRR.3 commentslittledude12333Dec 04, 2010
Bronto Burt202 viewsAgain, another character I missed.littledude12333Dec 02, 2010
Gordo194 viewsYeah, some of the spikes came out too small, but he was supposed to be altering the size of his spikes like he does in some games.littledude12333Dec 02, 2010
Beaming Waddle Doo357 viewsI was looking through my album, and I noticed that I was missing one of the most well known characters in the entire series: Waddle Doo!2 commentslittledude12333Dec 02, 2010
Dark Matter Swordsman218 viewsHoooooohuummmmmmm...littledude12333Dec 01, 2010
The Two Variations of Plasma Kirby220 viewsOne was actually spark kirby, the other was plasma.littledude12333Dec 01, 2010
MKR Halberd Escape Scene297 viewsKirby didn't come out as good as some of my other work usually does. I have made some adjustments to Meta Knight. I fixed the eyes, added wings (optionally), and added spikes on the sides of the sword. This is the scene where kirby has to escape the halberd when it is blowing up after defeating meta knight.littledude12333Nov 27, 2010
Waddle Dee304 viewsWaddle waddle...3 commentslittledude12333Nov 25, 2010