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Drawings, what do you think?

27 files, last one added on May 12, 2013
Album viewed 129 times

Kirby Star Project


A project that I'm working on to draw everything. I will take requests!

25 files, last one added on Aug 17, 2012
Album viewed 121 times

Kirby Trading Card Game


I have thought about this for a long time, and finally decided to make my own Kirby Trading Card Game!

20 files, last one added on Aug 25, 2012
Album viewed 261 times


3 albums on 1 page(s)

Random files - ipuresonic99's Gallery
Sword Kirby (Revised)162 viewsI had to revise the colors on this and a few others. The old ones looked all...dark.ipuresonic99
Pencil Kirby - Outline308 viewsAn outline of the previous sketch.ipuresonic99
BOO!!227 viewsWaddle Dee has always been cute by my vision. Kirby's eyes look insane LOL! I am still taking requests for things to draw.ipuresonic99
Hocus and Pocus239 viewsYay! New enemies! I haven't posted anything in a while...Anyway, these are some enemies that I made up. As you can see, Pocus is stronger than Hocus. When
Hocus: Walks around casually, sometimes swings its staff that can hit Kirby at close range. Needs about the same amount of hits as Sir Kibble.
Pocus: Walks around sometimes, but can float above the ground briefly. Casts Fire and Ice spells, but is one staff is knocked out of its hand by attacking it, it can only shoot fairly short range spark balls.
Kirby Lv.10471 viewsThe pink puff of wonder!2 commentsipuresonic99
Beam Kirby Lv.15218 viewsControl electricity with this wand! Zap enemies with Beam Whip, then finish them off with Wave Beam!ipuresonic99
Pencil Kirby - Colored349 viewsThe final result of this drawing.ipuresonic99
Sword Kirby Lv.15356 viewsYou are the master of all blades! Fight!2 commentsipuresonic99

Last additions - ipuresonic99's Gallery
Pencil Kirby - Colored349 viewsThe final result of this drawing.ipuresonic99May 12, 2013
Pencil Kirby - Outline308 viewsAn outline of the previous sketch.ipuresonic99May 12, 2013
Pencil Kirby - Sketch245 viewsFreehand drawing of Kirby, sorry about the lighting.ipuresonic99May 12, 2013
Maybe He Should've Brought His Own Plate526 viewsKirby: Poyo! (Cookies!)
Meta Knight: How dare you use my mask this way!?

*Incase anyone didn't notice, Kirby is using his mask as a plate to offer him cookies!
ipuresonic99Aug 25, 2012
Sword Knight Lv.15442 viewsHow awesome.ipuresonic99Aug 25, 2012
Maximum Tomato342 viewsI've heard that it's actually called Maxim Tomato, but Maximum makes more sense.ipuresonic99Aug 25, 2012
Hot Head Lv.10321 viewsThe mouth came out a bit weird...ipuresonic99Aug 25, 2012
Chilly Lv.15281 viewsAlways got that serious expression on his face.ipuresonic99Aug 25, 2012