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Sid and Watts2041 viewsTwo puffballs based off SquareEnix's Mana and FF series

Sid's is the Kirby with the Drill and Wrench
Watt's is then Waddle Dee with the Hammer and Taser
14 commentsMinon
Air Riders1502 viewsKirby and Sonic...
Seemed strange how Sonic riders was so similar to Air Ride(in ways).

A pencil sketch done on notebook paper.
18 commentsMinon
Beanstalk Park2205 viewsAn attempt at a different coloring method.
I think it turned out pretty well.
31 commentsMinon
Escape The Halberd2002 viewsAny KSS player should know VERY well what this is.
Characters turned out pretty well, but the bg sucks...
15 commentsMinon
Shrouded in Darkness2352 viewsOld pic.
I consider Drawcia and the Para Matters to be a type of Dark Matter.

and the small ones with claws and a helmet are of my original design, called Soldier Matter.
19 commentsMinon
Dorocche Oekaki1123 viewsSimply put, a pic of Dorocche done at some Oekaki board(not KRR).

And yeah, I like saying Dorocche much better than Daroach.
3 commentsMinon
KCCh - Spear Quickie1315 viewsQuick mouse drawing done in PaintShop.

Spear Ability, along with helpers with the same ability from fangame project Kirby Cosmic Chaos.
4 commentsMinon
Looking Far988 viewsColored in doodle done at school.

Also a little insight into scenery within the Kirbyverse
1 commentsMinon
Kirby - Capsule J21356 viewsSo yeah, I got my hands on the starving artist version of Flash.
There's so much I could do with this thing, I wish I had more time to do so...

Anyways, start off with a simple pic using the very nice tools it has, including pressure sensitivity.

Capsule J2's design grasped me pretty well when I first saw it. The only thing is that it replaces the original model J in KSSU, but otherwise, I find it a cool design.

Expect to see this WITH model J in KCCh
12 commentsMinon
Halloween Kibble1056 viewsPumpkin Armor with Guillotine Cutter Blade.

Very quick sketch done in Sai.

Happy Halloween
3 commentsMinon
Kirby Fantasy: Star Chronicles1097 viewsSo I've been pretty hyped about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time lately.

Waddle Dee=Lilty
Sir Kibble=Yuke, since their armor fits nicely.

FF is (C) SquareEnix
Kirby is (C) Nintendo/Hal Laboratory
1 commentsMinon
Fairy and the Golem1765 viewsJust an artsy pic for artsy purposes for once. Full view is recommended.

Humanized(or Gijinka, whatever) Dryad Fairy + Wood Golem. I don't think I've painted this well in the past, ever.

One layer, sans the sky, and no lineart or sketch beforehand. Painted in Sai with Wacom Bamboo.

Doing huge tangles of vines is a very painful task.

Not quite sure if I could call this Kirby art at this point...
10 commentsMinon
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