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Puffball of the Opera1612 viewsThis was too fun to do. Meta Knight would be the perfect Phantom. XD I mean, think about it: the mask, the cape, the fondness for appearing out of the shadows... And, if you count the movie version, sword fighting! :D33 commentsSilverweasel
Rebooting Can Be Evil1684 viewsI love how the hair turned out. ^^
Yay, a Reboot/Kirby crossover. XD Anyone remember that show? It's not on anymore, but it was great. :D
18 commentsSilverweasel
Crowded Canvas1073 viewsAdo's gonna need a bigger board.4 commentsBimblesnaff
Kirby and His Kast of Thousands - 2!!1730 viewsThat's right! #2! This one features the bosses from The Dark Matter Trilogy, with a new-ish style!7 commentsKirazy
Sweet Stuff846 viewsSweet Stuff reimagined as a cute fish ball with big ol' eyes. Can you even fight it now?

This isn't saying I don't like the real Sweet Stuff. I was going to draw it normally, but then for some reason I wound up drawing it like this instead.
1 commentsDiddgery
Throw Kirby847 viewsKirby Throwing Waddle Dee to get past. he coulda used a block....
5 commentsWannabe
Waddle Doo274 viewsHeya people! I recently got a tablet, so, I'm practicing with it! I drew a good 'ole Waddle Doo, because everybody just loves that guy!
1 commentsWannabe
Plasma Kirby540 viewsSo, I got this request, See, and, Well, here it is!

I'm kind of proud of it. :v

(Also, yeah, sorry about not being active here for a bit)
2 commentsWannabe
Kirby's Dream Land 32392 viewsI searched "Kirby's Dream Land 3" on DeviantArt, and I was surprised to see that there were no real quality pictures about said game! D: Being my favorite Kirby game ever, I took action!

And I'm glad I did, too because I lovelovelove how this came out. There's so much going on! I was planning on adding all of the standard enemies and mini-bosses, too, but things already got too crowded when I started with Kirby, Gooey, and the animals. xD

I mimicked the official art style for the game, with a few improvises, and that definitely was one part of why it took so long to make. I think it all turned out very nice, though. c: You can see the actual art here. I guess I could have actually drawn Dark Matter and 0, but I figured a looming cloud of darkness would be better. C:

This took least two weeks total to make, so I'd love to hear what you think about it!~
6 commentstorkirby
purple kirby(stuffed animal)324 viewshe's about half the size of a bottle of colaplasmakirby
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