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Kirby's DreamTrix2829 viewsThis was just to combine Kirby and the Matrix, just targeting towards Kirby 64. I hope you like it!32 commentsScrooge Mcduck
Kirby and King Dedede 4th try808 viewsFor time and time again, I have been trying to draw these two. Everytime, they seem to turn out better and better.

However, this time, I worked so much on Dedede, I just lazed out on doing a background or a catch phrase.

For a long time, I have been trying to draw Dedede just the right way (Not how the game companies Draw him now), and I've come really far.

I hope you like my 3rd attempt that this duo (They are enemies by the way, I am just making them friends because I feel like it, LOL).

10 commentsScrooge Mcduck
I found a new ride...peace out869 viewsHee hee hee!This was a fun one to do. This one took me longer than usual to do, since I was practicing a technique that a friend of mine taught me about outlines. Anyway, here in this picture, Kirby got so used to riding Dedede in Kirby 64, that he decided to stick with Dedede rather than return to his old friends (Rick, Kine...etc.). Hopefully, they will revive the animal friends...but for now...Kirby rides on...with King Dedede! Enjoy, Everybody!4 commentsScrooge Mcduck
Galacta Knight is Truly Done503 views2 commentsScrooge Mcduck
OMG...ITS YOU!410 views1 commentsScrooge Mcduck
Happiness before the end708 viewsIn Cappy Town in the anime, NME has sent a giant Meteor to crush the planet in an desperate effort to kill Kirby, pretty much taking him and everyone with him. Here's King Dedede enjoying his last moments in Cappy Town with Kirby by destroying a statue he selfishly built for himself, and replaced it with a Playground for Kirby. This is one of the few times Anime Dedede actually shows kindness to Kirby. Still, regardless, I don't care for Anime Dedede too much, wish he wasn't so malicious to Kirby.Scrooge Mcduck
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