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Gyron914 viewsMy mini-boss entry to the interactive fandom contest! I wasn't thinking when I made it and accidently made it actual size rather than something worth viewing, so I may redo it later. You can get three abilities from him, depending on whether you swallow an attack or Gyron himself. They are Tornado, Yo-yo, and cutter.

Dang, the colors look messed up. I know it was saved as .png, so why does it look like a .jpg? Oh wel, .the hat is supposed to be gray and the yo-yo red. The rest look okay.
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Fishing Kirby!816 viewsI made this a while ago, before SSU was even anounced, so I made it in Kirby Advanced style and included only one attack, since I love NiD so much. BTW, I'm kinda bad at drawing, whether on paper or on the computer, so expect most of my uploads to be pixel art.4 commentssuperyoshi888
Marx Kirby893 viewsAgain, another sprite I made a while ago. I just never got around to finishing it. He is mising the claws for a reason: there isn't enough room for them without making the sprite even bigger width wise.2 commentssuperyoshi888
8-bit Marx1052 viewsWHAT! I'm actually updating this album? I made this a while ago, but I figured I may as well upload it here. I made it so that it fits with the rest of Kirby's Adventure. Hope you like it. ^_^6 commentssuperyoshi888
Orbservor (Adventure Style Art)685 viewsI'm uploading this to the Sprite Album because I technically didn't draw this. Boy did it take a while to get it right! But I'm proud of the result. It looks like official art from Kirby's Adventure. Made in GIMP and MS Paint.1 commentssuperyoshi888
Kaboola Canvas Curse Style699 viewsSimilar to my Orbservor picture, except in another style. I must have spent a good portion of the afternoon on it. I hope you guys like it. :)2 commentssuperyoshi888
Sword Kirby Scratch Sprite362 viewsA new sprite for my album! I did this on the oekaki. Of course! That's where I do all of my Kirby related stuff these days.superyoshi888
Generic Waddle Dee363 viewsWhy, I believe it has been a while since I've uploaded a sprite. Fairly simple. This actually was going to be a Kirby until the initial outline started to look like Waddle Dee's face, so I got a little carried away.

Well, I promised a big image, but I've let time slip away. I haven't really been motivated to do much Kirby art recently. Maybe I'll make up for it in January? I will eventually do something big, that's for sure(or not XD).
1 commentssuperyoshi888
King Dedede Pokemon Style485 viewsWell, a new entry to my Sprite album! I actually made this for my deviantart page, but I figured it's Kirby related, so what the heck! I made this awesome sprite using the limitations of Pokemon D/P/Pt. That being 80x80 size limit and only up to 14 colors. Of course, this doesn't exactly duplicate the official style. I took some artistic liberties and added texturing. Just look at that hat!2 commentssuperyoshi888
Kirby (Pokemon R/B style)514 viewsHmm. I was bored, so I decided to whip up a Kirby sprite.

Fun fact: Game Boy games before the GBA had two colors, a "black," and a transparent color(that would become whatever the "white" color for that game was). The Game Boy had a monochromatic color scheme(green/gray) while the Color, obviously, allowed for two different colors to be used.

The Kirby sprites here use the gray color scheme and a pink pallete from the Blue Jigglypuff sprite. Interestingly, the "white" color for the GBC colors of Pokemon R/B is a light pink, so it worked well for my sprite here.
2 commentssuperyoshi888
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