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Ball Kirby576 viewsThis is as basic as Basic Images will get. It started out as just Kirby art, but since I can't make the feet correctly it became Ball Kirby. No shading + default Paint tools + white background = this!

This is definatly something I want to redo. I only made it because I was bored.
Pikasqueaker452 viewsA quick drawing that I had the urge to do for some reason. I decided to color and shade it (though the shading is hard to see) and, when all was done, noticed the outline was too bright. I went over the face's outline using a black color pencil, and the rest with a black pen, though you will see I made some mistakes, especially around the tail and ears. I honestly think that this is one of my better drawings, so expect something even greater once I start drawing in a larger sketchpad. (I used a tiny one.)3 commentssuperyoshi888
Light Kirby Attacks530 viewsThe attacks of Light Kirby, with controls to match those of the GBA/DS Kirby games.

His regular attack is borrowed from Kine, while his running attack is from Kirby 64.
2 commentssuperyoshi888
Light Kirby Redesign404 viewsLike I said, I made a better picture. I decided to update Light Kirby, giving him an ability hat and new attacks. His hat is based on the Bomb/Spark combo from Kirby 64.

This and the Light Kirby Attacks picture were originally one, but they were too big together so I cut it into two halves and shrunk the border around them.
A Puffball Christmas474 viewsYeah, I know everyone else is uploading holiday pictures. I also know that mine is bland compared to theirs. But I drew it and figured that maybe I should upload it to say "Merry Christmas" to everyone.

Kirby, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, Batamon, Keeby, and Shadow Kirby all celebrate Christmas together! And just in case you guys can't tell, Waddle Dee is holding a DS Lite and is giving it to Batamon.
2 commentssuperyoshi888
Splash Kirby529 viewsMy second ability re-design is of the glitch ability Splash, which has so far only been in Kirby's Adventure(and it seems it will stay that way). He wears the hat of the mythical Kappa, a creature who lives by water and can be nasty or nice. Like how the Kappa will die if it loses all of the water in its bowl-shapped head, Kirby will lose the ability if he uses an attack that dumps all of the water out.

Attack picture will come later. Intended color was sea green, but I didn't have a pencil of it.
5 commentssuperyoshi888
Splash Kirby Attacks591 viewsI finally got the chance to upload this! Like before, the attacks are based on the controls of KSSU.

B: Splash- A short, weak Splash that hits many times.
B While Running: Water Slide- Kirby slides across the ground on water, carrying enemies with him.
Running + Jump: Water Spiral- Kirby spins water around him very quickly.
X While Running: Kappa Wave- Kirby dumps all of his water out in one highly damaging attack.
8 commentssuperyoshi888
Oni Kirby415 viewsThis isn't a new ability, but is something I wanted to draw. As Kirby is a Japanese game series, the games make many references to Japanese legends and culture. Oni Kirby is no different.1 commentssuperyoshi888
Dark Star Kirby440 viewsI'm not sure if this counts as being a "redesigned" ability because of the differences between this and the star rod(which is a final weapon, so some might not think of it as an ability), but I hope you enjoy it anyways. I tried to make the gold band around Kirby's head look tarnished. Did I succeed?

That weapon he wields in his left hand(similar to beam and mirror) is the Dark Star Rod.(not the most original thing, I know.) I based the design of Paper Mario's Star Rod rather than Kirby's.
1 commentssuperyoshi888
Bug Kirby529 viewsBug Kirby, my third ability redesign. But what is it exactly a redesign of? Well, of the "Snare" ability combo from Kirby 64. Since Suplex/Backdrop has been replaced by Throw in Kirby's newer games(Not SSU, but that is a remake), I decided to add in some bug-like elements to give poor Buggzy a new ability.

Also, if you look closely, I used a darker pink for Kirby's shoes and cheeks rather than red. I did this because I already used ruby and red on the main design. Oh, and Happy New Year!

EDIT: This looks really sloppy when I look back at it. Hopefully my next drawing won't look as bad.
2 commentssuperyoshi888
GIMP Color Test579 viewsI decided to try to color a drawing using GIMP, a program similar to Photoshop though not quite as user friendly. The first one I did, which is on the right, I just used the normal pencil and paint brush tools to create a toonish look. The second one I cleaned up the edges a bit and used the air brush for a smoother finish. Sorry about the actual drawing, I had to draw something quickly to color in.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Blob847 viewsWell, it seems I am the first to draw a picture of Blob. Or am I? Anyways, she appeared in the sack in Kirby's Dreamland 2 if you have the contained animal AND full health. She only appears in the international version, while in the original Japanese game Chao made an appearance instead. Blob's color is unknown, but since she is between Gooey and Kirby when it came to shading I imagine the she is purple. This was again colored in GIMP, along with a gradient since I can only draw blobs and puffballs.9 commentssuperyoshi888
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