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Pengy1739 viewsHe is so cute~ and it's not even Meta Knight in a costume! The Pengy is a rare creature, living in cold climates, enhancing the chill with his sub-zero breath. They slide around on their stomaches, which also happen to be their lower-bills. Being as rare as they are, Pengys have often been replaced by other ice-blowing enemies. But recently, perhaps due to sprite designing lazyness, they have been making a comeback, from their appearence in NiDL. Their relatives are Emp, Cocori, and Master Pengy; but certainly NOT King Dedede XD.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Blade Knight1975 viewsOne of the only sources for the famed sword ability, Blade Knight, along with his relative, Sword Knight, first appeared in Kirby's Adventure. He is a stout knight, half covered in green armor, with red hair out the back of his helmet, and (supposably) only one eye in the front. The anime skyrocketed his popularity when paired with Meta Knight, and teamed up with him again in KSSU- where he was also one of Kirby's helpers. Originally, instead of the red mane, they had only two antenna, much like Waddle Doo.5 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Noddy1810 viewsZZZzzz... are you asleep yet? You would be if this little guy was in your presence. Noddy is a holder of the dreded sleep ability. They are very similar to Kirby in appearence, but enjoy snoozing way more than him, or anyone else in Dreamland, for that matter. They are often an obsticle; often in the way of Kirby if he is trying to obtain some other 'better' ability, or if in a situation where obtaining the sleep ability would be detrimantal. With their little stocking caps, they literally are creatures of Dream Land... zzz.6 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Togezo1935 viewsTogezo (probably better known as Spiny) is somewhat of a cameo-character. Of course, he holds the needle ability, as he can extend his spikes for defence and can roll into a ball and move around for an attack. Togezo first appeared in 'Adventure; he then showed up in 'Dream Course; in 'Dreamland 2, his relative, Spikey the porcupine, was instead featured; and finally, Togezo last appeared in 'Dreamland 3. I would say that he is one of my favorite enemies. Damn Needlous for replacing him!12 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Walky1704 viewsToday is Walky Wednesday. This walking microphone always gives Kirby the mike ability, as is no surprise. He spends his day akwardly wobbling around, shouting obcenities, and spewing things from his mouth-- what a bum! His mouth happens to be just the space between the amplifier and the base of his body. Contrary to popular belief, Walky's singing is actually worse than Kirby's! At least Kirby can sing different tunes- with Walky, all you get is a repetative and annoying "WAAAAHAAAAN", plus flying music notes...2 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Sparky1708 viewsHe is THE go-to guy for spark ability. In fact, Kirby's spark ability directly mimics what Sparky does best- surround himself with a shield of flickering electric sparks! Sparky is a Hershey's Kiss-shaped blob, often green or yellow in color to reflect his shocking abilities, with two electro-balls attached to the top of his head. These balls store electricity through static fields. They were also once considered to be Sparky's eyes. There really isn't alot to say about this little guy, except that he continues to be a staple in the Kirby series. That is, if not for plasma.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Bomber1952 viewsOne dangerous dude-as evidenced by the skull drawn on his body. Bomber walks around on two legs, but whenever he falls from stairs or other high places, he hits his head and explodes, covering a significant blast radius. Kirby can suck him up to learn the Crash ability, the ultimate weapon for wiping out every last enemy on the screen. Use it once and it's gone! In addition, this is totally a rip off of his trophy description in Brawl. I'm kinda pushed for time, but I promise I'll work real hard next week! (PS: I totally screwed up on this figure! I put a wind-up key in his back, instead of two red fins and a fuse! What is he, a Bob-omb?! Based on his less-common look, Kaboomba.)6 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Mr. Frosty2135 viewsWhat an appropriate character for today. Mr. Frosty is the ice/freeze miniboss, first appearing in Kirby's Adventure. He is a walrus-like creature that throws both ice-blocks, and tempertrantrums during battle. He can open his gaping mouth to try and catch Kirby in it, or to just show off his male-dominence. Mr. Frosty often spastically dances around the arena, trying to confuse or get the slip on the enemy; however, it usually only leads to humiliation. Did I mention he is missing the seat of his pants?10 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Bugzzy2184 viewsMy favorite helper and all-around great grappler, the big-bug himself, Buggzy! This miniboss can backdrop and suplex like nobody's business. He is a stag-beetle that uses his mandables like a pair of forklift tongs. He can lunge forward at greaf speed, hover in the air with his wings, and even give birth to mini-beetles that act as homing missiles to the enemy. Long live Bugzzy. >> Sorry, I have failed you KRR. Only two sculpture updates this week? Reallife has been a monster this week. Much more next week, I assure you ;>9 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Bonkers1709 viewsBonkers is both a miniboss and a helper character. He is a big, strong ape-ish dude who carries a hammer to break some heads. In battle, he not only uses the mentioned mallot, but also throws exploading coconuts, found on palm trees around Dreamland. He appears to wear metal armor over his chest, sholders, and forhead, while a belt around his waist holds tattered jeans to cover his lower body. Though he is incredably strong, he is a bit slow in the head, as he will often just stand in place and let Kirby beat on him. On the other hand, this may be due to his physical and mental superiority.5 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Rolling Turtle1910 viewsThis is not Rolly. This is Rolling Turtle as he appears in Kirby's Adventure, the only game to feature him. Tucked into his shell, he can roll around the room. If he collides with Kirby, he can throw him across the room or bodyslam him, being that he is one of the only holders of the throw ability. He can also release smaller turtles for ammunition. Phan-phan has replaced him ever since Kirby:NiDL. For this model, you could say that it is the stage in between the official RT, and Rolly, my beloved animal friend. Note to self: I want to make a Rolly sculpture in the future.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Grand Wheelie1869 viewsOriginating from Kirby's Adventure, Grand Wheelie is simply a larger, miniboss version of his regular self. Even for a Kirby character, this guy has a pretty unoriginal/ over simplified design. A tire with eyes for hub-caps. And that's it. Even his abilities are almost unchanged from the avarage Wheelie: he can speed forward, as usual, and also send out smaller Wheelies to ram Kirby. He is privalaged enough (IE; lazy spriters/ programming) to have been included in KSSU's Revenge of the King subgame.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
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