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Kirby and the Rainbow sword!777 viewsHey everybody I'm Destructo-Knight!
So anyways, this is my picture.
It's Kirby and the Rainbow Sword.
Blade done in pastel.
11 commentsDestructo-Knight
Sword Kirby test394 viewsFor this picture I was testing out my pencil crayons and
different ways to shade.
I should probably start coloring darker.
1 commentsDestructo-Knight
The three guys who were kicked out636 viewsTogezo, Bounder and Rolling turtle were enemies that
replaced in the Kirby games. I don't think Rolling turtle
will ever get over it.
9 commentsDestructo-Knight
Cross bow knight542 viewsThis my knight for the If you could create a round knight contest.
Read more about him in the interactive fandom.
Oh ya and this picture was way bigger but it was to big
so I had to cut it down.
2 commentsDestructo-Knight
Classic pie-in-the-face trick670 viewsPoor waddle dee....... Anyways Happy April Fools Day!5 commentsDestructo-Knight
Soaring through the sky692 viewsI really like wing Kirby .
So I was drawing him flying but then I thought I should draw some more
so I drew more. Sorry it's kinda small
4 commentsDestructo-Knight
Marx505 viewsI just don't have very many pictures of Marx, but I think I made him to fat.
Done on MS paint.
4 commentsDestructo-Knight
Destructo-Knight538 viewsThis knight is where my user name comes from,but I made him up a long time ago, I'm
not sure how long. He does make an appearance in one of my fan games as a boss.
So I will tell more about him later.
4 commentsDestructo-Knight
Kirby and Meta Knight eggs826 viewsJust some Easter eggs that I made of Kirby and Meta Knight.
Happy Easter!
7 commentsDestructo-Knight
The Subspace Emissary828 viewsThe three Kirby characters that are in the awesome game Super Smash Bros Brawl all
appear in the adventure mode called the Subspace Emissary. So I decided to draw them
fighting the basic enemies called primids.
9 commentsDestructo-Knight
Kirby on the draw544 viewsBased on my favourite sub-game in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
This took me a long time to do but it looks kinda weird.
2 commentsDestructo-Knight
Spring Kirby856 viewsThis is my entry for the new "IF" contest, the ability is obtained from bouncy
read more about him if he gets in the contest.
8 commentsDestructo-Knight
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