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Control260 viewsA character from a recurring sketch in A Bit of Fry and Laurie done as a Kirby character. Yeah, I'm weird. XDCandidGamera
Pitcher283 viewsThis gallery needs more black and white ink drawings. Just sayin. The guy in this drawing is a Spikey from Kirby's Dreamland 2, but you couldn't tell with the cap.1 commentsCandidGamera
Japanese Restaurant329 viewsThis is what happens when I watch too much "Dateline NBC" and play too many Kirby games. Some of the "Dateline" correspondents running a Japanese restaurant. The clumsy waiter is Keith Morrison, the guy taking care of a customer's check is Dennis Murphy, and the drunk guy is Chris Hansen.1 commentsCandidGamera
Lunch on the Capitol249 viewsEven Bob Senatorguy has to eat.CandidGamera
Playing With Power415 viewsI probably should have colored the background warmer colors to go with the rest of the drawing. Oh well.1 commentsCandidGamera
Newsguy278 viewsHere's Steel Johnson, he'll do anything to get the scoop, including sacrificing his dignity!1 commentsCandidGamera
Buster230 viewsThis enemy uses its strong legs to jump high distances. When Kirby sucks it up, it gives him the Hi-jump ability. CandidGamera
Piku261 viewsIt's Piku the giant duck! Made in Ms Paint.1 commentsCandidGamera
Magical Girl295 viewsHaven't thought of a name for her yet.2 commentsCandidGamera
90's Sportscenter369 viewsGood ol' Dan and Keith.2 commentsCandidGamera
Mixin'360 viewsMix in marx's OC.2 commentsCandidGamera
Jake And Sam316 viewsCouple of my fan characters. Jake is the Poppy Bros. Jr, and Sam is the Waddle Dee.1 commentsCandidGamera
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