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One of my favorite characters with ione of my favorite abilities. Done in MS Paint, because I have yet to master the scanner.
1 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Gooey177 viewsAnd, without further adu, the new-and-improved GOOEY! While he lacks the classic "googly eyes" look, I gave him a signature smirk. This is so you'll be able to take him seriously. Plus, it opens up a variety of expressions.Chibi- Pohatu
Backdrop Gooey159 viewsGooey using the backdrop ability. The look on Bronto burt's face is priceless.Chibi- Pohatu
Gooey's dark side356 viewsGooey despises his dark matter brethren, espically because of their morals, and will go to any extent to stop them. I don't think he had a wonderful past being a glob of it...3 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Chill Gooey248 viewsSince I haven't posted Gooey fnart in a while, I decided to start fresh.

Chill is Gooey's replacement for Ice. While it has most of the super star attacks, he can also activate skis. These work great on snow and water, but on ice, ennh, not so much. Dry ice steam is constantly coming out of his mouth.

Hey, Kiroscarby, could you keep track of these? These abilities could make for great cards...
1 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Blaze Gooey194 viewsYow! Gooey is on FIRE! Literally!

Blaze is Gooey's substitute for Fire. He has all the basic KSS attacks, as well as the following:

Down+B= Fire shot- A massive jet of fire shoots out from Gooeys bonfire head.

Dash+Jump+B= Fireworks cracker- Gooey flips through the air and shoots multiple fireworks. He lands safely a couple feet away.
Chibi- Pohatu
Symbiote Gooey248 viewsWhen you think about it, it just makes too much sense. I mean, big (but this time creepy) smile, long tounge, blob- like substance... I'm surprised nobody thought of this sooner.2 commentsChibi- Pohatu
More Venom Gooey283 viewsDone because the Ometon pointed out the lack of the Spider- symbol. I think I got plenty of new stuff ahead of me... 4 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Noble Gooey272 viewsGooey has been seen in a dark matter "flying" form, so why not as a swordsman?

I'm sure others have come up with this idea, but nobody posted it here, so yeah.
2 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Hornet Gooey250 viewsQuite possibly the strangest ability I ever thought up.2 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Gooey and Friend Matter209 viewsFriend Matter seems to be able to read one's emotions. Gooey is no exception to this.Chibi- Pohatu
Zero Gooey311 viewsNo, this is NOT a copy ability, folks.

Gooey's "Zero-two" form is triggered by extreme rage or agression. A massive tornado forms around him as he transforms, rising up into the air. while in this format, Gooey can fire lightning bolts from the surrounding cyclone, capable of wiping out most standard enemies. Unfortunately, Gooey also becomes harder to control. The only way to change him back is to calm him down, which is easier said than done.
4 commentsChibi- Pohatu
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