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Heavy Mole189 viewsDon't even TRY to tell yourself that this guy isn't awesome. You'd just be lying.

Just kidding, but Heavy Mole IS a pretty awesome boss. I've got a song playing now... "He's a killer robot and he's okay, he parties all night and he mines all day!
Chibi- Pohatu
Marx the Madman244 viewsEveryone's favorite psycho as drew him. To be honest, I thought the crystals would be harder. Then I remembered the power of edit-copy, edit-paste. Yay me.Chibi- Pohatu
Kracko182 viewsKracko, the awesome cycloptic cloud. Dance to his deadly music or fry like a moth.

Or get poked by his spikes, which I made too many of. Oh well.
Chibi- Pohatu
King Dedede269 viewsLong live the king! Dedede's agressive side is shown here. That hammer is poised to kill. If kirby gets in his way when he's in THIS mood... Oh, good lord, I can't bear to imagine what would happen there.2 commentsChibi- Pohatu
There goes the neighborhood...257 viewsMK got, for want of a better term, "infected" by the symbiote.2 commentsChibi- Pohatu
The Squeak Squad232 viewsGuess what game I got for Christmas?... SQUEAK SQUAD!! Yeah, an addictively fun game- short, but addictive nevertheless. After playing the game for about 6 hours straight, I was inspired to make this here. Not my best work, but I was a tad bit rushed.1 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Kirby's Adventure style Meta Knight224 viewsMeta knight as he appeared in Kirby's Adventure. This version needs more love.1 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Kabula/Kaboola229 viewsI tend to think of the blimp as a character itself, so here ya go. Yeah.1 commentsChibi- Pohatu
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