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Chibi- Pohatu356 viewsMe! Some people will think I'm funny, others will see me as obnoxious, but that doesn't really matter to this diminuitive Toa of stone! (If you get who this character is from, go get yourself a cookie.)6 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Ice Island158 viewsNot everybody in Rainbow resort is the peaceful sort. Criminals have also gotten into its walls, creating mass hysteria. Many of these thugs were well- trained and good planners, making them a dangerous threat. However, these monsters were subdued, one by one. The question was- what would they do with them? Then, it hit them. Send them to a prison rock- some place that they can't possibly escape. Thus, Ice Island went into buisness.

Once you're inside, you don't come back out. Ever.
Chibi- Pohatu
Chibi- Pohatu, Elemetal of Stone161 viewsHeeere's my element in action! I unwittingly covered the three types of rock here. One thing I gotta love about my OC: you can easily capture a gleam in his eyes.Chibi- Pohatu
Mewth Mascalna 150 viewsMewth is a cat person- literally. While he can have a tad of a short fuse somtimes, he's otherwise a good-natured fella.

I actually based his body off of Broom hatter- I guess it just came out looking Kirby- ish. On another note, I think I'm getting a hang of shading...
Chibi- Pohatu
Kirby's "A Beautiful world" Promo184 viewsMy fangame idea. More to be seen in 2010...

Inspired by Hikaru Utada's song. Go listen to it. NOW.
Chibi- Pohatu
All life is precious241 viewsMeta knight, Paint roller, and Optimus prime contemplate the meaning of life.

Too bad this is never going to happen.
1 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Imperfect Cell as seen in Hoshii no Kabii235 viewsA gag set to represent the character builds of pretty much everybody in the Kirby anime. Dedede ordered the wrong demon beast.2 commentsChibi- Pohatu
New age Gooey284 viewsA form of a tribute to Kiroscarby. The description for the card is pending, as Kiroscarby himself has the authorization to make one. Well, nonetheless, I hope he enjoys this.2 commentsChibi- Pohatu
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