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Kirby2175 viewsJust a picture of Kirby I made with MS Paint. This is my first picture, and first Kirby picture with shading.8 commentstorkirby
Mario Kirby1425 viewsAnother Kirby picture using MS Paint. I had the Mario song stuck in my head, so I decided to do Mario Kirby.13 commentstorkirby
Kirby Poses #11169 viewsThis one came out bad. I don't know why the background is pink, when I drew it on regular computer paper...5 commentstorkirby
Paint Kirby1266 viewsAnother one I drew a while ago. It's Paint Kirby from Kirby Super Star (notice he doesn't have roller skates, like in the anime).6 commentstorkirby
Kirby's Adventure Enemies1458 viewsThese are all of the basic enemies in Kirby's Adventure, except for Parasol, Coconut, and the Meta-Army.6 commentstorkirby
Wing Kirby1298 viewsWing Kirby from Kirby Super Star.6 commentstorkirby
Kirby936 viewsIt's Kirby! Not much else to say, but I started doing a new background type now.1 commentstorkirby
Kirby Colors1463 viewsJust Kirby and his different colors.4 commentstorkirby
Random Kirby1103 viewsDrew this the day after Nintendo E3. It's supposed to look like the Kirby on the boxart of KSSU.2 commentstorkirby
MS Kirby 21187 viewsI like how this one came out. Another Kirby drawn in Paint.torkirby
MS Kirby1285 viewsI've improved drawing Kirby in Paint since my last attempt. Sooo, yeah.4 commentstorkirby
Together in the Spring Breeze1456 viewsLousy title. ;P
I drew this on the KRR oekaki. It started out as a random doodle, of Kirby, but I added on to it.

Overall, I'm pretty happy on how it turned out. :D

...don't say anything about the grass, I know it's terrible.
2 commentstorkirby
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