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20 years.1236 viewsMan. I can't believe it really has been that long—when I first got into the series it was only 10! I've spent 10 years of my life with this guy! Anyway, nothing too grand or dramatic—just a picture I hoped would make people to relive those memories spent with Kirby. Happy birthday.4 commentsAnimeKittyCafe09/28/12 at 20:14AnimeKittyCafe: Thank you all!
03625 viewskirby the little girl
meta knight the dark warrior
8 commentsk_k1987japan08/25/12 at 22:09ipuresonic99: junotoad kirby is a guy it says it in several game...
Now with color :31127 viewsI really like how sparkily he came out. :316 commentsRWMVG1DC08/25/12 at 22:06ipuresonic99: Yeah, 1kirby1 the mask breaks and comes off in KA,...
GaoGao1849 viewsMy entry for the Pet Partner If Contest. Alot of brainstorming here. Enjoy!
And furthermore... Oh my! I forgot all about the combination for burning! Whoooooopsies.
8 commentsKirazy08/25/12 at 17:34ipuresonic99: Cool, but...isn't GaoGao the name of a midbos...
20 years.1236 viewsMan. I can't believe it really has been that long—when I first got into the series it was only 10! I've spent 10 years of my life with this guy! Anyway, nothing too grand or dramatic—just a picture I hoped would make people to relive those memories spent with Kirby. Happy birthday.4 commentsAnimeKittyCafe08/24/12 at 23:44clariecandy: Very nice! c:
K64 Shape Language788 viewsI really gotta stop neglecting this site! The gallery doesn't work too well for me it seems :( Have a funky experiment pic.2 commentsAnimeKittyCafe08/23/12 at 21:23AnimeKittyCafe: Thanks so much! I love your stuff too!
Simirror Ultra1750 views(Description to be updated with more unique writing after Newyears.) This is the first wave of my super-special, Ultimate Kirby Super Star sculpture series, for KRR Christmas 2009. Check back again in eight days for seven new figures. Happy Holidays from the 3D Daimyo~!5 commentsDedede-Daimyo08/22/12 at 17:42ipuresonic99: Does anyone think that Simirror looks like a black...
Kirby 20th Anniversary Tribute1029 viewsHi KRR friends and watchers. Time ago that i don't enter to KRR Gallery, because i was very busy with the University. But now i have more time to stay on KRR and to continue making the amazing KTCG series.

Sorry for the late, this picture was planned to be showed on April 27th. But, as i said previously, the University kept me busy with all its projects and works.

20 Years ago, a bright star of the videogames industries was born. That star made we feel a great experience with all his adventures and stories. This star made we feel Happyness, Sadness, Annoyance, Fear, Nostalgia, Fun, among other feelings. Today we celebrate this important date to make a little tribute to this character, not only for his adventures and exploits, rather for his heroic and kind heart (always ready to help anyone that are in problems).

Happy 20th Anniversary Kirby, enjoy this special date with all your friends and with who loves you much, your fans specially.

I hope that you enjoy so much this special date like me and i hope that you like the humble tribute that i made for Kirby.

I would like to know what do you think about the drawing and the new coloring technnique that i used. Do you like or do you prefer my previous styles?

Also, i have a funny game for you with this great picture:
Can you identify each character? (I put each character from each game)

Good luck trying to find them.

Greetings, from your friend Kiroscarby Kirbmaster n_n

Note: This only is the first part of the tribute.
4 commentsKiroscarby08/20/12 at 22:44plasmakirby: it shows,i think the coloring style is exellent!hm...
meta knight and galacta knight charms821 views meta knight and galacta knight charms2 commentsplasmakirby08/20/12 at 22:36plasmakirby: thanks,what about?
Crash Kirby599 viewsThe title says it all.
I drew this with my DS, using Colors!
4 commentsGalacta Kirby08/20/12 at 16:49ipuresonic99: Man, that's awesome. Some of the animations f...
Ice Sword493 viewsIce Sword from Kirby Squeak Squad. Just... a little tweaked one.
Notice the kanji "Ice" in the middle of the blade.

This was also sent to my Deviantart account, so if you wanna check it out, my nick is Agcu27.
1 commentsGalacta Kirby08/20/12 at 16:45ipuresonic99: Awesomest. thing. ever.
King Dedede Ultra3232 viewsAfter a long leave of absence, the 3D Daimyo Dojo returns with the greatest Dream-King-figurine the world has ever seen! Personally, I believe this is my best sculpture yet (even though it was finished a year ago), and seriously, could it possibly be topped? I tried to depict Dedede in the exact style of Kirby Super Star, with the outlined waistband, hammer-stars, and self-insignia on the back of his robe. Even his pose: basic, yet forever defining. Everything about this harkens back to the golden-age of Kirby, and reflects my obsession with the character. Though, I am not obsessed enough to sculpt an updated “Masked Dedede” version, simply because I feel this one is too good to improve upon. FYI: all of my sculptures are made of beige Super Sculpey Polymer Clay and are hand-painted in acrylics.
So, I'm in art-college now. Based on just three-hours of class-time so far, I can say (imprudently) that I am already way beyond the teachings of this institution, having learned this stuff in gifted art-classes since elementary school. Whaha, but we shall see what lies in the future... Anyway, to my surprise/delight, this time away from home will provide me with unheard-of amounts of free-time (since I no longer have to work a daily job), and I plan to make much more art for KRR. This includes finishing my Ultimate Kirby Super Star 3D Sculptures; new 2D artwork in colored pencil, ink, and the return to watercolors; a new secret Essence pic; gallery comments; mailbag, and more~! Perhape I will also begin that manga-series I mentioned before... among other things. Sooo, anticipate the greatness, fans, friends, and followers!
16 commentsDedede-Daimyo08/20/12 at 05:39ipuresonic99: When was the last time he posted???
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